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Talib Morgan
Marketing technologist, geek, husband, new father
Marketing technologist, geek, husband, new father

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My latest - 6 Best Practices for Getting the Most from Your Marketing Data Analytics Strategy

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Go ahead and get yourself ask something nice...

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Learn how the scientific method can help marketers realize progressive innovation and repeatable successes.

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Another absolutely amazing week! Breakthroughs in medicine, physics, and biology, and news you won't want to miss...

• A new protein restores sight in blind optogenetically altered, mice

• Hawaii aims for 100% renewable energy by 2045

• New evidence supports theory of water delivery via asteroid long ago in Earth's history

• Physicists stop and store light traveling in an optical fiber

• Scientists have created chickens with velociraptor snouts

• US Army has put out a call for an invisibility cloak within 18 months

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#health #physics #biology

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It Doesn't Get More Pro Than This Google+!
Every visual resource you could ever need for visuals on Google+!

This is an epic set of resources from +Dustin W. Stout for anyone creating visuals for or about Google+. He's got the official logos, icons and even his own custom templates for things like profile covers and events! 

Incredible stuff! Download them all here:

Since Dustin is our CMO we are a little biased, but we guarantee you wont find better, more accurate Google+ assets like this anywhere else. Unless of course Google decides to give some away. 

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Be sure to check out my new e-Book on creating an effective marketing technology strategy.  It's a great guide for marketers who want a cohesive plan for using technology to support their marketing programs.

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I'm pretty sure this guy would take a bullet for his drone.
It's still early, but... Best drone video of 2015 by far XD

I wish organizations encouraging kids to go into the physical sciences had as high a profile as and its brethren.  Coding is cool but I believe sustainable innovation comes from the sciences.
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