+NIA Ops  , thank you for allowing us this wonderful adventure made so fun by the AFTER start changes, but #WeAreTheResistance   we don’t whine, we just #MakeItHappen   .

When it was discovered that the spawn point for #Artifact11   #HeliosArtifact   would be a valley resort inaccessible by car and in the middle of the workweek, the #Resistance   immediately went to work.

Within the hour, agent +Miwa Komatsu  /@SANZAI and his wife agent @tefutefuya headed out on the 4 hour each way trip Sunday afternoon to spawn point just to capture the portal and farm keys for the artifact portal as well as a series of portals between it and the coast.

Over the next few days up until 4 hours before what we assumed would be the portal spawn time, plans were made, agents were kept up and bribed and begged to participate despite the need to miss a day of work.  After midnight, agents scrambled all over the city to make sure the right agents had the right key and gear while other agents begged agent they had never met or talked to in remote cities to please help with clearing the late.  Finally at 2AM all the pieces were in place.  It was to be a bare bones, zero room for error operation, #OperationHelCAT   .

Teams in place or on target to arrive at the right time, some bumps along the way but ready and raring to go.
9AM JST / 0AM UTC - Nothing, “Don’t panic it sometimes takes up to 5 minutes due to lag” I said, desperately praying that I didn't screw up something big, like the date.
9:05 JST / 0:05 UTC - HOs explode with news that +NIA Ops  has tweeted something
9:15 JST / 0:15 UTC - “Don’t worry, Global Resistance is working on decoding the message.” while following the “decoding” in HOs and wishing I was on a business trip out of the country.
9:30 JST / 0:30 UTC - I begin to notice an unusual increase in the use of the knife and devil emoji in the Operation HO.
9:35 JST / 0:35 UTC - Team 5 is now on-site, the lane is clear “So, it looks like it will either be 3PM or 9PM or 3AM, it may be a technical issue.”  Mhmm
10:05 JST / 1:05 UTC - Still no Artifact.
11:05 JST / 2:05 UTC - Still no Artifact, Team 5 flips the portal in Shimoda to level it and pray then cab it back to the station so 1 agent can go to work from “visiting the doctor” and to pick up Peter.
12:05 JST / 3:05 UTC - Still no Artifact, lunch.
13:00 JST / 4:00 UTC - Still no Artifact, Prior to departing, Team 1 make an attempt to link to the Shimoda portal but cannot as it is green...they depart dejected.
14:05 JST / 5:05 UTC - Still no Artifact, Team 5 is back on-site and the portal is flipped again, leveled to 8 and linked to the spawn portal so that blocks couldn't be put in place and announcing to the world what our plans for the Artifact are if it ever shows up.  Time to wander the area and clear out that last blocking link while I pretend that the Team 5 isn't staring daggers at me and the Operation HO is silent.
14:55 JST / 5:55 UTC - Back on-site
15:00 JST / 6:00 UTC - THE ARTIFACT THE ARTIFACT, now suddenly we've got to reassemble the Hawaii > California side of the operation.
16:00 JST / 7:00 UTC - It MOVED!  “Hey, Hawaii, really, you've got an hour to get things in place.”
16:05 JST / 7:05 UTC - Bored after sitting around all day on very little sleep, Team 5 deploys the VRLAs (yeah, we should have waited.)
16:30 JST / 7:30 UTC - Team 5 begins serious discussions about where in Australia, Taiwan, Singapore or the Philippines we should “just send the damned thing.”
17:20 JST / 8:20 UTC - Following intellectual conversation takes place between the Tokyo Enlightened leader +Taicho Hiyoko  and I via COMM “@xr4ti WTF” “@hiyoko145 who me?” “@xr4ti why is it still there?” “@hiyoko145 waiting for you ;)”
17:35 JST / 8:35 UTC - Devin sends via HOs “45 minutes out”.  Team 5 continues serious discussions about where in Australia, Taiwan, Singapore or the Philippines we should “just send the damned thing.”
18:00 JST / 9:00 UTC - Devin despite driving at breakneck speeds and running through an unlit rock strewn park and JUST making the cut, we find a blocking link a few hundred meters from the Hawaii transit portal.
18:10 JST / 9:10 UTC - The Path is clear, Team 5 stops talking about sending the Artifact anywhere but Hawaii and acts like that is all they had ever planned on doing and no we hadn't tested the linkability of various portals around the world (but none in Japan).  Discussion shifts to “should we just link the thing and go home?”
19:00 JST / 10:00 UTC - poof
19:05 JST / 10:05 UTC - After the requisite celebration and multiple confirmations on the move “did you really see it on target, Intel says it is still here, is it lag, is the server buggy again, do you think NIA sent it to Peru?”, Team 5 flips the portal one last time, destroys the VRLAs and recaptures, while walking away to the theme of Top Gun.
19:10 JST / 10:10 UTC - Total darkness, we are resorting to the Flashlight app to see our feet, +Kogorou Kitamoto  asks, “Did you call a cab?”

