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+Take2seconds +ShareThis to help make a difference for one million kids this April
Within this circle you'll find a pot of Gold, there's someone for everyone to follow.

Everyone of these amazing people have helped me along my way by sharing a circle with me it....Thank You.

It's because of their support that will be inspiring a million kids this April.

Thank you in advance for deciding to +Take2seconds and click the share button to help me connect these extraordinary people with others. 

If I missed adding you to this circle and you've shared a circle of mine before please leave a comment and I'll include you in the next.

If you're not in this one and would like to be added to the next, all you have to do is share the circle to the public stream to help me support theses amazing people and I'll do the same for you.

Every share helps me find new people to follower me, which in turn will engage sponsors calculators so that they can invest more in the projects we do to save lives.  (。◕‿◕。)

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Shared on behalf of +Piotr Tymiński 
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 (。◕‿◕。) +Take2seconds to share this post or one of your own with our tag  (。◕‿◕。)
“Open the Door to new The Old Ones are
Hiding the Treasures Within.”

Setting the intention that you find your treasures sooner than expected. 

Thank you to all my followers that decided to +Take2seconds and add me to their circle.

Everyone makes a difference in our efforts to engage a million kids this April.
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SHare it... +Take2seconds to click the button
Be the Bridge ~ be part of the ripple!
+Take2seconds to help
Inspire One Million Kids this April
Together We Can Make a Difference.

Thank you to the 44,493 people who decided to +Take2seconds and click the follow ~ circle button..between now and April every new follower will allow sponsors to invest more in our Living Arts Project that will engage a million plus kids this April. 
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Firewalk Jan 11th postponed until Jan 18th due to wind warnings.
special 12 man/woman firewalk to support the Seahawks
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+Take2seconds to follow to make a difference
+Take2seconds 2smile 2 click the follow button 2 help us help someone you know within six degrees.
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+Frank Gainsford How cute advice!
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Be the 12th man and +Take2seconds to share this  (。◕‿◕。)
Sea Hawks Win with the help of the 12th man.
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+Take2seconds to share  (。◕‿◕。)
Decide to +Take2seconds and click the share button to help us support the people help us save lives with our projects.

Two seconds of your time will make a can create a life time for another!

If you're in this circle or would like to be in the next one please +Take2seconds to share this second circle of a series of amazing me thank them for the support they've given others and me with their shares.

The first circle in this circle was shared 200 plus many people will step forward within this one to +Take2seconds to click the share button.

I've gone through my followers and their top people who have supported me and have created 7 circles that I'll share over the next week to return the support they've shown me.

It's because of them that we're moving forward with our project to inspire one million kids this April.

If your in this circle fantastic, please share it...if your not please share it to help us say thank you and we'll do the same for you by adding you to this circle the next time we share it by removing the ones who don't share it and replacing them with the ones that do.

If you weren't in the first circle, you can follow this link to share it and we'll add you to it the next time we share it as well. Right now there's room for 300 people since 200 have already shared it, so hurry it will be based on a first come, first served,

The fact is every share allows us to find new people to +Take2seconds  to click the follow button which in turn engages sponsors calculators and their ability to invest more in the projects we do to save lives.

Share posts that make people smile, that supports another....that make a difference!

P.S. What would you say to inspire one million kids....collecting comments that will be complied into a list that will be made available for these kids to read  (。◕‿◕。)
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Ignite the passion to be the 12th Man/Woman to support you're Favorite ......
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#Take2seconds to share this.. to send their message "Hear Us Roar" to the ones who need to ROAR
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+Take2seconds 2smile 2 click the follow button 2 help us help someone you know within six degrees.

The Ghangham mission is to show the world how the act of someone taking 2 seconds to click a button can and will save lives.

Fact the Ghangham video received over a billion views and now he's making millions from sponsors for just views.....

Fact: what

 takes less than 2seconds to click the Follow button ~ the Share button ~ will help save the life of somebody you know within six degrees!

