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Well, now this would be a great way for +Mitt Romney to score over +Barack Obama ... Remove some of the voters, whether minority or not.  Come to think of it, where was this ruling when #Bush  shoved himself in the office using Florida?
I'm sure Mr Romney will try to squeeze himself by through some existing laws and what not.  After all he has successfully, so far, able to hide his "so called" public record from the public after all.  Talk about having #power ... I really wonder what else he will hide from #American public if he goes to office.  #Scared yet?  +Mitt Romney didn't even start yet, just wait until he is in the office and will show us his power play.
Skeletor over there thinks he's the Master of the Universe , thus he can shorten early voting days.
Oh, please oh please let this also be used in the Ohio voting limitation appeal case too.
+Steve Sauls In this case, Rick Scott is targeting minority voters because it's the only way Mitt will win. A Filipina, naturalized U.S. citizen was purged, even though she was so proud to register as a Republican. That shows it does have to do with skin color.
+Steve Sauls I don't see anywhere in the post that indicates blacks were "screaming" about this. Could it be that non-black state representatives initiated this? And if you click thru to the Star Tribune (as referenced in the TPM article), you'll see in paragraphs 2 and 3 where several minority groups are said to have a history of being discriminated against in the southern U.S. You gotta read thru things and consider the source.
+Steve Sauls It has to do with skin color because the people targeted by these politically based games are specifically created to disenfranchise the Liberal voting blocks, one of which is the African American communities. They never set out, in the words of the absurdities they've passed, to intentionally cut out blacks from voting. No, instead, they've attacked underprivileged districts, and very, very urban districts where having all the documentation is a challenge, or where people simply don't need a specific type of ID to live a meaningful life. If you don't 'have' to drive in an urban center and can get by quite well on public transit, then there's not a huge driver to get a photo ID.

Also, let's not forget that this attack on voting rights has NOTHING to do with the reasons cited. There is less than .0001% of the populace that has ever been cited for 'possible' voter fraud. And of that miniscule number, NONE have been voter impersonation. And nor would this nightmare stop the Evil ACORN tactic, which is somehow directly linked to ACORN when it's the people that sign the forms that caused the problem, of signing up Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to vote. Here's a little wakeup call for the Retardicans: even without photo ID, you still have to have printed documentation of who you are and present it at the polling place. So unless your name is legally Mickey Mouse (and how vicious would one's parents have to be...) you STILL won't be able to vote with that registration.

Please remember +Steve Sauls that rights and such aren't zero sum. If the gays get to marry, or the blacks finally get full rights in this country, it doesn't take them away from whites. We won't be 'run over' by the NAACP. We could be fighting with them to bring blacks to equal status in this country, and that would shut the NAACP up just as well. There doesn't have to be renewed race wars just to make sure that whites stay on top; the whole point of this country (to my mind from reading the Constitution and seeing where the civil rights has evolved into the modern era) was that we rose to our own level of quality based on who we were and what we did, not who we could keep ground down under the bootheel and pretend we were doing them a 'favor' while keeping our own status.
And the CB is such a credible source, +Steve Sauls!
Whites and blacks have been making babies way before it was legal. And there's only one race, the human race. Nobody's getting rid of our human race.
+Steve Sauls Also, you've got to remember that unless these blacks "that are trying to destroy the white race entirely" are actually RAPING these white women, then aren't those same women at least 50% to blame? Or does that logic violate your race-based crazy, since no white woman would have the brains to resist a hunky black man and/or have the gall to actively destroy her own God-sanctioned race?
It's got nothing to do with skin color other than the fact that the people affected are poor.  It also covers young people (etc).  The republican party has been trying to make it harder to vote in different states so the poor don't vote.  They even apparently tried to change the voting hours in Ohio in largely democratic districts and extend them in republican districts. 
You wan to know we Liberals don't have more success? It's because we can't keep a secret, plain and simple. Now, who went a blabbed to +Steve Sauls about our plot to breed the white race away? Come on, fess up?
+Steve Sauls When you're so blatant about denying ANYONE rights guaranteed by the Constitution, yes.
+Steve Sauls No Steve, not the party, just it's leaders.  Clearly there is a coordinated effort to do this as it's happening all over the country.  If Obama gets voted out and Romney wins due to what amounts to tampering with the system then we might as well just hang up the system.  These people forget in their attempt to hold power what/why they are there.  It's not about keeping any one party in power, it's about serving the country.
+Steve Sauls I've never implied that EVERY truck driver is untrustworthy or a villain. I'm just saying that any Republican that wants to remove rights or limit rights is a villain.

