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Takes balls. Wish the Democrats had some to deal with entitlements.
Its easier to be a democrat. They stand for nothing and everything happens because someone else did it! And what they GIVE you, they take from someone else.
+Darque Wing But I love reading right wing trolls' spewing out of their crapchute!! *stomps left foot*

( I initially speed read that you love the posts and them, too!) ;-P
It adds 8 trillion to the deficit on the backs of the poor,elderly and the middle class.
GOP is tap dancing on the 3rd rail of politics, and with a wholly fraudulent budget that has no chance of being enacted.
Well, I see a lot of folks bashing the republican plan. Let's see the democrat plan now.
The first two years of the Obama presidency, the democrats did not need one republican vote to pass this. They could not even get it done then with a filibuster proof congress. Ye have too much faith. They do not want to pass this. If they did, it would have been done in 2009 or 2010.
OK. Let's keep doing nothing. 15 trillion, 16 trillion, 17 trillion .......... Greece anyone?
And? So you keep trying. Keep pushing. Keep looking for good progressive people to represent your interests. The worst you can do? Give up and become discouraged.
The problem is the progressives. The more power they get, the worse things get. I have seen it in my lifetime. I am a student of history. The progressives like big business, big business gives them money, progressives pass laws to squash little business. Big business gets bigger. Give progressives more money. Progressives pass more laws to make government bigger by regulation. Squash more little businesses. Round and round. All the time they throw their base a bone every once in a while to keep support up. Look at Obama, classic example. Obama make regulations, GE gives Obama money. Obama gives GE big windmill contract. GE give Obama more money. Round and round. Meanwhile, the greenies are happy because they think Obama wants green energy. Obama wants money and power. He don't give a crap about green energy. It's all a big game, and the progressives fall for it.
It's better to have no budget, and a definite understanding that fixing the deficit will take a balanced approach that takes a bite out of everyone's slice of pie, than having a fraud budget that increases the deficit dramatically and automagically pays down the deficit with tax cuts and austerity.
Oh wow. That's a mighty scary story you have worked up there. Sounds like the republicans you are describing. Clinton the last Democrat left a huge surplus. Bush and the republicans turned that into a multi trillion dollar deficit. Those are the facts. Don't blame Obama. Not his fault. Never will be.
Austerity is raising taxes and cutting services. That is why the people of Greece are so pissed. Their SSI or whatever they call it over there is getting cut. The government is out of money. They spent more than they took in. Now they can't even pay the interest on their loans.
Actually we have not had a surplus in many, many years. Just like there is no inflation according to our government. Again, ye have too much faith in government numbers. And as far as the scary story goes, it is true. Republicans do it too. I am not blinded by my ideology. I am a realist.
The middle class have no money. Trying to get blood from a stone is futile. You will see more violence.
+ken morgan wow, your lack of understanding is simply shocking. Progressives want more government regulation of banks to prevent crises from arising, and "nationalizing" or managed breakups in the event of failures. Conservatives are the bailout kings. Look at the votes, look at who was in charge during TARP I.
It's fact ken. Clinton left office with a surplus. Bush announced he would use that to give the rich tax cuts... ie Bush tax cuts. Then he started 2 wars.
If government regulation is the answer, how come JP Morgan Chase just lost 2 billion dollars? Obama and the bank regulation plan that was passed a couple years ago was supposed to prevent this. I think he said something like "This plan will keep what happened in 2008 from ever happening again" Or something along those lines. Agan, ye have too much faith in government. Just ask a indian what they think of the government and the promises it makes. Government regulation never works. Never will. Never has.
The lack of regulation is what got us in this whole mess to begin with. We need the right kinds of government regulations. They help and impact our lives every day. Yes there are silly ones. They should be abandoned. The ones that protect our water and air and lands should be doubled and tripled. Instead of gutted by the Koch Brothers. Fracking comes to mind. They are not even revealing what they are injecting into the earth. The regulations have been changed.
+ken morgan the regs are not in effect yet. The Volcker rule, which says that investment banks will not be allowed to trade on their own behalf, would have prevented this exact loss, but it's not in effect yet.
I agree with that. Some government regulation is good. safe highways, strong military to keep us safe, safe food, water, all good. I used to work at a bank for about 10 years in the 80's and 90's. Every few months government auditors would come in and spend literally weeks pouring thru books and practices. It happens at every bank. They are one of the most regulated businesses out there. But things keep happening. In Nazi Germany you had to have a piece of paper to travel across town. Still people beat the system. Government control never works, never will. And yes the Volker rule is not in effect yet, but every year regulations are put on banks and lending institutions, and people get around them. Look at McCain - Feingold, Ghrahm Leach, Sarbain Oxley, I could go on forever. They just don't work. One of my jobs was making sure we followed hese regulations. It is literally a full time job for many people just to implement these things. And every year more come down. They always are closing the barn doors after the cows get out. Just more government intrusion that don't work.
They're cooks but it's hard, so we should let the do whatever they want.