Update, the grassroots franchise we wanted to create where a minimum of 11% right off the top goes back into the community instead of being paid to a corporation like when I owned a Domino's Pizza Franchise, launched in July, by Aug we had two locations and now a thrid and a fourth will be open on Dec 7th.

The goal here is inspire other businesses to follow the same model, where they support the very people who are walking through their door first. 

Update number two, we've securred the Maple Hall and the Garden Civic Center have been booked for 26 days between the two centers during the Tulip Festival here that attracts over a million visitors.

~ during that festival we will inspire thousands to step forward to help another through the live events that will be broadcast out to a million plus kids, their parents, their neighbors that will expand over a decade during phase one.

Now thanks to 38, 400+ people who decided to +Take2seconds to follow me +TreverMcGhee , we have more sponsors showing an interest, watching to see when we will hit the higher levels of followers.

All we're asking people to do is +Take2seconds of their time to click a button and then we’ll do the rest to help save lives! 

That’s it!

Two seconds of your time will make a difference!

How It Works: Follow and Share

1st, when you click the Follow button,

it engages sponsors’ calculators to invest more in our projects to save lives!

· $11,247 will be invested when we reach 100,000 amazing followers: Guaranteed. 

· $25,000 will be invested when we reach 1 million amazing followers: Also Guaranteed. 

· $50,000 when we reach 5 million amazing followers though we believe this will be secured when we reach a total of 1 million followers by Mar 21, 2013 

· $100,000 when we reach 10 million amazing followers is on the negotiating table 

· $1 million when we reach 100 million amazing followers is also on the negotiating table 

2nd, when you click the Share button on one of our positive posts or one of your own tagged with +Take2seconds,

it not only helps us find new followers so that our sponsors fund our projects, but that action also helps us save lives.

Fact: In the time it took you to read this far, on average, 2 people will have died from suicide, while another 80 people will have failed in their attempt to take their own life.

~ Every 29 seconds, a person succeeds at committing suicide, while over 20 others will have attempted it, all changing their lives and the lives of their loved ones forever.

The statistics are staggering:

~ every day, 3000 people will die, with 60,000 failing in their attempt to take their own life

~ over the next year, 1,095,000 will die, while over
21,900,000 will make that attempt, all profoundly changing their lives and the lives of their loved ones forever.

We can stop that number from climbing, ( which has increased 60% in the last 45 years), to actually start bringing it down not only through our living arts projects, but with you deciding to +Take2seconds to make a difference!

What Can You Do In 2seconds?

~ Fact: the majority of suicides and attempts occur because those people feel a lack of acknowledgement that they exist and that they are important.

~ It’s not that they are not loved, but because people believe everything is okay and that with medical advances today, it will never happen to someone they love because those people would tell us they’re desperately unhappy.

Unfortunately, Depression is a disease that prevents us from telling others we need help. 

When you +Take2seconds 2 say I love you, 2 say hello, 2 share a smile….2 click share on a positive post…. 

it makes a difference….we have 258 days and counting to prove it!

1. You don’t just have to share our positive posts, share any post that makes you smile and tag +Take2seconds to it so that we can share it to our page for our followers to share it and their followers to share it and so on.

2. Post it on the public stream or our community page to guarantee others can find it to share it. 

· Tag +Take2seconds or #Take2seconds +TreverMcGhee on your post to have it appear here 

· Every share makes a difference! 

What takes 2 seconds of your life can mean a lifetime for another!
You will be able to see what the tipping point is for celebrities and public figures such as President Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, Stephen Colbert, among thousands of others to become a part of +Take2seconds.

Quick fact Obesity is now killing triple the number of people who die from malnutrition as it claims more than three million lives a year worldwide, according to a landmark study. Obesity can be directly related to Depression.

Take pride in your actions today!
Take the first step: Follow us and invite your friends to do the same.

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