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Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

Solid serving of smoked meat and fries! Served with Dijon and Mayo. #greasy #meaty
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Gamjatang Ramen

Delicious ramen with a hearty serving of pork neck bones #messy #umami #spiced #meaty
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Duck Poutine

The perfect Quebec brunch. Duck confit, cheese curds, duck gravy, two sunny side up eggs, fries cooked in duck fat. #naughty #cheesy #meaty #gooey
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Talid Jalbout

Google+ Questions - Desktop  - 
How do you know access the auto backup folder?

Under Photos > More, the option has being removed.

Photo "Highlights" only shows some of the pictures that got backed-up. I would like to be able to access all uploaded pictures from my phone, to delete, make albums, etc... like we used to be able to.

Unless there is a simpler way I'm missing?
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Actually, in Highlights view you should be able to find 'everything you expect to see, there...but as the name implies, the app displays only some of the photos stored in each folder.

Choose any album in Highlights view. Now scroll down to the lower right-hand corner -- you should find this image is greyed out, with a superimposed arrow (r/h caret symbol).

I think you can see where I'm going, here...simply click on the arrow to reveal the rest of your images in this folder. It's that simple. Same principle applies on the GPlus website, too.

Better still, in Google's implementation of this 'Highlights' concept you can choose your own 'Highlights'. From within the album view, select some pics then go to the blue menubar.

The far-right option is More. Click that to reveal the Highlight tick-box. You can choose to highlight a single photo or several at once...use Select to tick as many as you want.

Here's the applicable page from an excellent TheNextWeb article that covers Google+ Photos in far greater detail, including some handy visual aids.:

Hope this helps.. :-)
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Talid Jalbout

Shared publicly  - 
Public post....Few invites left for Google Schemer. Yours if you want one.
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New Google thing to do within your interests. Handy if travelling to a new city or just around home.. hard to explain. Join up and find out for yourself. It's very much Beta atm, and not publicly open just yet.
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Taiwanese food with some pretty spectacularly presented slush drinks (bubble tea). They can be quite enormous, so perhaps plan to share one. The deep fried squid tentacles are delicious, great appetizer.
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Interesting pub, the old monk monastery theme is well played out and the beer "bible" offers quite a generous selection of beers. Wish they offered a few more belgian specialties. Overall, the service was good, the food slightly better than average pub food. Overall, good place to grab a few drinks with friends.
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Part of a small chain, this location is a little tight in space but offers the same great selection of bubble tea and food. The Oreo cookie slush might just be the winner on their menu.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
I've fallen in love with this place! It's seldom that you find lebanese fusion, let alone when it's done well. I had the pleasure to try a few plates and none have disappointed, how can you go wrong with duck kibbeh! Though would have love to have seen the addition of pine nuts to it. The cauliflower while traditionally fried, I prefered the restaurant seared version. But the highlight of the night was the yogurt mousse, while I've had all the components before separately, their marriage on the plate was to die for! Great dining experience, with friendly staff in a modern with middle eastern flare interior look. I will certainly come back here... often!
• • •
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Portuguese food isn't something you often come across and when it's done well, it's irresistible! Chef Helena Loureiro has brought the authenticity of her heritage to this establishment. The food was delectable and the set menu, generous in terms of portions. The open seafood bar is a fun way to pick your food! Service was excellent, overall, I had a wonderful overall experience.
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How you rate perfection? I had one of the best meals at Atelier, all fourteen courses and no flaws. Service was impeccable in this small and cozy restaurant. Don't let the nondescript exterior fool you, this place packs a punch! While the chef dabbles with molecular cuisine, it played a supporting role to elevate the flavours or bring a whimsical twist to the plates. Who can avoid laughing and having a great time trying to eat the balloons! You do need to book ahead to assure yourself a spot as you might get turned away if you just walked in. Other piece of advice, sit back and enjoy the experience, you'll be here for a few hours. I can't wait to be in Ottawa again, just to come back here.
• • •
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The Ramen Butcher has a bit of a pedigree as a part of a japanese ramen group of 150+ restaurants in Japan. This their first north american venture has been done quite successfully. The menu is simple to understand and the dishes pack full of flavour. I quite liked the "black" option with the black garlic. Bonus free noodle refill! My only negative is the chashu is sliced too thinly and when torched, it was dry. Easily fixed though, will certainly come back once the line-ups die down a little.
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