Margaret all the attacks and misrepresentations against Bush----aint flying! You sound so offended by the 4 trillion Bush (with a democrat congress) did in 8 years! Yet totally ignore the 4 trillion Obomber did in less than 4!
It's called being blinded by ideology. Progressives don't see anything wrong with what another progressive does, like the example of GE and corporate welfare. Corporate welfare is corporate welfare, regardless of who does it. Whether it is for Green energy or oil. It is still lining the pockets of the rich donors. Democrats and Republicans both are guilty. Like Obama and the many $31,000 per plate dinners he has. Think how out of touch that is. I can't afford that. I think it is safe to say nobody here can either. So who CAN afford a $31,000 per plate dinner to talk with the president? Rich Fat Cats. The very ones that Obama demonizes, and the progressives follow right in line with him. All the while Obama is courting the rich fat cats, and wall street. How many poor people would $31,000 feed? Just one plate dinner at his many fundraisers would make a huge difference in my life, and for most people in this discussion. Like I said, I am a realist. It took me 51 years to get here. After a while you realize that these people don't care about you, and all this is smoke and mirrors. A friend of mine set me straight a few years back and I will never forget what he said. He helps his friends, neighbors, community, and family whenever he can. The things he does for them makes more difference than all the political rhetoric in the world. Or any politics he could ever get involved in.
yadda yadda yadda. Pack up your anger and find a new home.
Not anger. Facts. Sorry you can't take it. I just hate seeing people sucked in by the politicians. They divide people against each other for their own gain, and so many people fall for it.
If people let politicians get away with stuff it is their own fault. Vote them out. Living in a democracy means you have to put up with what the majority wants. The facts are Obama was given a huge deficit by the previous admin. He is working to bring it down. Congress is working against him to bring it up. (ie Paul Ryan budget). And I like to think that I can judge for myself the goods and ills of this current one. He is a lot more American then some of the people in the house and senate. imho. I don't agree with all his policies. But in general I believe he cares much more than the corporate fed politicians you rail against.
Margaret Obama was handed a measly 408 Billion dollar deficit! I say measly compared to the budgets with OVER ONE TRILLION deficits that Obomber has submitted...TARP was passed by a Dem congress majority...Bush was in charge of $300 billion and he used it to shore up the banks...the BALANCE, $350 billion was left to Obomber to spend....and SPEND he he added another $787 Billion in "STIMULUS" that to this day is in the budgets he submits....I wish the Media would step to the plate and STOP the mis-representations out MOST will not take the time to actually read the truth they simply sit back and regurgitate what they have heard someone else is very destructive...but of course if that's the goal...........
Bonnie...Your numbers are wrong. Go back and recheck.
Margaret please specify which numbers are wrong...
Margaret.. One article from USA Today, other from CBS and Hardly your RW Press! and this is in REAL time, when the PRESS while BUSH was in, thought this was so bad....are NOW so very quiet with over 1 TRILLION every year since Obomber has submitted budgets!!!!

U.S. budget deficit hits record $438 billion for year
Updated 10/7/2008 10:32 PM

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal budget deficit hit a new record in the just-completed 2008 budget year under the latest estimates from the Congressional Budget Office.
The record $438 billion shortfall for the budget year that ended last week is up from $162 billion posted last year. The previous record of $413 billion was posted in 2004.

and from CBS
2008 U.S. Budget Deficit Bleeding Red Ink
The federal budget deficit is running at a pace that is more than double last year's imbalance through the first four months of the budget year.

In its monthly review of the government's finances, the Treasury Department said Tuesday that the budget was in surplus in January, but totals $87.7 billion so far this budget year, double the $42.2 billion imbalance recorded during the same period in 2007. The new budget year started last Oct. 1.