As to removing all early voting, most of the States that put it in place in 2008 put it in place because they couldn't handle the sheer volume of voters. So your suggestion is that because people are exercising their guaranteed rights, and (I'm assuming anyway) since no government is a good government, then we should be voting on a first-come-first-serve basis?
+Steve Sauls Oh, and I'll dive in to an older post you made. Got news for ya: I seriously doubt anyone that has ACTUAL credentials as a reporter, and has degrees for journalism is a truck driver. Just because Faux News employs just puppets to blindly repeat talking points and hand puffball "interviews" to Right Wing Nutbags doesn't mean that all journalists are worthless in the same way as the Faux News ones. It also doesn't mean that the so-called (by your party, I might add) "lamestream media" are actually doing a bad job. Most often, it's actually that the people being called out actually said some incredibly incendiary things, or did illegal acts. It had nothing to do with them being of either party; just that the Radical Righties like to pretend persecution because of their Right Wing status.
+Steve Sauls No, please share your opinion. But have something actually credible to the rest of us to back up your opinion to prove it's something other than just Racism, Bigotry, or some other form of pure absurdity. You're (that's how it's spelled by the way) perfectly entitled to share your opinion, but then, so are the rest of us.
+Steve Sauls Which time? I've replied to multiple of your posts. Can you be a tad more specific?
+Steve Sauls So, you support only 12 hours of voting? How does that work for all the soldiers fighting in time zones 12+ sections away? What about doctors/nurses who regularly pull a 12-14 hour shift? Early voting is necessary to accommodate our huge population and various careers.
+Steve Sauls Oh, fret not, I'm more than happy to further the education of the Average Retardican; ghods above and below know that they need all the help they can get. And exactly how have I been spouting nothing but hot air? We're talking about equal voting rights, right? We're talking about the TPM story above, right? You cited the CB chatter you listen to as clear evidence of problems with white-black race relations in the context of "destroying" the white race, right? You brought up removing all early voting as a workable solution, right? So how has my responding to your .... "views" been just hot air, unless that's exactly what you've been putting out there too by your own standard?
+Steve Sauls Again, how does that work with people working overseas? Are they expected to wake up at 2 am to get their vote in before the States start reporting polls? 

How does a doctor stop in the middle of a 12 hour brain surgery and say 'hold up folks, I gotta go vote for the blackie?' 
I'd suggest not feeding the trolls.  Anyone who cites anonymous and context free CB conversations they have heard while driving a truck and then demands that you cite your sources of information, or back up your claims with evidence that can be verified, is obviously stupid, entirely blinded by ideology, or intentionally trolling.  Regardless of what the actual situation is, it is never worth your time to deal with people like that.

"To argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead."
-Thomas Paine, The Crisis
+Steve Sauls  laughs!!! Um, hello? The Retardicans themselves have been the ones screaming vote rigging for the past 8 years. EVERY election, from dog catcher to President, has been rigged and fraught with fraud when they didn't win. They're the ones pushing this absurdity of voter ID in an election year with minimal to no meaningful, reasonable forewarning to the voting public. This voter ID is nothing more than the Retardicans yet again pushing short-term victories that will result in even greater backlash against them the next go-round. When, magically, there will be a NEW voter problem that needs to be addressed, so they can continue to cull the rolls and deny even more people the right to vote. It's amazing how perfect their circle of Unconstitutional Behavior becomes.

