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That is good news. Lugar is one of the politician that got this Country where it is at these days. He has to go, either it is to a conservative or liberal doesn't matter... he has to go.
I didn't know that a Senator could direct this country's direction so steadfastly. that he is smart, lucid, and level-headed are a big plus, and a rarity. I guess evolution does exist, though with a strange twist in this case because of a viral infection that kills good cells.
The purge of moderate Republicans is a major loss to the US political scene. I may disagree with Lugar on various issues, but his positions are reasonable and we should recognize him as sane and level-headed. I'm sorry to see him go.
I dont feel sorry for any of these GOP contenders . They've opposed the President at every turn in order to please their fringe base. Yet , most of them will lose a re-election bid. If they had helped the President , at least they'll walk away with something to show for their loss. Now , its a lose - lose situation.
+Solomon Utuedor let's see, the President had full support of his Democratic House the first two years of his term... Sorry to hear that he has been opposed every single step of the way by the Republicans. It is a two way street that was ignored the first two years. There is a cost to that. Clinton had no issue working with a Republican Congress and Reagan had no issue working with a Democratic Congress. So Obama is the exception, eh? Wondering why?
+Jacques Dupuis It doesn't matter if the GOP oppose Obama. I'm just saying that the GOP opposition to Obama has not put them in favorable position with their own base.The GOP have gotten nothing from their opposition to Obama. Most of the incumbent GOP leaders will lose their seat in the congress and Obama will still win re-election because Obama's base are solidly behind him and they will turn out in droves to get the president re-elected. The losers will be the GOP incumbent who try obstruct the President and still got a "whooping" from their own base.
+Solomon Utuedor yes "his" base is solidly behind him... he is buying them all. :) What do you think will happen with this Country in the future, when there is no more money and no more people to tax?
+Jacques Dupuis If the U.S could survive a great depression and a world war, the country can survive the current circumstances which nothing compared to the former two.
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That would be funny if it weren't so sad.
+Aleks Hindin Nothing sad about this, he was part of the Washington money and power corruption that helped chip away at our Constitution by letting a government grow so big.
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