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Scandal in politics is not a new phenomena. Join with The Common Law Office (#TCLO) to help support the change we all want to see:

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PSA 1 by Tamah Clark
PSA 1 by Tamah Clark

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Dear America: You Have GOT to Wake Up!

Dear America…

What can I even say? Things are bad, really bad. Essentially everything has gone astray. Doctors are hurting more people than they’re healing, attorneys are hurting more people than they’re helping, educators are dumbing students down more than they are educating, and don’t get me started on this corrupt and vile governmental system that we have allowed to creep upon the land and plague EVERYONE-white, black, fat, tall, poor, rich, etc.

Don’t you see that “the system” has gone too far and is no longer serving the purposes for which it was intended? Don’t you see that society is so messed up and nearing the point of no return? Why does everyone just go along with this disgustingly twisted pathetic excuse for freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Who even has a fair shot at any of those anymore?

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"Virtue is persecuted more by the wicked than it is loved by the good." (-Buddha)

Allow, for a moment, the consideration of hypotheticals.

Hypothetically speaking:

What if you lived in a society that was rampant with corruption in every level of government?
What if the people entrusted to administer government were greedy, dishonest, and self-serving?
What if politicians engaged in pork barrel politics and other unethical schemes to obtain kickbacks on the taxpayer’s dime and rob the people blind?
What if educators, caregivers, and other heroes selflessly devoted to serving their fellow man were treated like stepchildren?
What if there was a surplus of food, yet countless starving kids and adults?
What if there was a surplus of housing, yet countless people that are homeless?
What if kids were being tried as adults in court, committing suicide, and being abused at alarming rates?
What if the so-called most “civilized” place in the world had more people imprisoned than any other place in the world and was profiting from it?
Etc, etc, etc, etc…….

Now. What if someone came along and accidentally discovered the source of and solution to the subversive power being wielded over the masses, buried deep within  American Law and History?

Then, what if that person went before a federal court to prove their findings and was successful in doing so? Would there be a big celebration with congratulatory confetti and pinatas? Maybe. Or maybe the judge would simply kick that person out of court, resulting in his hindquarters being verbally handed to him on a silver platter before she exited.

But hey! Who knows…These are all just hypotheticals.
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