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MSNBC host kicks off right-wing reporter off her show. Watch the video:
MSNBC's Tamron Hall got into a feisty exchange with Washington Examiner reporter Tim Carney, which resulted in Hall kicking him off her show. Watch the exchange:
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For an issue they deem is unimportant, the right seems awfully worried about this.
Tim Carney will now go on Bill O'Reilly's show to cry on O'Reilly's shoulders because Tamron was "mean" to him.
If this had been an Obama story, the right would have gone 24/7 Gangsta President !
+L Turner Only our president can be a gangsta, commie, sociliast, seekreet moslem, elitist all at once !
+Mike DeSimone I don't want Bill to think I'm ignoring him altogether because I mention that purdy boy Sean more. ☺
Nah, it's just that right wingers like to go running to Hannity when they get butthurt. He calms them down, gives them softball interviews, and tells them they're right. Keeps them from questioning themselves. Hence the term "Hannity job".
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