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Spontaneously being spontaneous

On Sunday evening I got a call from agent Destroy (+Dominik Hoffmann) in Nürnberg that they will have artifact action. Since I haven’t seen him since  #Cassandra  and at that time he agreed to help with some fellow agents, I decided to return the visit. I asked Phyntaria (+Jana Bohsem) and some other agents if they wanted to join in.

The next day Destroy invited me to all important hangouts and the plan was yet simple but complicated. The artifact shall move from Stuttgart to Nürnberg and from Nürnberg to Cuxhaven and from there we should pass it on to the Britains.

I was preparing myself, farming for another round whilst chatting and organising the car and two more fellowers when suddenly it’s said that only one Agent is available for Cuxhaven and no one to clear that area. limes92 (+Emil Otte) and Slotte (+Raphael R) agreed to join the mission, wherever it may go. With a slight bitter taste not to see all the Nürnberg agents I told the headquarter that I’ll drive to Cuxhaven.

So at around 4:30 PM the Aachen Cavalry rode out for the north sea. We met with the VictorRousseaux (+Kyra Rousseaux)  and_ VictorRousseaux_ (+Victor Rousseaux) in Würselen to have one more battery pack and after a small dinner at a McDonald’s restaurant we headed north. The car I rented was pretty nice so we arrived there at around 10:30 PM and right away we started bombing the city of Cuxhaven. We expected to be disturbed at any time, because there was so much green, but nothing happened. After one hour we had most of the city covered with blue, unlinked L7 Portals and headed to the sea where we met with Zorglubxx (+Christian Vandendorpe) to exchange keys from the UK. He needed to get back to the Netherlands to get his hands on the artifact after the hop to the UK.

So we were alone. The six agents in Cuxhaven were Kasimir (+Georg Fischer) from Bremerhaven, JayCeD (+L Te)  from Hamburg and us four from Aachen. Later OxKing (+Ox King) joined us from Bremen, he had cleared a blue Portal on his way to the “Im Weltkrieg 1914 fürs Vaterland” Portal.

With two hours delay and a last minute link from Nürnberg to Cuxhaven we passed the artifact #8 through two thirds of Germany. Now we only had to link to the UK. After a short photo shoot with the shard we got back to chill-position in our cars. Every car that drove by at that time was suspicious. When mimtwin (+Vicki Ellen) didn’t want to immunise her portal in the UK not to draw unnecessary attention we decided to link at :55 so it had to survive only 5 minutes. But even at that time no one arrived neither at our site nor in england. The “past” made it to the UK. We helped the Resistance by helping the artifact travel safe through Germany and now it was time for bed.

We made our way to Bremen where we could meet our friends limette (+Kimberly Kuehl) and Enelchen (+Stefan Postera). After a few hours of sleep at limette’s house we made a unique tour through the at this time pretty green city. And by the evening everything was nicely blue L7. Some of them even L8. Directly after dinner we headed home where we arrived at 3 AM.

Thanks to everyone who participated and made the escape of “past” possible.


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A spinnaker is a special type of sail that is designed specifically for sailing off the wind from a reaching course to a downwind, i.e. with the wind 90°–180° off the bow.

During Saphir-Horizon preparation (see, in January, swiip mentionned me about his idea of hardcore field between our 2 famous anchor : Cairn de Gravinis and Saint Eloi au sommet du Taillefer (see IronEscape :, and a very hardcore portal in Netherlands. We focused into Saphir-Horizon, and few days after the operation, I started to search for north anchor. Then I found Borkum, which was actually German island. Asking my german contact informations about this island, I present to them the project, they love it. We’ll need Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany. Thanks to #Unight8, contacts are made within seconds and we gather a global HQ. I was lucky to learn that a Parisian agent (scordatura) was planning to go on Amsterdam the weekend just after Saphir, so we quickly gathered the keys for Germany and send them to Amsterdam, where they will reach Germany the day just before the operation. +Vincent Rammelt told me he can have a team of Hamburg Resistance Agents of 8 L8 in 4 weeks, so we planned the whole operation in only 4 weeks. +Flurin Noller and +Christoph H.  gathered cleaning teams on Germany, +Sandrine Nieto and +Steve D.  in Luxembourg,  +Christian Vandendorpe in Netherlands, +alan poor in Switzerland, and finally SMURF teams prepare themselves in France.