The only reason people are screaming about early voting is that the removal of it is limiting people's ability to vote. Oddly, I live in WA state and our sister state, OR, have had vote-by-mail for the last 8 years. And there has been NO claim of any kind of voter fraud at all here. The only sources of problems are where Retardicans swept into power on the claim of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and then delivered no jobs, and slashed and burned all the union and non-Retardican leaning jobs they could at the State levels. They enacted anti-abortion legislation in record numbers. They enacted anti-immigrant legislation. They enacted ridiculous voter ID requirements FAR in excess of what is necessary to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

I think it's high time you looked around and realized that the enemy here isn't the blacks, it isn't the Democrats. It's your own party delivering ever higher levels of hypocrisy and lies and games while assuring you publicly (in direct contravention of their actions) that they're working for you.
+Osama Sa-lad No thanks.  Some of us actually believe in democracy.  Sure it might be messy, we might end up hating each other, but at the end of the day I still think it is something worth defending.
+Osama Sa-lad Oh, welcome to the conversation asshole! Was waiting for your arrival, as foretold by prophecy.

Oddly, though, I do wholly agree with you. I'd LOVE to ship every Right Wing nutbag down to Texas and give them their wettest dream wish: to secede from the US. Let them live in a corporate wasteland with absolutely no federal benefits of any kind. Let's see just how long it takes for true revolution to strike down that country afterward. It's a dream of mine because then the Radical Right would finally be shown for the heartless, soulless, gutless, evil party it really has become and the fine citizens that are blinded by their lies would finally, finally start to come to their senses.
snorts Oh please. Don't even try and play the martyr on this thread too. You have nothing to offer, you never have, you never will. All you do is come in and stir the shit with your bullshit, trying to bolster your own pathetic ego by trying to drag everyone down with you. I figured I'd just start the ball rolling and save everyone the hassle. Oh, and in case anyone wants, I'm happy to share this douchebag's previous history of incendiary bullshit, and let them form their own opinion of the "quality" of posting.
+Osama Sa-lad Hooray, the gay attacks come out again! I'm surprised it took this long this time.
+Osama Sa-lad *laughs!!!!!!!!!!* Oh, yes. That's me. Right Wing all the way. You know, like I was when I was 8 and had no idea what was actually going on. I'm stating facts as they have been reported. You're inciting vitriol because you're basing your entire identity and ego around how much attention you can generate with lies, games, insults, fraudulent attacks and the like. Good thing that makes ME the pathetic one in the Radical Right Wing Douchebag party.
+Osama Sa-lad Ok, where's your credible source that Ohio has a growing Somalian population that is on welfare and not paying taxes?
+Osama Sa-lad *laughs!!!!!!!!* Woo-hoo! Yet again, you hurl aspersions but when pressed, you've got NOTHING to show that you're anything but an idiot. You go girl! The Retardican Party definitely needs more like you in power!
+Osama Sa-lad Ok, I'll bite. I found this: which sounds a whole lot like a Retardican Front Group, but I'm not going to investigate further. In the report, on page 1 in the green sidebar, yes, there is a growing population. But what's hilarious is that it shows the range of income for Somali's in Columbus as between $16K and $40K with a high of up to $60K. Wow!! Those are clearly total Welfare Queens there!!

