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The Beaverton really nails it on this one. It's brilliant and oh, so true. Remember that Toronto Police web page that essentially claims this?

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Not sure why this wasn't public...
I'm starting a new series of posts talking about misgendering. Today's post, Misgendering: What is it? #transgender

This blog post is the first in a series on misgendering, ways we can avoid it, and ways to help when others are doing it. When talking about transgender people the question of pronouns often arises as does misgendering. For those of us who are involved in…

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Dam It! Here We go Again. #transgender #LGBT #Religion #Christianity

CW: This post discusses right wing Christian fundamentalism and may cause a reaction in those who have been, or are part of it On Monday night I came across an article discussing the failure of the Oroville Dam in California and how right-wingers are…

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Engaging Stealth Mode: What is 'Going Stealth' and Why is it Important? #transgender #lgbt

Going ‘stealth’ is a term used by transgender people who decide that the best way for them to move forward after their transition is to be stealth and not be open about their transgender history. The reasons for going stealth are many and are as…

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Ally is a Four Letter Word. An edited version of my talk Sunday at The Unitarian Fellowship of Northwest Toronto. #transgender #LGBT #Ally

This is an edited version of the talk I gave this past Sunday at The Unitarian Fellowship of Northwest Toronto. They were a wonderful group to speak to and the discussion was insightful, thoughtful, and a pleasure to be part of. Do you consider yourself…

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Trapped in a Standard Narrative: The 'Wrong Body'

Yesterday in a moment of frustration I said to my friend Cait, “I’m so tired of the ‘trapped in the wrong body’ thing.” Her reply, “Then get out of the tauntaun!” The response was perfect and my day continued. Why did I have that thought and make that…

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Talking About Mental Health: It's more than one day a year. #BellLetsTalk

Today a major Canadian telecommunications company is promoting the discussion of mental health in Canada with a campaign with the slogan “Let’s Talk.” On one level this is a good idea. We do not, generally speaking, have good, healthy discussions about…

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What Happens when we are 'Finished' with Transition?

When I began my journey of transition seven years ago I started by doing reading. What I found was a lot about the steps leading to going ‘full-time’, information about medical transition, information about the challenges. Some of it was helpful. Some of…

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This past week the BBC aired a documentary titled, “Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?” In addition to this the National Post published a column and an op-ed that questioned whether autistic people—specifically, autistic children—are able to know their…

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Why I Continue to think of Schools as Prisons

When I was a child I had problems with mainstream schooling. I was bright, intelligent, and received a ‘gifted’ classification. Yet, at the same time, I had areas in which I struggled. Looking back with hindsight and a better knowledge of myself I now…
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