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Talent Gurus is the experienced outsourcing solutions firm that will help you attain the standard of excellence that you always wanted to without breaking the bank.
Talent Gurus is the experienced outsourcing solutions firm that will help you attain the standard of excellence that you always wanted to without breaking the bank.


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Defining virtual assistant services as part of business branding -

Virtual assistant services is now among the most sought after business services that is much easier than hiring a full time employees and cheaper than going to a staffing agency.
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Using HTML 5 for responsive web development -

Organization with great services and products at their disposal does not guarantee them to run a sustainable business. For achieving the goals and turn businesses into the path of success or profitability enterprises need to invest more time and effort on promoting their products or services in front of their target audience. 
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Defining virtual assistant services as part of business branding

Virtual assistant services is now among the most sought after business services that is much easier than hiring a full time employees and cheaper than going to a staffing agency. Majority of organizations are outsourcing their office support functions to Virtual Assistant services providers due to their high productivity and saving of time and money. The virtual assistant industry has become so popular that it is helping women to become entrepreneurs in addition to achieving a work/life balance. Virtual assistants as such are independent entrepreneurs who work remotely and use latest internet technologies to deliver the virtual assistant services to their clients globally.

In addition, many IT/BPO companies have jumped into the bandwagon of offering virtual assistant services by working remotely to provide wide range of products and services both to businesses as well consumers. Nevertheless, it is important to define the offered virtual assistant services as part of business branding. For establishing the company’s brand it is essential to first begin in providing accurate and reliable information or details about offering virtual assistant services. Defining services to the clients is an effective way to market and advertising about the business. As a virtual assistant service provider it is essential to take time in defining clearly about the services in offer so that the clients/customers determine whether they should hire these services or not.

There are industries including the real estate, coaching, financial services, accounting, legal who most often are hiring virtual assistant services to lighten their workloads and it rests on the virtual assistant service provider to honestly include those services that a VA service provider or firm can effectively accomplish be included on their website content. It is important to determine the business niche by considering specializing in few services rather than offering all types of VA services under one roof resulting in “Jack of all trades, master of none” profile.  It is important to conduct a thorough industry research to determine the need for a particular VA service. It is also necessary to market the brand of VA services 24/7 through social media or through a networking group.
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Changes in Web Designing through Grid Tool

Web designing throughout all these years has seen many upheavals and improvements with the websites having a history of more than two decades. Web design has evolved quite rapidly and is still evolving since the first website was published by Tim Berners Lee in 1991 with the table based web design gaining popularity. With the commencement of World Wide Consortium or W3C the standards for the future web design concepts were set. The internet became more interactive with introduction of Flash and JavaScript that allowed animation and special effects to the web design. The next decades saw the emergence of CSS, Frames, PHP, WEB 2.0, Open Source Software, Mobile Web and HTML 5 etc.

But the growth trajectory of web designing is still evolving with the latest being the Grid Tool which is a new website builder. This tool is deeming to emerge as the personal website builder for majority of website designers and developers. The reason for so much hype about this tool is because the Grid is expected to change how one builds their web presence online through a completely automated process. The Grid tool is an example of disruptive innovation that takes the content one provides it and automatically creates a site for the website owner and keeps the website fresh and engaging for viewers

The Grid tool is cloud based that is based on artificial intelligence that reinvents the web design by eliminating the mundane, time consuming parts of web development thereby creating superb websites in a fraction of time for a low cost. The other feature of Grid is that it would automatically crop and color the photos. The Grid is now the first artificial intelligence or AI platform that creates websites. This web designing tool is expected to change up the way by which the industries or businesses would develop their online web presence. The other feature of this tool is that one can do A/B testing on their site that will allow website owner to test subtle variations of their site to see what generates more clicks and leads. The Grid is expected to be launched by late spring in 2015 but as of now the team of Grid through their crowd source funding campaign is offering The Grid founding members for a price on prepaid basis for one year.
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The strategies for Search Engine Optimization – 2015

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is continuing to make its influence with its ever-changing amalgamation of tried and true SEO techniques, content marketing and social media optimization. SEO has now emerged as a more complex thing but no less valuable. The Google algorithm updates continued with full enforcement in 2014 that lead to a state of fear for SEO firms. Google is on the path of reducing the ranking of low value pages for those websites that are over optimized for key words.  SEO marketers should then plan for 2015 with some strategies/tactics to help their clients get good online ranking as discussed herein below.

Give perfection to website URL Structure – It has been observed that websites that have an efficient URL structure are often ranked higher than those websites that have haphazard structures and hazy content organization. The building blocks of a website are its URLs and links and therefore website owners should ensure that their website is consistent and search engine friendly. Links that are broken or with 404 messages would also cause harm to search engine ranking. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use a broken link checker to find any errors and fix them.

Seeing beyond personalized search results – The Google search results are highly personalized and therefore it is not easy to get an answer about page ranking for new customers. Using personal computer and browser will not also yield results as Google personalizes search based on the search history of the user. Tracking location specific ranking may be one sided by the concerned IP address and the location set under the Google Search Tools. These must match the target location to see the true results. Therefore, to get truly accurate, unbiased results it is better to choose a tool like Rank Tracker, which automatically returns de personalized, unbiased results that allows to set both location factors.