Ok, I've put up, now it's time for you to put up with something other than populist terror tactics and claims of 'personal talks' with folk. You're so hot on the Google, go for it!
+Steve Sauls *snorts* Um, no, that's not even close to what was signed. That was, yet again, another Romney/Faux News talking point. Obama and the Dept. of HHS gave the governors the REQUESTED power to have more flexibility in implementing Welfare and such. He took away NOTHING. Oh, and in case you missed it, Romney asked for that power too. And if you read closely, these are waivers to the States which would allow them to do it. I thought you Righties were all about States Rights. Where's the outrage that more States aren't allowed to do it?
+Osama Sa-lad As I've explained in multiple threads before, I don't call Right Wingers "Retardicans" because it's some sort of veiled slight against their mental ability. I do that directly for the folk most richly deserving of it, like you. I do it because with all their lies, games, hypocrisy and bullshit that they try and pass off as 'fact', they are literally retarding the discussion, retarding any meaningful dialog that might happen. If you're going to quote me, please do it in context.
+Osama Sa-lad The terror tactics are the same ones that the Retardicans (see above) have been using for decades. Welfare Queens that Reagan touted were a LIE. It was debunked the same year he claimed it. The Sharia Law tactic is a LIE. There has never been a single case of any judge citing anything other than the law as they understand it to be the reason for their decision. The muslim threat is a LIE. Muslims are, by and large, very peaceful people that just want to live their life their way. Radicals, such as yourself, are the ones that go over the deep end and attack people violently, as you implied was 'good' because of the Sharia Law example you posted in a previous thread.

If you're going to play the martyr/victim yet again, can you please try and use a different piece of music to dance up on your cross with? It really does get old hearing the same tune, over and over and over again.
+Steve Sauls *laughs!!!* Oh, and no Republican has EVER played political games to garner votes, ever, right?
+Steve Sauls Then why the fuck did you cite the CB as 'proof' that blacks are having babies with white women to destroy the white race?? Now I'm very confused by you, whereas before I was only mostly confused by you.
+Osama Sa-lad Still waiting for your counter-facts there, big man. I used The Google, and you're still relying on purely anecdotal "reasons". You may have thought you were pulling my strings, but here's a news wave for you: you're just constantly revealing yourself to be nothing so much as a complete Right Wing nutbag that has nothing to base his arguments around other than the bullshit spewing out of Faux News and Right Wing Talk Radio Crazies. Still waiting, even now.....
+Steve Sauls *laughs!!!* Ah, yes, a perfect Right Wing Douchebag then. Having to lie and make up the worst possible arguments just to "prove" how terrible people are. yeah, I'm the asshole here for having reacted to your bait. Wow. You're definitely on track for being the bestest of the bestest Faux News reporter imaginable. I mean if that cute little boy can do his 'expose' on ACORN while lying about everything he 'found', you're sure to make a HUGE splash there. Much bigger than Joe the Plumber ever did.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, when you were asked by several people other than me if you were serious or making it up, you assured everyone you were serious and you weren't making it up. Lies on top of lies. MMMmmmm. Yeah, you and +Osama Sa-lad are just so edgy and capable and awesome for actual debate. Gosh. I wonder why I call them Retardicans after all, I mean, both you have done SO MUCH to further meaningful debate here.
+Osama Sa-lad Um, and that means what to your points about them all being on welfare?

Also, my wife? You keep attacking me because I'm gay, and now I have a wife? Wow. Like I said, you're definitely showing your prowess here.
+Steve Sauls *snorts again* I'm not in DC because unlike you and Osama, I do actually tell the truth. I back it up with facts. I listen to what people are saying and then hold them accountable for what they say. I know that's a shocker for people that support the Radical Right (since you claim now to have lied about everything else, I'm going to just associate you with that party because of your actions to this point) but I do actually hold people accountable to what they say.

If you go back and check, my first post was about this decision being used as a similar-state precedent in a legal appeal for the Ohio voting rights act. The second thing was a very reasonable summary of how the act being struck down was not 'strictly' a black thing, as you claimed, but against anyone and everyone that wasn't in the tiny box that the Righties claimed they 'should' be in.

