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Put the smartphone down, turn off the TV and do something useful! Crafting a cat toy at home will not only make you feel like Martha Stewart (this is not a guarantee), it will also save you some money while bringing joy to your cats (and maybe even your children as well — bonus extra!).
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A Manhattanite Goes to +IKEA USA in #brooklyn  check out my loot! Some of it is #cat  related! #IKEA   #IKEABROOKLYN   #IkeaRedhook   #messycat   #cats   #catseating   #catmat   #catbowl   #fauxfur   #sheepskinrug  
I'm not sure what it's like for folks elsewhere, but if you live in Manhattan, an IKEA outing is a pretty big deal. Back in the day it required a trip to the very depressing Port Authority Bus stat...
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See the new book that puts cats at the center of classic art and find how to get a copy of your own.
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Check out my #roundup of #USA #catcafes on #Petcha  
Inside America's Cat Cafes. Since the first U.S. cat cafe opened its doors last year, more and more have popped up. We take you on a tour of seven cat cafes across the country. Written by Tamar Arslanian. Would you like a cat to go with your refreshing beverage? Via purringtonscatlounge/ ...
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#giveaway for all #cats everywhere! You could win 2 #catnip #cattoys from I HAVE CAT! Hurry on over! PLUS everyone gets a 20% off #promocode   - -  #cat #discountcode  
Patti Haskins, founder and creator of all at Critter Central based in Dallas, TX has more than enough muses and test subjects with her six cats (and one pup!). She’s been creative all her life and ...
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A Brand New CAT WOMAN WEDNESDAY featuring +Aja Badame PR professional and Cat Entrepreneur +Meow Quarterly  +Cat Call - Cat Sitter  #cats #cat #catsitter #catlady #coolcatlady #catwomanwednesday #Sphynx #SphynxCats #nyc  
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 Tell us how your cats act as your #Muse  for our latest #giveaway  for wet food and fun kitty toys!  GOOD LUCK! #cat   #cats   #catfood   #cattoy   #cattoys   #purina  +Purina 
Muse is a new brand of wet cat food by Purina available at PetSmart.  The name was inspired by the fact that each of our cats have unique personalities, and they've asked I write about how each of ...
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First #CatCafe coming to #TheCatConnection in Dallas Texas. The Pop-up cafe will be going strong for the month of August with adoptable felines from local #rescue Groups so be sure to check it out if you are in the area! #adoptdontshop #rescuegroups #DallasRescue  
Okay, it's a pop-up cat cafe for the month of August but still very exciting news for Dallas feline lovers given the only other Cat Café in the works is in Austin several hours away! The Cat Connec...
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Check out these #adorable and #funny childrens #CatBooks by +yasmine surovec  of +Cat Vs Human fame! I say they're for kids and adult alike! #book #books #cat #catbook #cats #children #childrensbooks #childrensbook #YasmineSurovic #CatVsHuman #CatVersusHuman  
I HAVE CAT first interviewed Yasmine Surovec when she published her first book "Cat Versus Human" based off her very popular blog. Since that time Yasmine has been very busy cranking out hilarious ...
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The story of how I ended up with 3 cats (one's a squatter) #cat   #foster   #fosterfail   #failedfoster   #fosterfailure   #cats   #kitten  
I've told the story of how Haddie, my "foster fail," came to be my third cat so often it wasn't until a few days ago it hit me that I'd never written about it on I HAVE CAT! Photo by Bradley Lau Ph...
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Awesome story!! Sometimes it's meant to be..
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New York, NY
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Single in the city, with cat (s)
I know I’m not alone. Stylish, cat-hair-free-clothed single women secretly ferret away cats for fear of back-lash are out there in droves.

The name of my blog is rallying cry. A call to women like me to proudly proclaim. Yes, I HAVE CAT (s)! 

I refuse to fall prey to the “Cat Lady” stereotype. I wear my cat-hair-free black clothing like a badge of honor. If you passed me on the street you would never know. Having a cat is not exactly a dirty little secret but still, people shake their heads and warn I will never again have good furniture- or a man.

Is it true that a 4-legged ball of dander can take down a life so easily? I’ve set out to discover the truth. About myself, my feline attachment, and the dog-eat-dog city against which it all goes down.
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Have 3 cats, published in pet and non-pet online publications. Most recently quoted in People Style Watch.
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