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Tamer Bekir

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This terrorist speaks better English than most Americans. 

Tamer Bekir

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It's well worth the free price

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Tamer Bekir

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5:00 That does not read satisfy. It reads sanitize. I just can't trust this man with my phone anymore. 

Tamer Bekir

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I died at 0:21 and 1:33

Tamer Bekir

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It's a step up from the Craigslist killer. 

Tamer Bekir

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Man! Playing Nintendo, making a has become a classic album, watching Kung Fu, Maynard showing his ass. I love this shit, man.

Tamer Bekir

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You didn't have to leave earth, but I understand that there is no place like home. Maybe one day we'll visit your planet. Mork out.

Nanu Nanu.
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Totally gutted about this news... The guy was an absolute legend.
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Tamer Bekir

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New York City, where extreme talent is found on your nearest corner. 
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Tamer Bekir

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So I heard Google Plus likes #FoodPorn. I've been wanting to make beef jerky for so long and I finally had enough time out of my day to do so. I'm proud. Here are the steps-

First I bought a nice cheap sirloin steak, as texture doesn't really matter because it's going to dry up anyway.

1) Cut into thin slices against the grain.

2) Take all slices and marinate with salt, pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, water and an optional choice of your flavoring, whether that be BBQ Sauce, teriyaki etc. I chose not to use any sauce the first time.

3) Marinate for 1-24 hours in the fridge.

4) Place slices on top of the grill in the oven and place something underneath (like tin foil) so when your marinate drips, it doesn't drip on the open.

5) Put your oven the lowest it can go. Remember, placing them on the lowest tempt doesn't cook them, it dehydrates them.

6) This part may scare people, but when in the oven, use a wooden spoon to make your oven stay cracked open and so it can vent thus making the strips being more dehydrated by the outside air coming in. Use a wooden spoon, not a plastic one, as that will melt!

7) Leave in there for 3-4 hours. Check on the second hour to see the status. If they look all dried up, crisp and chewy, you're done! Mine took 3 hours to dehydrate.

8) Optional, leave out for 1 day to get to room temp. OR you can eat them right away like I did.

They came out stunning, like amazing steak bacon strips. They were chewy, packed with flavor, non fattening and filled with a lot of protein. They make for a perfect snack. Enjoy!
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Thanks +Steve Emrick, so can I. I wish it didn't take so long to make but damn it's worth it. 
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Tamer Bekir

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"He even used to shit the floor. He'd pay the girls to roll around in it." This is still one of the greatest videos on the internet. 

Tamer Bekir

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Killing tigers in order for me to wipe my ass? Looks like I won't be cleaning my anal anymore. Save a tiger!

Tamer Bekir

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There should really be a Google holiday- where we can all be reminded on how amazing they are and everything they have done for humanity.

Thank you, +Google+!
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