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Boehner's office says Obama needs to take personal responsibility for the drought ravaging the Midwest:
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Wow! Did he really say that? Obama's to blame for the drought? It's his fault?  Really?  So I guess Obama ordered the sun to scorch the Midwest causing a drought? Wow, Dude's got awesome powers.
Joey L
Just 5 minutes worm, your honor.
Him and me alone. 
OMFGs!!! Now the right-wing nut jobs are blaming President Obama for the weather??? I don't think even The Onion could make something this crazy up!
Because the presidency controls the weather. Duh.
I don't get it. Farmers already have insurance subsidized by the government. A republican is saying that we need to give more Government handouts?
Gus K
Obama caused the drought and should take personal responsibility.
It's no different than the big bank bailouts.
You heard the relgious right didn't believe in climate change?  Is that like Harry Reid heard that Mitt Romney didn't pay his taxes?  What's with liberals basing their opinions on speculation and innuendo?  Why do you hate facts?
Gus K
They want a bailout for farmers?
+Robert Kuhn He didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.  The Weather Dominator(tm) didn’t get invented on its own.  HTH.
+Bruce Anderson He did use the power of Congress.  He passed a bipartisan House measure to help farmers and ranchers address the ongoing drought. 

The House GOP leaders managed to narrowly pass a $383 million disaster relief bill restoring expired programs for livestock, certain trees, honeybees and farm-raised fish. The measure passed in a 223-197 vote. Thirty-five Democrats backed the measure, while 46 Republicans opposed it.

The Senate adjourned for the summer without passing the relief package.
By the power of Grey skull I am..... Lol
If Obama can cause droughts, shouldn't we re-elect him and sacrifice all conservative leaders to him so we can appease his godly anger? Real family values pretty much required the leadership to be willing to sacrifice themselves for the prosperity of the nation. I'm just saying, GOP.
I thought this was an Onion post at first...
+Darren Swanson That's because TPM took what he said out of context.  Here's what the Speaker said:

"If President Obama were serious about helping farmers and ranchers address the ongoing drought, why doesn’t he urge Senate Democrats to pass the bipartisan House measure that was approved 11 days ago?
Instead, the president continues to blame anyone and everyone for failing to respond to the drought but himself. Here’s a few quick facts that President Obama wants you to ignore today:
 • Eleven days ago, the House passed a bipartisan bill to help livestock producers devastated by the drought;
 • The Democratic-controlled Senate refused to take up this bipartisan bill before it adjourned for the August district work period;
 • According to press reports, the President would have signed this bill – but Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Senate Democrats refused to act, leaving livestock producers high-and-dry over August; and
 • See New York Times here:  “The White House would have considered the House measure, but [Stabenow] resisted, Senate aides said.”
I'm surprised Boner didn't say more tax cuts would end the drought.
I didn't believe even demoRATS could be as stupid as most of these posts make you sound.

Glad to know i was wrong about the depths of derangement from the left.
Boner's one sick ass motherfucker . All the crying Boner has done should've been enough to prevent a drought.
Georgie, i don't waste much time on movies and TV, so your reference was useless.

As for a compound, my house is nice but hardly a compound. And you have yet to show any signs off intelligence in the way the demoRATS have purposely tried to take his words out of context and then apply a LIBERAL amount of liberal stupidity to make then sound like something that they weren't.

If you wish to have an honest debate (which i doubt) about the merits of a farm relief bill and which side deserves credit or blame for it not being passed, we can have that discussion. In fact i would welcome it.

This, however, isn't that discussion. This is a bunch of whiny-assed liberals pissing themselves and believing they are being clever.
Yes the barkeep failure blames Obama when he did not let a vote come up on the Farm bill. I think our VP nominee wanted to limit food stamps so rather than bring up for debate as usual Boehner proposes extension so he can then blame his incompetence on Obama. Of course I am sure if McCain were President he could make rain.  Sarcastic but bring up for vote or take responsibility.
George, what part of my profile are you worried about? And why, exactly, do you care what info is in my profile? Does it somehow alter the validity of my statements?

I try not to insult anyone who deals with issues honestly. Those who "pretend" to believe that he was saying that Obunghole has a weather machine deserves ridicule.

I get out all the time, just don't watch much TV or movies. Is that is a requirement to have a conversation?

Never saw pulp fiction either. I did see Forest Gump, however, and the avengers movie... If you are desperate for a movie reference.
Oh, and Rick, the reason for a 5 year extension NOW us to tire the hands of a President Romney if he wins.

