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Tal Shterzer
Gaming is for the wicked, let's play!
Gaming is for the wicked, let's play!


I just concluded a short adventure based on "The Cure" by James L. Cambias that was featured in Star Wars Adventure Journal #6.
A plague, COMPNOR and a mad scientist go to war against the Rebel Alliance.

It went very well and I managed to connect everything down to the first session in the entire campaign that took place some two years ago. It was awesome!

I'll be running a much slimmer version of this at Draconicon Tel-Aviv in August.

Some of the old adventure journals contains reusable gems, such as the short story that became the introduction to the 2017 Thrawn.

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In my Star Wars campaign I tend towards letting the story be driven by players narrative, when they present it.
In my D&D campaigns, I lean towards making the adventure more whole and cohesive to the players.
An interesting article on on both sides of this make/let coin.
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New maps from Christopher West to boot up your gaming!
Folded or rolled, that's the only question you'll end up asking yourself
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I know that at least some of us are using maps, especially with VTTs.
+Christopher West have a new kickstarter for four double sided battle station and if you take a closer look at the details, you'll find that it's compatible with games set with The First Order :)

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Latest Beborn Beton album on Bandcamp!
Great stuff!
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I've been playing the LEGO games with my now 6 years old son, co-op on the PC (Steam).
Star Wars, Clone Wars, LoTR, The Hobbit, Avengers, Jurassic World and now we'll wait for the end of June :)
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For $17 including world wide shipping, this is a no-brainer :)
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Developers in mind & soul should NOT pass over this $10 game (GOG or Steam).
Everyone can be a programmer :D
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A call for panelists
#RPG   #VirtuaCon  
Open Call for VirtuaCon Panelists

We're looking for folks interested in sitting on panels at VirtuaCon to talk about the following topics. Experience in the specific area(s) required. The virtual panels will be recorded through Google On-Air broadcasts. Panel length will be 45-60 minutes or less. Specific broadcast time will determined once panelists are determined. 

Self-Publishing (Tips and tricks, best practices, etc)

How to expand your gaming options locally (a discussion on best practices about engaging with store owners and local gamers, also could cover tips and tricks for exposing people to non-mainstream games)

Kickstarter's Influence on the RPG industry (a discussion about the good, the bad and the ugly)

Please spread the word by sharing far and wide. General information about the convention available at the link below.

#VC15   #VirtuaCon  
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Impressive.. Most impressive
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