I don't know shit? Yeah, ok. You're obviously much more educated than I am, listening to the CB as you claim you did. Yes, I'm going to go ahead and associate you with that too, since you DID support that claim before you were essentially backpedaling away from your Crazy position now that people are willing to stand up to it with facts and figures, and not allow you to 'just' shoot your mouth off in any way you think means we can't actually have an opinion about what you said.
+Steve Sauls 

Steve Sauls10:03 AM
I haven't driven over the road in 4 years so I haven't even touched a CB in 4 years.  I am home every night now

You're still calling yourself a truck driver when you haven't driven a truck in 4 years? Or is that just another "super-uber-clever lie" to prove just how edgy and awesome you super-secretly are?
+Osama Sa-lad And with your latest bouts of 'facts' about the Somali populace, I'm STILL waiting to see your evidence that they're leaching off welfare and causing a problem to the voter roles. I'm STILL waiting to see evidence that they're going to be thwarted in their voter fraud efforts.

Also, I'm pretty sure that most of what you posted is exactly what the Xians in this country do too. They affirm that they (theoretically) don't worship any other deity than their own version of God. Well, except the Retardican High Party where God is equivalent to money. And yet again, trying to tie being Muslim or following Islam as a 'bad' thing is just more absurdity. There is NO standard religion in this country. The 1st Amendment sees to that. Consequently, why are you trying to terrify everyone around you with the threats of Muslims? Or are we back to your Sharia Law argument yet again?
+Osama Sa-lad *laughs!!!* Ah, yes. I forgot. The SOLE purpose of sex, in any context, is reproduction. I never did address that in your last thread of madness. I just don't want you think I forgot about that line of stupidity too; it's just so absurd and insane that it wasn't worth trying to even bring up. It still isn't -- I just want you to have even more attention to fuel your ego trip that is your political 'discourse'.
+Steve Sauls MMmmm, such a witty retort. I DEFINITELY need to get your address, so I can literally forward it on to Faux News. You'd be AMAZING there. You'd definitely find your niche. And, for the record, I somehow am amazingly dubious that you're a 'democrat'. Conservative, absolutely. But I think you're probably about as much of a democrat as Joe Liberman was. Just my opinion, based on your information here, of course, but I guess I should ask your permission now before I form an opinion of what you say and do, since you've made it clear that honesty isn't super-high on your agenda anyway. Better make sure my opinion matches with what you're claiming this minute.
+Steve Sauls *laughs!!!!* Awwww, that's sweet. We're the villains because we're telling you to shut up. And now that I've gone toe to toe with your horseshit games, suddenly I'm the one that needs to shut up? I'm the one that's polluting the environment? Hooray! I LOVE Right Wingers for just that game; they're soooooooooooooo hilariously predictable and stupid. And yes, you've definitely sealed your definition as Right Wing Nutbag for life now. Go ahead Steve, make yourself super-duper-ultra-edgy in your contrarian bullshit. It definitely helps further dialog when you LIE at the outset and then keep supporting the lie just to prove how bad it is when people react. To lies.

Yep, you've got a Bright Future Ahead of you. I'll get ahold of Breitbart for you; you're far too advanced for the simpletons over at Faux News.
+Osama Sa-lad *laughs!!!!* Wow! Your third grade sex education is really paying off in huge dividends finally! Why are you asking an absurd question about what 'might' have been when it clearly isn't? My parents aren't gay, they had me. It just shows how utterly devoid of those pesky cognitive-coordination brain structures you and most of your ilk are. Oh, wait! I forgot; I spoke in blasphemy using science. Oh, forgive me oh great Gods of Ignorance that drive the Retardicans nowadays.
+Steve Sauls I know. My Masters degree in IT, coupled with my two degrees in business (I bring them up, literally, solely because you were mentioning your A.S. earlier) make me difficult to understand at times. Let me take a step back. You are moron. You speak English bad. You think like 4 year old. You say stuff and then get mad when stuff get said back to you.

Is that helping you at all, Steve? Or am I still using words that are too big for you?
laughs!!!! Oh, +Osama Sa-lad, you are so magical it continues to amaze me. I just love how you dissect statements into component parts and then poutrage against the tiny part that you want to pretend is 'bad'. I asked why you were positing something that is well outside of reality, in any way. The past is written, it's immutable. My "Daddy" wasn't and isn't gay. I know that might be a shocker, since according to Radical Rightwing Social Doctrine, someone must be 'to blame' for anyone being gay. And if it wasn't my choice, then it must be my parents to blame for it.

