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Facebook will now allow you to announce if you are an "organ donor" via a status update:
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Excellent -- this is a perfect time to launch my kickstarter project involving the use of social networking to harvest organs for sale on the black market.
+Brian Kilgore Yeah - spoken like a person who doesn't need a transplant. Um, yeah, we should just nuke the world and kill everyone!
Nah, I don't want your heart, man. Peace! Sorry I lost it.
Yes - you do! Life sucks sometimes, but we're here and we have to make the most of it.
And with that, I believe my time with Facebook is coming to an end. Why? Because I've seen more 'important' things from NASCAR.
Really? Not the part about your time with FB coming to an end, but your statement that you've seen more important things from NASCAR. I am not trying to antagonize anyone, but my husband has terminal congestive heart failure and will die without a new heart, so I am sensitive about the subject and I agree that it sucks of FB to use that to get more users, but there are more organ donors needed and I'm just wondering if y'all's objection is to FB or to being an organ donor. And, if the latter, why?
No, I'm a proud donor. My beef is that instead of focusing on a gamut of other 'Life Saving' items they could introduce (stronger cyber bully prevention, anti-suicide chats' anti-drug, or even an Amber Alert that messages you to keep you on the lookout, or any number of other), they make a relatively big hoopla about a Status Update. As to NASCAR, okay, I'm exaggerating- although I'm sure something good has come out of that in its lifetime.
Thanks. Totally agree about FB. 
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