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I like the internets.
I like the internets.

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Love +Craig Fifield's take.
Where's the best place to buy Twitter followers?
Are you a social media purist or a realist?

I watched the stupidity unfold that my old friend +Tamar Weinberg references in her post and I'm sad to say, it's becoming so common, I wasn't very surprised.

The problem is that purists think that purism is the only way to go and that their opinion  supersedes... well, just about anything... especially rational discussion.

I encourage you to read how Tamar posed her question, then read the replies, then realize that on top of sharing unsolicited opinions repeatedly, an entire community of marketing professionals never even considered answering her question because they were too aghast at the thought of what she was asking.

And, like it or not, what she was asking was a legitimate marketing question.

For the record:

Buying Twitter followers is against TOS, but it's not illegal, and whether it is unethical or not is a matter of opinion. In most cases a real professional wouldn't recommend the practice, but that doesn't mean it isn't a tactic that works and can be useful assuming you understand the risks.

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So apparently Mute on G+ doesn't work. 

I muted a guy on July 25.

I got an email from him today.

G+ doesn't want me to mute him again, because "You've already muted XXXX." 

I think it's time to disable G+ notifications, since I don't use G+ anyway. Folks, sorry, if you want/need me for something, you should know how to contact me.

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In other news

#Hiring: Looking for trusted recommendations for a NYC based developer familiar with node.js. Great opp!!!!! Anyone know anyone?

That time when you invited your next door neighbor's kids to your kids' birthday party, only to have her RSVP and say no, and only to see that at the same time as the party, the kids are playing in the backyard as they do every single weekend. #usedtobeaconvenientfrienduntilistooduptobeingused

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Really +CloudFlare ? Why are your IP addresses all part of these spammy outreach attempts? 
3 of the 4 emails I got came from these IPs:
See for more context.

Latest image is here. IP is intact this time.

Seems CloudFlare is the new Tor. :( So disappointing.

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Facebook Page Managers: Am I the only one who gets errors like this when someone has commented on a photo or link that was shared by the Facebook Page? It's been happening for about a month now. When I edit the URL, I remove the &mid=XXX line and the problem goes away. So basically, Facebook has created some weird variable that doesn't seem to work when you click on it. Why is this taking so long for FB to fix?! Surely it doens't only affect me, does it?

I got the most strange email late Friday night from a guy who clearly only wanted to make a sale from me, though I wasn't a decision maker. Summary below. It's almost embarrassing to read.

Dean Devon [yup, that's his name]: I was browsing LinkedIn and found your profile. It's so ironic because a guy named Vic contacted me about a role from your company this week!!! Want to learn more about my company?
Me: Who is this Vic guy and what company are you contacting me regarding?
Dean: Sorry, I spelled his name wrong. It's Vic [lastname].
Me: And again, who is this Vic guy? What company is he recruiting for? We're not hiring.
Dean: Actually, I just wanted to speak to you about what you're doing at your company from an IT infrastructure perspective.
Me: So are you telling me this Vic thing was a ruse?
Dean: Yes, I swear it happened! And I'm not a slimeball in sales, I promise! I don't lie!
Me: Curious: did you read my LinkedIn profile? I have quite a few jobs so I don't know what company Vic contacted you about. On that note, what company are you assuming I even have any IT decision making authority?
Dean: I wasn't assuming anything, I was just networking! The company is Pixability. 
Me: You haven't looked at my LinkedIn profile then. I've never heard of Pixability before.

Sheesh, are people that desperate to lie in order to get themselves in the door?!
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