Oh, and kindly don't think I've forgotten. I'm STILL waiting on your evidence of Somalis in Ohio running amok in Welfare and the voter roles.
+Osama Sa-lad Seriously. You really do need to seek help. Your fixations with sex that you're not having, and trying to condemn the sex that you're not having is definitely psychotic grade problem.
+Steve Sauls *laughs!!!* I've been made a fool of? By whom? You? +Osama Sa-lad ? Because if you think I feel like I've been made a fool of by either of you, I have to say that's definitely not the case. But then, reason has never been one of the tools in either your nor +Osama Sa-lad 's tool bag.
+Steve Sauls *laughs!!!!!* Oh, now that is a new one by me. Attacking someone as being 'overeducated'?? Wow! I'm definitely going to have to use that one in the future. Not, you know, when I'm talking about either you or +Osama Sa-lad, but with rational people.

Since when has education been a pitfall? No, seriously, since when?

Also, how can someone be both dumb and overeducated as well? The terms are literally mutually exclusive. Oh, wait, that's more of that education coming into play again. Yeah, now I get it. It's JUST like +Osama Sa-lad's attacks on gays and gay sex. You know NOTHING about the topic, so you attack based on your knowledge from people that also know nothing about the topic.

Excellence in thought and communication: achievement earned!
+Steve Sauls *laughs!!!!!* Ok, now I KNOW you're being intentionally difficult, obnoxious and obtuse. Again with that edgy awesomeness you're working with in your posts. See, you should seriously try and patent it. I bet there are dozens of other folk with the same intellect as you and +Osama Sa-lad's that would buy your product. Then you could be a much-touted Job Creator, and make hundreds of millions!!!!! You'd be living the Right Wing American Dream!!!!
+Steve Sauls what was that you were saying about lashing out signifying a crybaby?
+Osama Sa-lad *laughs!!* Again with the fixation on 'straight' and 'reproducing'. You're nothing if you're not absolutely absolutist in your faith of the only positive aspect of sex being reproduction. And now you've even enlisted that all Lefties are gay. Again, please, get help for your sexuality OCD. It really isn't healthy.
Ah, so it's only your edgy-awesomeness that only other folk like you like +Steve Sauls can have a hope of understanding the twisted logic that had you include in your previous statement that they were? Oh, wait, no I get it now! You're already adopting Romney Logic as the new normal. Flip-flops and intellectual barrenness are the new standard. Got it!
+Steve Sauls *laughs!!!!!!!* Oh, right. Then you'd be all for removing all marriage-generated civic benefits, like filing jointly, visitation rights, durability of estate, SSI benefits, and everything? I take it you're also anti-divorce since that is also a sin, and is mentioned by Christ as specifically being against God's plan? And finally that the local governments can no longer offer Justice of the Peace bourne weddings, since they're not religious in nature?
+Alex Ryking Because this will always be their strategy. He's building off "Osama"s strategy of linking being a faggot with being unable to reproduce with being a bad citizen, or a non-citizen. He's just trying to derail a conversation he knows he's lost and has zero hope of having anything meaningful to contribute now that he's revealed himself to be both liar and devoid of reasonable arguments.

Oh, wait. I used words with more than two syllables again. I'll have to try and dumb it down with my 'overeducation' again. ;)
+Osama Sa-lad I know this might come as a shock, but there IS such a thing as non-religious morality. Murder, theft, assault, are wrong not because God says they're wrong but because no one would want those things done to them. Laws shouldn't be made against a religious code of conduct but based on a code of conduct based on what's best for the entire population. I realize that will be antithetical to your entire life, given that sex, for you, is solely about reproduction so you would deny even straight couples the option of any sexual expression that rejects procreation. But the common good is what democracy is 'actually' all about.
+Osama Sa-lad I really do long for the day when you realize that the only one laughing WITH you is you. Everyone else, if they're laughing, are laughing AT you. Your school yard games and fixations really do show an incredibly stunted level of maturity on your part, to the point again of having a psychopathic grade mental disturbance.

