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これまでAWS一筋だったマナボさん、GAEやBigQueryとの親和性、コスパ等の理由で全サービスをGCP上に移行  #gcpja  

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Authenticatorのアップデートやっときた!UIのマテリアルデザイン対応、NFCセキュリティキーのサポート、Android Wear端末サポートなど追加されてます

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The Android Wear SDK for API 23 has been updated, with new emulators and support for runtime permission checks and audio. Learn more from +Wayne Piekarski at about how to update your apps to support future watches that implement API 23. #AndroidDev #AndroidWear

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Android Wear開発のボイラープレートコードを減らしてくれるライブラリ
Wear Companion Library (WCL)

WCL is a small library to help Android Wear developers with a number of common tasks.

Some of the features that are currently supported:
- Handling Google API Client setup and lifecycle
- Providing a simple API to launch the app on any connected node
- Providing real-time data on the connected nodes and their capabilities
- Providing a long list of callbacks for clients to be notified of the changes on the Wear network
- Sending files from a node to any other node with a simple API
- Streaming data from one node to another
- Providing a simple API and Activity for recording voice to a file and playing it back
- Providing a simple API to stream microphone output to any node
- Providing a simple API to show a nicely formatted WearableListView activity
- Providing a simple API to make an HTTP call

The WCL project on GitHub also includes its documentation (in PDF):

A simple demo app has also been created to show how this library can be used in a real project:

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Check out this blog post if you are curious on how to make use of Android Fingerprint API in a client/server environment with an asymmetric key flow.

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Eijiさんの解説する Smart Lock for Passwords。パスワード入力なしでAndroidアプリにログインできる。Webサイトとも連携できる
100 days of Google Dev, Episode 28/100

Smart Lock for Passwords empowers your Android app by eliminating user's friction of entering passwords. In this video, learn some of the Smart Lock best practices from Eiji Kitamura.
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