Opting for secure encryption – Google’s announcement that HTTPS would become a ranking signal meant that the websites using secure encryption would derive some benefit in Google ranking. However, there involves cost factor for protecting transferred data as HTTPS uses SSL technology and the website owner needs to pay some fees or price to get SSL certificate to install it on their servers. For businesses especially ecommerce sites, transition to HTTPS is advisable but for purely informational websites that does not handle any consumer data then such transition is not necessary nor feasible to get good ranking.

These tips are just a few of the strategies that would help website owner in continuing with their SEO tactics for 2015 and beyond.
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Tips for doing business by hiring virtual assistants

Organizations are facing tough competition these days and any wrong step while doing core business activities may ruin their businesses in no time. Companies do have to take care of their day-to-day business activities but not at the cost of their core business activities or plans. Therefore, there is a demand for hiring the services of virtual assistants who have expertise of handling the day-to-day activities of businesses with ease and takes care of not only administrative but also technical aspects of the businesses. The need for hiring the services of virtual assistants is now a necessity rather than a choice in these times of global competition.

Hiring the services of virtual assistants is more important for small business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs who run their businesses by indulging in day to day business activities on their own shoulders thereby losing time on creating a more thriving and profitable businesses. Therefore, the best way for doing profitable business is to hire the services of virtual assistants that would help these business owners in staying afloat in the following three areas –

Productivity – Productive turns into a nightmare when time is spent on endless day-to-day repetitive activities that take their time or consume the productivity time. Therefore, the best way to ensure productivity is to hire the services of virtual assistant to handle the everyday tasks such as email management, data entry, research, booking travel arrangements etc. all of which are the tasks that slows down the productivity down are performed by business owners themselves. A virtual assistant can easily save hours off the day of business owners that results in free time for him or her in doing core business activities such as developing a new product or service, meeting important clients, customers etc.

The cost or money factor – For doing business there is a cost factor involved in terms of spending money on business establishment. However, hiring the services of virtual assistant is considered more affordable and cannot be considered as an additional cost. In fact, in the end hiring the services of virtual assistant can add on to the revenues of the business. The Return on Investment or ROI in hiring the services of virtual assistant is more when compared with hiring a full time employee.

Save employee hiring costs – When businesses are on an expansion mode, there is temptation of hiring more employees without proper evaluation process. It may result in rising costs in case the employee does not fit into the organization’s culture and is unable to handle the job. Therefore, instead of hiring a full time employee during business transitions it is better to hire virtual assistant services on a part time to fill short-term workloads.
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Tips for getting quality web development services

Website development or web development service firms have now become one of the key service providers for companies looking for marketing their products and services in the form of websites. Businesses that are offering web development services are gradually increasing as the demand for their services by entrepreneurs as well as corporate sector continues to grow. When choosing the right web development service provider or firm it is important to choose only that web development and designing firm that has real time work experience and expertise in the web development arena having professional web developers on its rolls.

In addition, the client and the web development service provider must have a good working relationship and be able to agree or reach a consensus on their plans for the project. Therefore, for website owners, companies there are some of the most common factors that they need to consider before hiring the services of a right web development service firms/providers discussed in brief herein.

Technical expertise – The firm providing the web development services must have a technical knowledge of the latest technologies in the field of web development and designing. The company or website owner should ensure that the teams of developers that are assigned to their project are highly trained professionals or IT wizards. The best way to know about the expertise of web development service provider is to check their portfolio and examine their previous works. One can also check with their previous clients for getting feedback about the quality of work they have done.

Transparency – The prospective web development firm should always be transparent with their work and the technologies they use in application development. The web development firm may be good on the development of mobile applications but they may not have enough experience or expertise with web application development is some of the things that should be checked before hiring their services.

Infrastructure – It is important to check whether the company (web application development firm) has adequate infrastructure in terms of office space, systems, hi-tech security, multiple communication systems, power back up facilities, and other office equipment needed for carrying out their web development projects smoothly. It is good to have SEO solutions being provided by the concerned web development firm that would prove beneficial when it comes to web development. The above-mentioned common factors or tips are needed to be considered when hiring the serviced of web development service providers.
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Hiring virtual assistants for saving business costs

Virtual assistants in simple terms can be defined as independent contractors or entrepreneurs who have the expertise in providing administrative, technical services to clients by working outside the premises of their clients’ offices. The virtual assistants usually operate from a home office and are able to have access of the necessary planning documents such as shared calendars remotely by using the latest Information Technology gadgets or equipment such as computer, laptop, tablets, fax and any other broadcast media. People providing the virtual assistant services have several years of working experience in secretarial, office management and technical services.

The virtual assistant services as of now are capable of providing businesses day-to-day solutions either big or small. Many small business owners or entrepreneurs are relying on virtual assistant services by leaving their administrative and noncore technical work to skilled virtual assistants thereby increasing the productivity of their business operations. By hiring the services of virtual assistants, companies can save their business costs in the following below mentioned ways explained herein.