Trust me, it wasn't edgy in the 80's when comedians did it. It's DEFINITELY not edgy now.
+Osama Sa-lad *blinks* Yet again refusing to read? I said it was the common good. What provides an understanding of that need is just analytic thought and speaking to people across the spectrum. I guess you'd only be possibly capable of that second part, though, since to this point in all the "conversation" I've seen of you, you've been intellectually devoid the entire time.
+Osama Sa-lad  you're just as much of a sinner too then, unless you're having multiple sexual encounters during the 3 days a month when the woman 'could be' able to reproduce. Oh, no, wait, that's immaterial. You keep saying reproduction itself is the key, so unless you're having one kid per sexual act, you're STILL just as much of a sinner as I am.
+Osama Sa-lad 

Marcus H.9:43 AMEdit
+Osama Sa-lad Ok, where's your credible source that Ohio has a growing Somalian population that is on welfare and not paying taxes?

Still waiting, by the way.
+Osama Sa-lad *laughs!!!* Wow, I'm shocked!! You demanded counter-facts, I provided them, and now suddenly you're still not going to provide any real evidence? MMMmmmm. The Right Wing Machinery is still very much in control. Like I said, anecdotal isn't evidence. It's evidence of your personal experience, but since the rest of us DON'T ascribe to the 1% Doctrine (this is a Retardican phenomenon wherein if 1% or less of a given sample pool is causing a problem, it's a problem that must result in radical changes/removal for the other 99%), you've got to do better than that. I DID look it up. I proved I looked it up by putting down my source. Your diseased imagination isn't a credible source. Your family saying it's so isn't a credible source. My father, as I mentioned before, LOVES to repeat Right Wing Nutbag talking points. That doesn't make him a credible source either. Put up, or shut up. Or to quote Sharon Angle, another of your ostensible heros: man up!
laughs!!!!!! Again, with the assertion that the only way to 'know' anything is to go there. I just love how you completely ignore the 'actual' argument and stick to your guns on what exactly is NOT being argued. You'd be like a Picasso (unqiue and outside the norm) if you weren't so internally broken and emotionally ugly.
+Osama Sa-lad "daddy marcus" ? What the fuck does that even mean?? If I take it to mean you're asking if my father knows I'm gay, yes. Strangely, I'm STILL not afraid of being who I am, and being proud of who I am, despite you and your kind's attacks against us, and our rights, and our freedoms. And even our lives in some cases. I'd rather die being who I am, than cower in the closet because of infantile bullies like you trying to intimidate us.
+Osama Sa-lad Again with the Daddy Marcus. Wow, you are so deranged it truly transcends anything that could be called reality anywhere but in Right Wing 'politics'. As to my father enjoying grandchildren, I'm sorry, but what the fuck does that have to do with anything at all? Or is it just another level to your fixation with reproductive sex being the 'only' sex imaginable?
+Osama Sa-lad  laughs!!!!! yeah, my dad 'supports' me. Right. That's why he keeps sending me Right Wing nutbag videos crafted by people who aren't gay, who have zero experience with gays, and zero training as psychiatrists/psychologists/therapists claiming that gayness can be cured. Right. Yeah, see, you might have had even a mote of moral authority for a while, but you "blew your load" (to use your playground humor level) when you assumed anything at all about my father's 'support' for me as a gay man. And guess what? I'm still out and proud. I don't need his support to be proud and to be who I am.

Also I 'gave him no choice'? Ummm, hello? Are you truly so unaware that when you make the CHOICE to become parents, you assume the responsibility of actually trying to support your child whomever they turn out to be? Oh, no, wait, that's right. The Bible says you can stone children that are disobedient. I guess that actual love won't ever factor into your calculations, will they, when you've got a book written 4000 years ago to fall back on as being 'The Modern Truth Book'.