The Bush administration sent its final budget request to Congress last week, projecting that the deficit for all of 2008 will total $410 billion, very close to the all-time high in dollar terms of $413 billion in 2004.
"As we have written twice before, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected the fiscal year 2009 deficit at $1.2 trillion two weeks before Obama took office. That fiscal year started Oct. 1, 2008. The fiscal year was already nearly one-third over when Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009. After Obama took office, the deficit increased to $1.4 trillion for fiscal year 2009. At the end of the fiscal year, the CBO largely blamed the 2009 deficit on the recession, specifically a sharp decline in tax revenues and an increase in spending in response to the economic crisis — first by Bush and later by Obama."
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!there is NO HOPE!!!! I am so SICK of the s---crap and lies by you lefties. You want Socialism go to Greece. France, poop go to Russia...but leave our America and our personal freedoms alone
You didn't read any of that did you....?
I thought we were talking about economics. My personal freedoms are good. Got better today and will be best when the gridlock in Washington is over. And Bonnie? Shouting your disgust is a definite turn off. People will not take you seriously.
Mathew James You better read all before you post! AS you can see it was Obombers STIMULUS that drove up the 2008/9 BUDGET! Taken from the very article you used to try and prove otherwise! sorry...but everyone knows that Obomber has driven and had the BIGGEST deficits of all time...even during WW!11

Largest Budget Deficit in U.S. History:

The worst effect of the FY 2009 budget was the $1.413 trillion deficit. It was the largest in history. To compare it to all other budget deficits, see How the National Budget Deficit Affects the Economy. However, it was needed to boost the economy out of the greatest recession since the Great Depression.
+Bonnie Lu Bonnie... you are a poster child for the cut and paste. Now... I got and understood what Matthew was saying. He was spot on. It sailed over your head. I believe you didn't even read the sourced material provided you. Go back and read Bonnie. You are wrong.
Maybe all 3 of you ought to go and actually read what he posted....I came back with a post out of what he posted..It states clearly that the &*& Billion in stimulus was put in the 2008/09 Budget by none other than OBOMBER....sorry...and to even go where the figures are even more accurate try the Fed. Gov. site and read OBOMBers own words with his first budget submitted....that $787 billion never came back out of his next 2 budgets submitted either! I am tired of trying...I just know people are hurting and I know that they were not hurting as bad when Bush was in..I was not a BUSH fan but I see what this MAN OBOMBER has done to my family and friends!
Kwesi I don't have a clue what you are talking about...I used USA Today and CBS (LEFT News) to make a point...that the deficit in 2008 under Bush was only 400 Billion! and I think you are talking about maybe the TARP funds? don'y know?
You might want to read it!
It takes a while for shit to run down hill Bonnie. Pardon the crude language. You won't be convinced so should we just end the charade? This isn't a debate anymore.
+Bonnie Lu You seem mad. Are you mad...?

I mean if you go to +Matthew James source, the very last sentence in the first paragraph says this...

"Revenue was reduced by the recession."

Another thing you seem to ignore is this sentence about the record deficit and the spending that caused it...

"However, it was needed to boost the economy out of the greatest recession since the Great Depression."

I mean, you took the time to read the "libural" media source that somehow satesr you need call names and make things up and completely ignored my articles from sources that even call out the President when he's wrong.

