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make him look like a bigger opponent than he is, and he will be.
I think the warning should be to the republicans. Once they get him in to office, who can they find to replace him. I'm just foreseeing their lack luster support of him now as a candidate really going sour once he is their President.
Everyone expects this campaign to go negative early on both sides. (Recalling a Paul Conrad political cartoon in the 62 Nixon v Brown CA gov. race- one side carrying sign vote against Nixon , the other side vote against Brown) For all the cliched use of flip flopper, an objective moderate cannot look at Romney as ask what, actually, would I get if this guy was elected. I have no idea, and neither does anyone else.
I think that's the deal breaker. are we suppose to take republicans seriously when they don't even recognize recorded and generally excepted reality? How is this even a race?
The "Vote for him because he can win" mentality falls short after the election once they realize the person won't be able to fix any problems, and in reality could make things worse by reversing all the progress that has been made.
Out of all the candidates the Republicans offered up, I thought Jon Huntsman was the one that was most palatable for voters over all. Ron Paul has some interesting ideas, but I don't think the majority of voters are ready to accept them. As for the rest of the lot, they all seemed to be a bit loony or extreme. Romney just seems to want to say what ever it takes to get him elected.
I was interested in Ron Paul early on but then realized he was a road to no where. I like the libertarian ideas, not to be mistaken for the Tea Party, but he and others have failed to build a bridge in the minds of others to show how we would transition from our current economy to a more libertarian economy. The transition would be dramatically different, just ask the folks in Wisconsin.
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