Of course, you probably knew that and are just pretending to not understand the politics.

Same reason they pushed out the next debt limit till after the election, the huge tax increases and the taxes for the Unaffordable health care bill.

Hell, its the reason the Dems don't have the balls to create a budget - they didn't want anyone to be able to see how they want to continue to wreck this country.
+Brian Wood I assume in 5 year extension you speak about the "temporary Bush tax cuts"?

By way Obama presented a full budget after State of Union. Bush/Cheney only gave budget not including war expenses. They did special appropriations for the costs of 2 wars.The House of Representatives is actual arbitrator. They initiate and pass the appropriations. Neither party has done anything in my mind.

But if any group is wrecking this country it is the evangelical Republicans. They want to take all kinds of our freedoms away for their "under our god" view, forgetting our not included anywhere. Let see someone do away with all the entitlements and then lower taxes, not lower taxes and hope can get rid of entitlements. Never happen.
+Rick Kimmel Yup, Obama presented a full budget and it was defeated 0-414:

FYI, 414 nays means that the Dems didn't back it either.  HTH.

And no, +Alex Ryking, once again you're simply talking out of your ass. 

Last week, Senate Democrats played politics with the drought by not agreeing to the short-term drought relief measures PASSED BY THE HOUSE.

Did you pull your head out of your ass long enough to catch that?  The House passed the measure.

Now, Obama is playing politics with the drought as well.
As Reuters notes, Obama on Tuesday “called on Congress to pass a farm bill that will send disaster aid to more farmers and ranchers.”: 

Obama was able to call on Congress to act because the Senate did not agree to the short-term measures the House passed before Congress took off for a five-week recess.
Farmers and cattle ranchers who have been most impacted by the drought and who need immediate relief now face more uncertainty due to the Senate’s inaction.
But the Senate’s inaction allows Obama again to run against “a Republican Congress” (even though Democrats control the Senate) and present himself as a peacemaker who achieves results to voters.
According to Reuters, Obama said “he hoped lawmakers get an earful from their constituents during the five-week recess away from Washington and that they reconvene on September 10 prepared to complete work on a farm bill ‘immediately.’”

And fittingly, Obama applauded the Senate for its “good bipartisan work" (Much of the Senate bill deals with things that do not even relate to farming, but will help many of the constituencies on the left and special interests of both parties -- it is the type of bipartisanship that voters loathe.)
But Obama failed to note the Senate’s inaction last week has caused more uncertainty and allowed Obama to be in a position where he could call on Congress to come together to pass a Farm bill.
The farm bill, nearly 80 percent of which dealt with non-farm related items such as food stamps, which the U.S. Department of Agriculture administers, was filled with pork and special interests tried to use the drought to pass measures beneficial to them.
And now Obama is playing drought politics to get himself votes.

Yes, Alex, you are that fucking stupid.
+Alex Ryking   Of course the White House sycophants are going to criticize the alternative.  Do you seriously believe that a White House official is going to publicly criticize the Anointed One?

Yes, you are that fucking stupid.
+James Barrow As I hope you know the Budget is always set by Congress not President. President only presents his ideas. So vote was meaningless. Only the appropriation bills with directions on how money is to be spent count. You were provided with numerous citations by +Alex Ryking  on the budget.

As for Farm Bill like to many other bills, the GOP is adding things that they know will never get signed. On the Farm Bill was cutting Food Stamps and protecting some special interest groups like peanuts. It is a philosophical difference. But it shows the stupidity of GOP and the talknuts that they refuse acknowledge their are reasons. It is your right to dislike the reasons.

The GOP is terrible about entitlements even Ryan of 2 bills he passed protected manufacturers of arrow parts. Free enterprise, small government when it does not hurt me or people that help pay for my election. (cynical). Florida rejects money from stimulus for high speed rail. Yet Rep Mica (R-Florida) put $300 million in transportation money for high speed.

I remember Reagan and Clinton were good at finding ways to make things work. Now rather than think about the betterment of USA the lines are drawn in the sand.  My way or no way.

By way insults are to me a sign of disrespect. Beleiving everything you read especially if only headlines is not sign of critical thinking. The source must be looked at also.
+Rick Kimmel Alex Ryking - or whatever his real name is - is a far-Left ideologue who couldn't argue his way out of his parents' basement.  He's been wrong on almost every point he's tried to make.  I only read his posts to pracice refuting arguments, but at this point it's become too easy.

As for "insults," I don't see where I did that:

"Yup, Obama presented a full budget and it was defeated 0-414.
FYI, 414 nays means that the Dems didn't back it either.  HTH."