Primary objective was to get the fields established before 9pm on Saturday. 
Due to last minutes blocking links in France, some other blocking links showed up in Netherlands and then in Germany, delaying the fields. Fields were finally established between 9.40pm and 11.20pm (from 1st to 9th layer) on Saturday 1st of March, and went down by legit Enligthened agents @Cela @Akkon @Quashoo @koljanowak on Monday 3rd of March between 7.59 am and 8.16 am.

Fields lived around 33.5 hours, passed 7 checkpoints. Flat MU saved was around 280 millions, we estimate that it was a 386.190.972 MU-days multilayer-field ! 
The number of Agents number is estimated around 160, and Jarvis VIRUS count is currently 71.

You will be able to check country per country SITREP :
NL Sitrep :
Lux Sitrep :
France Sitrep :
Germany Sitrep : (will be added later)

I would like to thanks my country leaders mate :
Netherlands : Zorglubxx (+Christian Vandendorpe )
Germany : sirVinc (+Vincent Rammelt ), Micky (+Flurin Noller ), Guschtel (+Christoph H. )
Luxembourg : NYmeriAA (+Sandrine Nieto ), Du3staaa (+Steve D. )
Switzerland : FrakatzV3 (+alan poor )

And also …

A special thoughts for our friends from Belgium that had actually absolutely nothing to do, and have just to watch the show going on ! Rumors say they paid for that…

Congratulations to all the Enlightened agents that tried to block the fields, and to the four of them that went to Borkum to destroy it. I think what everyone did enjoy the most was the total absence of spoofers, when everyone play within the rules this game is very fun.


+Ingress +Niantic Project 
+Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger 

#ingress   #ingressreport   #Spinnaker  
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#spinnaker   steht jetzt 24 Stunden. Hier der Sitrep aus den Alpen
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Project IronEscape

Objective : build the highest european 8 level resistant portal (2857m - 9373ft)

Date : october 6 2013

Portal :,5.92412&z=17&pll=45.039537,5.92412

Agents involved (on 4 different french mobile network operators): 
- BattleRoyale (L6)
- Flow127 (L8)
- franckybear (L8)
- garstud (L8)
- StanMarsh (L8)
- swiip (L8)

Report : 

The journey :
Resistants agents came from Lyon and Grenoble to meet up at the Poursolet lake at 10:40am.
Then begin a 4 hours ascent to reach the top of the taillefer peak, location of the “Saint Eloi” portal. Agents had to walk through forest (full of tasty wild BLUEberries), alpine thundra then rocks, in order to have the portal in range. 
When they arrived on top, above the clouds, the GSM signal was poor, but hopefully, one of us got a better signal and did tethering with other agent to successfully deploy resonators.

Phase 1 :
As we were not enough L8 players, we had put a Jarvis virus on the portal, then our L6 player realign with an Ada refactor, then L8 players deploy again to upgrade portal to level 8.
We put 3 VR multihack and 1 VR heatsink, so each agents can do 28 hacks in less than 45 minutes

Phase 2 :
We realign again the portal with a jarvis virus, then we neutralized the portal.
We do the same operation as Phase 1 except this time, we make sure all players will have a resonator with their name on it and finally put 4 VR portal shields.

End :
To celebrate this success, we toast with VEP green chartreuse, then as it began to snow, we had to leave the peak and walk for a 2 hours descent in the fog.

A bit of history :
- “Saint Eloi” (also Saint Eligius or Eloy or Loye) is the patron saint of blacksmiths
- The statue was erect on April 3, 1998 by french army, made with old armor of tanks, it weighs 110kg - 220lbs
- 45.039537,5.92412 (Saint Eloi au sommet du Taille)
+Ingress +Niantic Project +Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger   #ingress    #ingresslyon #ingressgrenoble #resistance   #ingressresistance  
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Tamás N

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Hamburger resistance auf urlaubsfahrt... 
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Tamás N

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Happy birthday, Ingress!

