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We take the fight to the Senate - CISPA will not become law
Jon Dye
keep dreaming. your president only says that to try and save face.
+Jon Dye wouldn't he be YOUR President too or did TX finally succede?
ahhh that Southern Hospitality at its finest, look we disagree +Jon Dye simple as that. If you want to be offended by my humor at your disagreement fine, but at least be adult about it.
+Tony Foster the only thing that confuses me is how the GOP controlled house keeps passing Bills like this and SOPA and DOMA but its supposed to be the President who wants to take away peoples freedom. Maybe I'm missing something here.
Jon Dye
Yes, you're missing the fact that both sides want to use the populace to further their own ends.

As for southern hospitality, you can feel free to help yourself to a heaping helping of "suck my cock, you fuck."

and if that was your attempt at humor, you really just blow balls all around.
Jon Dye
+Jon Dye do you feel better about yourself now? does it make you feel like a big strong man, to invite another man to engage in sexual acts with you? I mean if thats how you swing no offense, but you seem so adamant about being angry. you may want to seek some assistance for that, it can't be healthy.

otherwise stop presenting yourself as a juvenile jackass, and grow up.
Ahhh, so thats The clicking sound on my phone and why my internet is snailing...
Why would anyone hack this noise.
Seems like a violation of rights... Supreme court?
Someone has to get harmed by it before SCOTUS can do anything. Better not depend on them.
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