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Oops: Romney campaign tells TPM that Romney misstated his own DREAM Act position
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Bug in his programming, someone file a help ticket please. 
Somebody forgot to feed him his lines. 
But what about all those conservative commentators, right here, who told us repeatedly that Romney's position is solid and razor-sharp?
Mike, they lied. (shocking, i know)
Just goes to show how foolish he was to trust Republicans.
It wasn't just today, but I remember hearing him saying weeks ago he supported the service members without status getting a permanent status. At that time, I recall thinking that it was odd since he used his missions to skip out on the draft.
We already have a charming bs'r with Obama, I don't think we need a self righteous bs'r with Romney.
This isn't German. We don't capitalize our nouns.
And yet a pale shadow of your ... "achievements."
But you're a liberal, so by default you're handicapped.
* spittakes. A liberal? ROFLMAO! I sided with Roberts Thursday and you think I'm a liberal?

Oh, man, that was good. For a minute, I thought there would be something to you if you took away the flowery language. But you mistook me for a liberal... Oh that's grand... gawd I can't stop laughing.

Okay, calmed down now. Wow, you have no practical discernment skills to speak of, it seems. Sorry, that's a pretty big handicap when you're trying to lead people. I'm sorry, man, I shouldn't be laughing... it's not really a laughing matter... but... damn. I've gotta log off now before I crack up again. Take care.
I just don't understand why people refuse to believe and Obamney presidency is almost no difference.  Obama and Romney stand for so many of the same things.  If the libbys keep harping on Romney's money, they will lose.  As he and 0bama, kneel at the same alters of cash daily, even though both would fare better by becoming independent of those alters of sacrifice to false idols.  

Both have flipped flopped over their political careers it is obvious they have no position of their own.  Just like the duopoly system we have today, there isn't hardly a nickels worth of difference between them.  Both are NWO, both support Agenda21, both passed CISPA, NDAA, and the Patriot Act.  They can't seem to pass a budget and tons more.

It is my view the "Progressive Movement" has infiltrated both parties and they the infiltrators have been taken over by those seeking to subjugate and destroy our Western Civilization and we all know whom those parties are.  Anything with a ism other than Americanism.  From Oligarhs, Communists,Marxists, Stalinist and Islamist is where our greatest threats stem from and they are all represented in this current non-constitutional congress and administrations of recent years.  All teamed up to destroy the very foundations this country became great for and saving the world from disaster many times.

There are many that will disagree but are unable to prove my observations wrong.  IMHO The South must rise again!
How do you get your own opinion wrong? Seriously? This man is a joke.  I at least respected McCain.  Let's bring him back.
Wow, just wow Romney.  You have seen Obama raise in the polls after actually talking about correcting an issue with this country.  Now he is for it, after he was against it.  Great job Romney.
this same dream act was drawn up by george bush in 2006 but was put down by congress in i believe i could get a little mixed up to.this bill has been floating around for quite some time even before Obama
I think anyone who is enthusiastically behind this guy is in serious denial. At least, democrats know they could do better. This man is a walking disaster zone!!
The only way Democrats could do better is with an actual liberal instead of a Rockefeller Republican like Obama. But you stay home on Election Day Marcus and I'll vote for Obama, even though he's nowhere near as liberal as I'd like him to be or as right-wing propagandists claim him to be. Maybe he's finally learned his lesson and will stop trying to compromise with the GOP.
+S.M. Dixon I never stated that I intend to stay home on the 6th. I had just said that we as dems know that we could do better. I fully intend on voting for Obama because; I would rather have him than that robot they call man.
We will see in november wont we.give me your address and i will send you a bucket to cry in
I think that "nobody here plans to stay home Nov. 6th" is a safe bet.
Everyone here would be found to have made misstatements about their own record if they were pressured to speak on political issues as often and varied as Presidential candidates routinely are.  If someone had literally no flexibility to their views, would you really want them in office?

It's too bad, though.  I like Romney's misstatement better than his official position.
I really do not like anything about Romney, misstatement or original statement.  Talking Head 
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