If you're classifying that as an insult, then you really need thicker skin.
+James Barrow Well I was truly impressed. Yes it is obvious you read NOT one of citations on budget given by Alex. Sad as speaks to critical thinking ability I guess. If you feel "I disagree so why even read. " I actually agree with much you say but slinging around statement is not the answer.

Refuting arguments is unbelievable statement. But lets just tell you since I first voted in 1964 I voted only twice for other than GOP. YEP I am far left. The two were Ross Perot and John Kerry. Oddly both against a Bush.

The insult is calling me far left liberal and saying you understand every point I make. But calling someone heathen or saying pissing on themselves is sign to me of nothing but rude and disrespectful. Your views are ok, I also disagree with some of Alex's statements to you.

But if you refuse to read then all I can say is maybe you are in wrong country. Read what was posted about budget by Alex and under our Constitution.  It is ultimately the responsibility of House of Representative to start funding bills. All the President does is present his ideas and wishes. Congress is the ultimate. So what if no one voted for Obama budget. It means absolutely nothing.

When you are on a Republican State Central Committee, been to GOP National Convention as delegate, or have testified before FCC and Senate (maybe you have) then tell me about your understanding. NOW READ and think critically. If not then please go shoot squirrels. Sorry but saying you are practicing refuting is truly ridiculous. You are reading from a prayer book not refuting or thinking.
Rick, the 5 years was the farm bill... Locking in the subsidies and payoffs. The repubs in the house wanted a temporary relief bill.

Obama did present a budget. It was a joke. It was never intended to be taken otherwise. Yes, having the wars off budget was wrong.

You are wrong about who is wrecking this country. Telling me that if i own a business i must pay for abortions is wrong.

I Willis like to see entitlements ended. I would like to swear the feeds move to a national sales tax that everyone pays. I believe that if you say 40% sales tax on every purchase you and most Americans would vote smaller govt.
Rick, your comment about citations fit the budget is a waste of time.

First, everyone can find a quote from someone, somewhere to bolster their position. Secondly, because all the politicians in Washington play politics.

Bottom line is that Obunghole and his dem toadies did nothing to solve the budget problems when they controlled the Congress, they did nothing to improve the economy out anything else that was needed - instead they worked to make this country more socialist, to wreck an already badly over-controlled healthcare system and to consulate federal power.
Al, you are being a partisan hack-job and you know it. All the senate has to do is take up and allow an up or down vote on the 1 year extension.

A five year measure that locks in wasteful govt spending and years of pork are a bad thing.

And your playing the race card on every vote means you have nothing to you but irrational hatred. People can disagree with your lord and savior Obunghole without being racist... They just have to be rational.

Remember, half of that "DO NOTHING" Congress are the dems who don't even have the balls to pass a budget in 1300+ days.
+Brian Wood It is total waste to discuss with you. You just admitted your do not read. You said "citations fit the budget is waste of time". You did not even notice there were numerous.
Alex, you turd swallowing piece if shit...

Obama ran on being able to fix the system. He never tried. Instead he pushed throuhh Obunghole-care and other socialist crap.

And the recession was caused by the housing bubble which was caused by govt and driven by DEMS. Ask Barney and his boyfriend at Freddie.

I realize you want to revise history now that your lord and master has been proven incompetent, but try that with someone else. He had 2 years with the same gas bags he used to pass Obunghole-care. If he wanted anything else he could have worked on it instead.

More and bigger govt was all he ever wanted. More puerile on welfare, more on disability and more with their hands out reliant on the govt to be their daddy.

The only traitors here are those who have seen this failure and vote for him again.
Rick, you are wrong. As usual. I did read the quotes. The internet is full of quotes. If i wasn't on a phone i could easily cut n paste dozens on any subject you wish, from Obunghole being a savior to him being the anti-christ (neither of which i believe, btw, he is just a big-govt fucktard).

That is one of the reasons that i don't usually go and find some one else's words and cite them as facts - unless they contain specific numbers like the ones on the taxes for 2013.
Gosh remember Brian said to me" I did read the quotes. The internet is full of quotes. If i wasn't on a phone i could easily cut n paste dozens on any subject you wish, from Obunghole being a savior to him being the anti-christ (neither of which i believe, btw, he is just a big-govt fucktard)" Very educated spelling. But +Alex Ryking and +Al Scott    also cussing at him does no good. He likes your anger feeds on it. Makes him feel important with the garbage he sends. He is a bible thumber not critical thinker.
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