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Do you think Microsoft can succeed with its new tablet?
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It will do as good as it phone is doing.
Excellent opportunity for Microsoft back to the marking of tablets dominated by Apple
The reason Microsoft will fail is they will not give the operating system away they have to make money on everything. Google gave Android away to make money with ads and apps and search. Data is king right now.
The metro is awesome, windows 8 seems like it was exclusively designed for the tablet experience. I think windows can have a competitive edge as long as the price can be at least $100 cheaper than an ipad.
It's a nice design, and the keyboard/cover is a good idea if the keyboard can satisfy most typists.  The problems arise with the price points.  If MS try to become Audi to Apple's Mercedes, I think it will fail.  Apple owns the hearts of the upper middle class.  Trying to fight that is insane.  And Android will soon own the budget end.  But I wish them luck, especially if they can reduce Apple's stranglehold.
I think they have a fighting chance it looks like a beautiful design let's hope it works as well a it looks.
Without any pricing information other than vague references to ultrabooks, it is hard to speculate. I would say that if they are priced more than ipads, it will be hard to make a case for Surface.
Yes. They've already sold two in my household. One Surface, and one Surface Pro. Now just need to know where and how much money to send.
Pricing will be key, but Microsoft isn't stupid. They'll bring these tablets in at competitive prices...however, while they're boosting the overall tablet market they need to be sure not to devastate the PC/Laptop market, otherwise their OEM partners will get pissed.
And MS gets a cut of every WinRT app sold in their marketplace... So they could afford to sell it at a bit of a loss.
Not without battery life in the 10+ hour range and a nice price point. If you have to license Office at anything like PC rates, it's destined only for a corporate market (might be ok on enterprise scale where it would essentially be a more walkable laptop). Whatever their app strategy is, it's essential that their version of the iTunes store or Google Play is full of products from a variety of suppliers at competitive prices. It ain't all about elegance of design.
Biggest advantage they have is the ability to use the same opening system for phone, tablet, and desktop. That to me is powerful. Yes, I am buying one of those when it comes out.
What if you had a netbook you plugged your phone into? IOS and Android. The need for a personal computer is getting limited. Microsoft is too late in the game. Has anyone used Windows 8 yet? It looks like an iPad gone wrong. Navigating it is even more difficult. Go to your pictures and try to get back to the main screen. The only way to go back which I had to Google is to use CTRL ESC.
+Anthony Combs said Has anyone used Windows 8 yet?

Yes. It's now my primary OS. I'm used to Metro UI already since I have a windows phone.  Love the way that I can have my email open in a narrow column to the left and readily reply to it without disturbing what I'm doing on the right.

Yeah, you could snap windows and such, but that just squished everything into tiny windows.  Metro actually re-formats the content for the space available. Functional, and not crowded.

I don't know what you're talking about regarding difficulty escaping apps. Don't worry about it. Either grab the top and throw it down to the bottom to close it - use Windows + Tab to switch, or smack the Windows key to get back to the main menu.  Any of those will serve you any time in any WinRT app.

And the Desktop? Familiar as before - but still more refined. Love the new file transfer system.  Great for transferring HD video files.
+Mark Noble A developer at work asked me to take a look at it.  He had it loaded up in a VM.  I didn't see a standard desktop feel.  It looked like a tablet feel to me.  Is there different versions?
There's WinRT which is just the Metro stuff - and there is a Desktop in full Windows 8. I've only ever seen full Windows 8.
Think of the WinRT part as the new "Start Menu" - except bigger and hiding the desktop.

Tablets like the lower-end Surface won't run Desktop apps. Surface Pro will run everything Windows 7 runs.

Make sense?

Best way to check it out is to shrink your partition by about 40-50GB and install it there. It sets up a slick dual-boot interface by default.
I'm running the Win 8 consumer preview on a 5 year old dell machine that barely ran WinXP as well as on a newer laptop. The full desktop is, frankly, very similar to Windows 7, but you have to go search for it and enable it. By default the new "Metro" interface is the primary focus and while it's great, it's totally geared towards touch interface...using a mouse works but it's simply more fluid if you use your hands for swipe gestures (like my Windows Phone). All in all, a solid 8/10 for the preview...I'm assuming it only gets better once there are more native apps and the final bugs have been worked out....and once it's running on decent hardware. Can't wait.
Windows 8 is so much faster than my Windows 7 experience even - and that was already very fast.  I just find with the Metro apps I can get a lot more done more quickly...  Since I don't have a touch screen I need to memorize more of the hotkeys though. :P
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