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Live Blogging With Tim Cook

Hmmm, I wonder what Timmy is brining to the table? There has been a lot of speculation about what the new iOS and up coming iPhone will be, but let me tell you, if it doesn't blow me away, I'm taking my free agent ass somewhere else.

tune in to watch the interview live

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So what is the verdict? Are you impressed?
Hey +Hector Hurtado +Cynthia Fusillo ! Okay, I'm gonna be straight up with need to beat around the bush. All the features are cool, but what good are they to me? Are they worth the upgrade and worth renewing my contract for another 2 years? The answer is no. I mean, most of these features are just features for Facebooking interaction. They're really running out of ideas. I say the only thing I was impressed was the new Maps. I'm not feeling this. I mean, I am still going to have my iPhone 4 that is still everything I need and plus, I will be getting the iOS 6 update anyway. 
+Cynthia Fusillo I didn't get to watch the interview. Even though I made a post telling people to tune in. I'm ashamed of myself. :(
I just skimmed through the recap. The Macbook looks awesome though.
Long day at work! Lol. Finally over! +Cynthia Fusillo  feel the same way about how he just stayed on script and didn't really answer much. The MacBook looks awesome, but then again you can get a Windows that looks similar with twice the power if you spend the same amount. It's really an OS choice (and HDMI port now). iOS 6 won't change the iPhone 4(or S) much, but I feel the iPhone 5 (in the fall) will provide a much needed hardware change over software. iOS 6 is nothing special, but a bigger screen, faster processor, NFC and LTE can be something worth upgrading for +Tamer Bekir .

Not that I would ever leave Android :P
+Hector Hurtado I'm sure the iPhone they release in the fall will be great. They say it will be thinner with a bigger screen plus lots of new features like the ones they just announced. I just want it to blow me away. The update I'm gonna be getting (ios6) on my iPhone 4 isn't that thrilling. 
You just described a Samsung Galaxy SIII.
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