And LOL at no one was hurting under Bush. I guess starting two nonsense wars, keeping them off the books, handing out all kinds of corporate welfare and ignoring anyone that wasn't putting money in his pocket means no one was hurting in your eyes.
drone drone in your bliss....
+Matthew James OK. Let's quibble. The democrats got health care through. Why not a budget? My point was that they really don't want a budget. Why do you think Obama's keep going down with zero votes? The democrats won't even vote for it. They want to run against a do nothing congress, all the while not allowing any votes to happen. As far as your other points, I really don't understand where you are going. I was not talking about overlooking faults. Everyone does that to a certain extent. I am talking about progressives literally falling on a sword for their dear leader. If a conservative does something stupid, I will say it. Republicans will roast one of their own in a second. In fact, I think the republicans could learn a thing or two about the way liberals / progressives stick together. I think Mitt Romney is a moron. Bush set the conservative movement back years because he was a closet liberal. You happy now? Face it. Obama is a disaster. Now I have been called a racist for daring to say anything bad about Obama. But that is not the case. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are both bigger idiots than Obama. Anyway, this whole thing started with a very biased article. It really was not that long ago one side would propose their budget, the other side theirs, and then the parties worked together to make sure we would not have a CR that is bankrupting our country. It all is stopping in the senate. And it is all on purpose, and we all are suffering for it. If I could wave a magic wand, not one person running for re-election would win. I could literally stand on a street corner and pick people going by in cars and put them in congress and they would do a better job. If you want to call that clinical depression, go ahead, but I would rather trust a total political neophyte than what we have now.
Thanks Ken...I get so upset to think that people will do and say anything to protect their GUY! I too thought Bush was a RHINO.....but I do know he loved his country...ALL the people in it....the RICH and the Poor.....and whether you agreed with him or not, he did do what he said he was going to do..I cannot wait until the liberals, those who are still left working, see what happens to their paychecks, when the BIG BAD TAX CUT FOR THE RICH...hits their pocketbooks...I was in I do know who actually got their taxes cut! I just wish the Rep. leaders would say...OK NO TAX BREAKS! Don't renew them and then you will see the LIBS do a DOUBLE take!
You are kidding right? Obstruction from the Democrats? Really? Did not all the republicans sign Grover Norquist's tax pledge? Have they not closed ranks against every thing the president has proposed. Did they not announce the day after he was elected that it was their job to obstruct and have him fail? What kind of alternative reality are you living in? I'm gobsmacked by your naivete. And your refusal to see facts.
I love how the IDEA of railroading legislation through was the height of government tyranny and now it's considered a major failure. Especially when you ignore everything done to make sure nothing of significance happens at the legislative level.
If no tax breaks fixes the deficit would that make you happy? I wouldn't mind. If everyone, especially the corporations started paying their fair share, and it helped, I would have no problem with that.
+Margaret McEvoy You are reading me wrong. Obama's budget went down yesterday (I think) 99 - 0. Not one vote. Democrat or republican. As far as the republicans obstructing Obama? Hell yea! Best thing that ever happened! They were voted in to do just what they are doing! Stop the government from getting more power. Because Americans know that power corrupts. Whether it is a person with too much power of a government. When they get too much they will abuse it. Just wait till November. If Obama is re-elected, nothing will get done. Some of the best times this country has had was in the 90's when Clinton and congress could not get anything done. Remember turning on the TV and hearing "Gridlock" every night? What we are witnessing is our government working as it was intended. The constitution was written to make it hard for government to get anything done, that way the people have the power. The people spoke in 2010, and what they said HELL NO!
Matthew..budgets are submitted in Feb...and should be passed by CONGRESS by Oct... Bush submitted his 08 budget in Feb 07....Oct 08... CONGRESS had NOT passed it! YOU SEE! His submitted budget had a deficit of 408 Billion...Jan 08 OBOMBER took over and the spending TOOK OFF! go to the US government site and see for yourself...if you can be honest.

The United States federal budget for fiscal year 2008 was a spending request by President George W. Bush to fund government operations for October 2007-September 2008. Figures shown in this article do not reflect the actual appropriations by Congress for Fiscal Year 2008.
I'm done here. You are both talking from an alternate universe. When you come down to earth we can talk. Right now you are just repeating yourself with the same screes. The last worthwhile thing anyone has said came from Matthew who I suspect has fallen asleep with boredom. Good night.
Still haven't read that FactCheck article yet +Bonnie...?

Try this one...

"That $1.2 trillion projected deficit — the result of bills signed by Republican President George W. Bush — grew substantially after Obama signed his stimulus bill and submitted his own budget. But even so, by the time the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, the actual deficit was $1.4 trillion, CBO said."
Then you are a better man than me Kwesi +Kwesi Kennedy . Ha! Sorry bout that.
+ken morgan I'll drop by ken. Thanks for the invite. I might learn a few things :)
Some model that Barney Frank is.......sheeeshhhhh
Matthew I knew better than to waste my time....Expansion is not on the menu....but you may try expanding yours..
+Matthew James Brilliant. And thank you. Although I am a progressive there was not one thing I would disagree with in your cogent comment.
Well matthew, you seem to have put me in as a republican. The reality of it is I am more libertarian than anything. But I think conservatives have some very good points also. As far as the rest of what you assume. Read my blog. You will find that most of your assumptions are false.
+Matthew James So you don't read my blog but it is easy to distinguish where my facts come from? Damn, that is the most brilliant statement I have ever heard. You are just the smartest guy up here! Why, you even know what is going on in someones mind without even bothering to find out what they say. Now I have seen everything, a pompous liberal that shouts everyone down that is also a mind reader! Maybe I had better leave now, I am not worthy to be on the same page with such brilliance.
I read it and he is right +ken morgan I took some time to go to your site. More like a diary to me. You have a right to your opinion. That is all I saw.
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