Paying by way of hourly wages – At the first glance, the rates charged by virtual assistants seems extremely high but it is important to consider the hidden expenses that many employees have to pay when hiring the services of a regular employee. The employers are required to pay not only regularly hourly wage but they also have to pay taxes, office supplies and equipment in addition to social security benefits in the form of medical expenses. On the other hand, virtual assistants just charge hourly rate, as they are responsible for paying their own office expenses. Therefore, rates charged by virtual assistants are lower when compared to the wages or salaries of regular employees.

Paying only for the work produced – Regular employees have to be paid hourly for attending to the office  irrespective of the fact whether they are working or not. On the other hand, virtual assistants are paid for the actual work produced thus helping businesses in increasing their productivity rates along with increased revenue generation.

Saving money on operational services – By employing or hiring the services of virtual assistants, organizations can save on operational costs such as reception services, engaging marketing specialists and online streaming services. In addition, virtual assistants are capable of managing the essential services at much lesser costs than those when hiring employees for carrying out the required essential services on behalf of the organization. Thus, hiring the services of virtual assistant is a cost effective business solution.
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Transform the customer experience with online virtual assistants

Virtual assistants have come a long way in these past ten years as a decade ago any talk on intelligent virtual assistant technology would not have been imagined as the virtual assistant services market was still at an infant stage both from the technology point of view and the from market adoption standpoint. Nevertheless, the current scenario do changed for the good with intelligent virtual assistant vendors getting the benefits of natural language processing, machine learning, intent recognition, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and voice of the customer technologies that is providing forwarding thinking organizations with the tools that is helping them in totally transforming their customer experience.

The present intelligent virtual assistant technology is not only processing accurate responses to the millions of customer interactions but are also capable of analyzing all those interactions or responses and categorizing them into easy to understand styles. It helps in allowing organizations in understanding about the needs of their respective customers through these intelligent virtual assistants. The marketing professionals as such are quite attracted towards intelligent virtual assistant technology to gain a better understanding of their customers/clients and their evolving needs and preferences. The online virtual assistants are becoming a common phenomenon and the consumer appetite is growing for them.

Surveys have shown that about 81% of people opining that they would be more likely to engage the services of online virtual assistant if it improved their online experiences. The intelligent virtual assistants are capable of taking on multiple roles on a website and their intelligence allows them to remember facts, learn from customer conversations and in maintain a two-way dialogue with visitors. The virtual assistant service providers as such are not only required to be knowledgeable and fit in with their organizational surroundings but also be able to demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence and empathy through gestures and expressions in different languages.

The requirements of each client organization/entrepreneurs is different therefore, it is quite challenging for virtual assistants to be able to mold as per the culture and values of the brand that their client has in their respective markets.  Finally, for organizations it is required of them to accept the virtual assistant or their service providers as their de facto employee and must be treated like any other employee to ensure that the visual and psychological link is not broken and is properly maintained.
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The evolution pattern of web design over the years

The age of web designing is already 20 years and above and web design has come a long way ever since the first website was launched by Tim Berners Lee in 1991. The early 1990’s website designs were text based ones with minimal images and in no real lay out to speak of other than heading and paragraphs. By 1996 Flash was introduced by Macromedia paving the way for table-based designs and finally the CSS based designs. The establishment of World Wide Web Consortium or W3C in 1994 led to the setting up of HTML as the standard for marking up web pages. The W3C continues to set up standards for web markup and programming languages (Java Script etc.).

The table-based designs gave the web designers more opportunities or options for creating websites. With the passage of time, the table based designs grew in complexity that incorporated the sliced up background images giving the illusion of a simpler structure than the actual table layout. The web designers while constructing web layouts as such paid little attention to the semantics and web accessibility having opted for aesthetics over good markup structure. At that time, Spacer GIFs were popularized to control the white space of web layouts.

During the late 1990’s the concept of what you see is What You Get or WYSIWYG web applications gained popularity that used table based layout and an increased use of tables. The advent of Flash based website designs in 1996 that started with very basic tools and a timeline further progressed to have powerful tools to develop the entire site. Flash presented a variety of options beyond that was possible with HTML. Flash made it possible to create a complex, creative and interactive sites with animated features. The early 2000’s saw the popularization of DHTML techniques that consisted of several web technologies such as JavaScript and at times server-side scripting for creating interactive and animated page elements were also the rage.

The CSS based designs started gaining popularity after the dotcom boom in the early 2000 as CSS based design have many advantages over Flash based designs. It is also a best practice for laying out a web page where table based layouts is not. Just as designers and developers was being accustomed to specific viewpoint size of the web the monitors were getting bigger along with their screen resolution and with the second release of JavaScript all browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome supported it. The launch of AJAX in 2005, jQuery in 2006 let web developers to code faster.

The mobile revolution in the early 2000’s lead to the web crossing over to mobile devices and the development of iOS spelled the impending death of Flash and by 2010, the browser wars were replaced by the platform wars. Now many companies have adopted the responsive web design whereby a separate web experience loads for mobile visitors and the desktop version loads for desktop visitors. The responsive web design or RWD is the latest entrant that opens the doors web designers and developers to create and maintain a single code base. In 2014, RWD is the taking the web by storm.
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