Extensive sitrep coming, once everyone has had some sleep. 

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Tamás N

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Dear +Niantic Project  ,

there are not many people in this world where I say, I trust each word which they say. One of them is my husband +Daniel Suckow  . We started playing +Ingress  in 2012, are active for our community.

Today he received the warning for using unofficial software or add-ons. But why? Because he used the +IITC  for some testing in summer 2013 or for heavily using the standard intelmap during some recent events? Is this warning a random warning to fear people and frustrate them?

I am not that kind of people who are complaining about rules, but warnings for doing nothing arent fair.

Greeting from Berlin

Xenada/ Karin

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger  
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geht grad extrem rum. ich sag mal so: broot nutzer kann ich aus sicht von niantic noch am ehesten verstehen. es häufen sich halt auch reports (siehe Ingress COMM) von leuten die behaupten sie hätten nix gemacht. ist die frage ob es stimmmt, aber okay.
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Tamás N

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Kann man nur hoffen dass sich die Jugend weiter für Forschung interessiert und den Durchbruch eines Tages schafft.
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OP #Spinnaker   is a success.
More than 120 agents from 5 different countries  were able to make this 9 layered field over Half-North of France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and parts of Germany.
MU saved is around 280 millions.
Many country-wide SITREP will come, and a global one is coming.
Thanks to everyone involved in this big project !


+Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger 
+Niantic Project +NIA Ops 
#ingress   #ingressreport   #sitrep  

+Sandrine Nieto +Flurin Noller +Christoph H. 
+Vincent Rammelt +alan poor +goulven Kerbellec +Christian Vandendorpe 
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Tamás N

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Tamás N

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Bitte im originalbeitrag plusen und kommentieren 
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Operation Blue Nights

In der Nacht vom 8. auf den 9. Februar hat die Resistance in Deutschland mehr als 130 Millionen Mind Units eingenommen indem sie einen großen Teil Nordrhein-Westfalens unter eine 20 Lagen dicke blaue Decke hüllten.

In the night from February 8th to 9th Resistance Germany captured more than 130 Million MU by covering a big part of Northrhine-Westfalia and Germany’s most densly populated area, the “Ruhrgebiet”, with 20 layers.

SitRep Deutsch:

SitRep English:


And our very famous #Häschtäck-Collection:

+Ingress +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brian Rose 
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Klasse gemacht - zum Glück war ich früh genug wach und konnte das Feld noch sehen. Was für ein schöner Morgen - alles blau ;-)) ! Danke euch.
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DJ, Promoter, Web Programmer, American Studies & Comp Sci M.A.
Also known as Geroyche. In that capacity I organize Kode Dubstep in Chemnitz, Germany and do lots of other stuff.

Web Programmer with love for hand-crafted xhtml ;)

Former Computer Science and American Studies student, which is actually a field ranging from linguistics over political science to media studies.
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Great bang for the buck! Incredibly friendly staff. Helpful in numerous way. When it looked like we would have to make an emergency reservation, that would have been possible at no cost. Luckily though, we then could make it after all, and the friendly experience continued. Very comfy beds too. A great experience by all means.
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Stayed there for two pleasant nights. The hotel is situated in the heart of Kazimierz, yet in a quiet surrounding. Our room was on the first floor, directed to the backside. There wasn't that much daylight coming in, but we considered that irrelevant. Our room certainly wasn't too cold, the heating is more than sufficient. Contrary to what I had read somewhere we had a king-sized bed, and not two twin-beds The bedlinen was great btw. The room was nicely styled and you can tell it's been refurbished just recently. Satellite-TV on the Samsung flat screen was so-so, but all we needed was CNN during the wake up period. The hotel offers free wifi, a nice breakfast buffet and pretty much everything we needed. A general note: there is a tourist tax to be paid in Kraków. We only learned that when we checked out. Then again, 1.80 PLN per day and person isn't something that will cause major troubles.
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