And frankly, even if I did have children through adoption or in vitro or whatever other method, I highly doubt I WOULD allow my father/parents to see them. People like you just reinforce that there is NO good that comes from the Radical Right. Your use of 'silly fag' as a term for me just proves what a bigoted shithead you really are, and how devoid of a soul or a meaningful moral compass you are. And, of course, I'd want to raise my child in an environment where there wasn't an overpowering, overriding fixation on sex, and 'swallowing' since you persist in bringing it up. It's funny how every study proves time and again that gay parents are solid, reliable parents. The straight ones are the vast majority of problem makers for the kids. Huh. Wonder what your God would say to the parents that abandon their kids in trash cans. It sure as hell wasn't a gay mom that did THAT.
laughs!!!!! Maybe you witnessed your Dad beating your Mom, or worse. Or maybe your Mom beat your Dad, and then beat you. Whatever happened, you definitely need some help.
+Osama Sa-lad Oh, and still waiting for those facts. I'm sure you can actually type into a Google search bar for something other than 'faggots swallowing'. Come on, like you said, it's easy. Come on, little boy, you can do it! You can do it! We believe in you! Just one piece of actual news coverage from someone outside your genetic pool that there's anything like what you claimed going on in Ohio. You can do it! We believe in you! We'll give you a cookie when you do it!
laughs! Wow. Your playground wit just keeps elevating itself. It's gone from 5th grade to 4th grade. That's improvement, right??
Oh, and thank you for proving the point I was going to make anyway: that you're not in this for anything other than pathetic attention. You keep attacking my family, my orientation, and everything EXCEPT what this post was originally about. You demand things that you yourself can't provide. You push and push and push and push just to get a reaction, just so you can then go crying to the rest of the Internet how abused you are. It's so hilarious that you really, genuinely seem to believe I'm letting you set the agenda for discussion and such. I prove time after time how devoid of anything of substance you are, here and everywhere else we've crossed paths and you've spewed Crazy all over me. And yet you keep coming back with the same bullshit, the same lies, the same games. And you keep clearly expecting to be taken seriously by anyone with more than 3 working brain cells. It cracks me up sooooooo much to see someone like you, someone so devoid of a soul, so devoid of a mind, so devoid of .... well, anything that would make a person, a person. And to have you freely and willingly associated with the Right.... MMMmmm, sooner or later there will be a MASSIVE purge of your kind of folk from that party, and then you'll only have each other. And you'll all wail and gnash your teeth and plot and finally blow stuff up just for more attention, because that's what you are: attention starved children. It really is disheartening to realize that America failed you so utterly.

But then I remember that you demand personal accountability so I guess ultimately it's you that failed America, isn't it.
+Osama Sa-lad  laughs!!!!!!!! Again with ignoring anything that doesn't fit into your own pathetic need to be seen as anything other than the pathetic little infant you are trapped inside a real person's body.
+Osama Sa-lad And why would you ask if I'm a member of the Man/Boy Association? Didn't see me at the last meeting and you're all scared?
+Osama Sa-lad *laughs!!!!!!!* Again, you really need to learn to read for content. I never said I was a member. I intentionally accused YOU of being a member.
+Osama Sa-lad *laughs!@!!!!!!!!!!!* I find it HILARIOUS to watch you humiliate yourself as easily and freely as you do. You think your misery and pathetic little games have some sort of negative impact to me; they don't. I know who I am, I'm comfortable with who I am. Watching you flail around trying to find some barb to hurt me so I have an 'actual' angry outburst that has nothing to do with anything is just so delicious. Yeah, we're definitely moving on up to 3rd grade for your level. I just LOVE to being a sounding board for you to show off your own stupidity, your own insecurity, your own sexual malformation and problems. It. Is. Hilarious!!!

You need to quit Bronze & Iron Age mythologies
[The Bible is steadfast]

LOL! Tell that to Celsus
+Steve Sauls You wouldn't be offending the Lord by wearing a cotton/poly blend T-shirt, would you?
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