Read about the continuing adventures of Artifact #11 here https://plus.google.com/u/0/117005659071722503535/posts/czYpPdogb7T by +Mike Gunn  and the #CaliforniaResistance   #UtahResistance   and the #IdahoResistance   .

+NIA Ops  、 後出しジャンケン 楽しませて頂きました。 #WeAreTheResistance   愚痴言わずにとにかく #MakeItHappen   .

#ヘリオスアーティファクト   が日本で生える、しかも #Artifact11   はマイカーで行けない上高地温泉で平日に生えると聞き #Resistance は真っ先に計画を立て始めました。

一時間ごにはエージェント +Miwa Komatsu  /@SANZAIと奥さんのエージェント@tefutefuyaは片道

アーティファクト発生予定時間の数時間前までプランニング、エージェントの確保、オネダリが続きやっと実行の可能性があるプランが出来上がりました。必要な在庫が必要なエージェントに渡るよう深夜の都内を駆け回りやっと朝の2時に準備完了。今オペレーションはぎりぎり実行の可能性があるものであり #OperationHelCAT   と名づけられました。

9AM JST / 0AM UTC - え?「あせるな、時々ラグのため五分ぐらいかかるから待て。」と語りながら日時など間違えてないようにと祈り始め。
9:05 JST / 0:05 UTC - 突然 +NIA Ops  が何かをツィートした情報でHOが活発化する。
9:15 JST / 0:15 UTC - 「世界レジスタンスが解読を始めた、ちょっと待て。」HOで解読作業を追いながらどうして今週は海外出張がなかったのかを考える。
9:30 JST / 0:30 UTC - なぜかHOでの包丁、鬼の数が増えてるのに気づく。
9:35 JST / 0:35 UTC - チーム5が現地に到着、邪魔リンクはすべて除去されてる。「世界レジスタンスは午後3時か、午後9時か朝3時と言ってる、何かシステムトラブルが発生したのかもしれない。」冷たい目線を感じる。
10:05 JST / 1:05 UTC - Artifactまだ現れず。
11:05 JST / 2:05 UTC - Artifactまだ現れず。チーム5は下田ポータルをレベル8化するためJarvisする。”病院”が終わったら出社するエージェントを駅に送り、ピーターさんを拾うため駅にタクシーで向かう。祈り続ける。
12:05 JST / 3:05 UTC - Artifactまだ現れず。ランチ
13:00 JST / 4:00 UTC - Artifactまだ現れず。離脱前に下田へリンクを張ろうとするが、下田が反転処理中のために張れず。。無念の離脱。
14:05 JST / 5:05 UTC - Artifactまだ現れず。チーム5、山の上にある下田ポータルへ戻りADAを使用レベル8にする。すでにArtifactが発生してるはずの上高地ポータルへ邪魔リンク防止のためリンクを張る。これにより、Intelを見てる全エージェントがArtifactの運送ルートをしる。最後の邪魔リンクを落としに出る。なぜかチーム5の冷たい目線を感じながらなぜ一晩中活発だったHOが静かなのかを考える。
14:55 JST / 5:55 UTC - 下田ポータルへ戻る。
15:00 JST / 6:00 UTC - Artifact発生!Artifact生えた!あきらめて解散してたハワイ、カリフォルニアを再度結集し始める。
16:00 JST / 7:00 UTC - 動いた、移動した、Artifactここにある!「ハワイ、本当に一時間以内に受け取り準備をしてください。」
16:05 JST / 7:05 UTC - 退屈、チーム5 VRLAを設置(間違いなく最後の瞬間まで待つべきであった。)
16:30 JST / 7:30 UTC - チーム5とにかく国外のどこにいこの厄介物を送るかをまじめに話し始める。
17:20 JST / 8:20 UTC - COMMで次の知能的な会話が東京エンライテンド団長の +Taicho Hiyoko  さんとする “@xr4ti WTF” “@hiyoko145 who me?” “@xr4ti why is it still there?” “@hiyoko145 waiting for you ;)”
17:35 JST / 8:35 UTC - デヴィンさんからのメッセいー時「あと45分で到着」チーム5とにかく国外のどこにいこの厄介物を送るかをまじめに話しを続ける。
18:00 JST / 9:00 UTC - デヴィンさん、全力で向かってくれぎりぎり間に合うが邪魔リンクがハワイ通過ようポータルの数百メートル先に見つかる。
18:10 JST / 9:10 UTC - 邪魔リンクが無くなり理論上いつでもリンクが張れる状態。チーム5は国外への厄介物送り話をやめ(既に国外どこならリンク可能かの検証済み)、会話は「リンク張って帰ろうか?」の議論にうつる。
19:00 JST / 10:00 UTC - 消えた
19:05 JST / 10:05 UTC - 数分の祝杯と確認「本当にターゲットに到着してる?」「Intel見るとまだ日本にある」、「バグ発生でだめだったらNIAペルーにArtifact移すかな?」が終わった時点でもう一回Jarvis、破壊、キャプチャー。トップガンのテーマが耳でなりながら去る。
19:10 JST / 10:10 UTC - 街路灯が一つも無い真っ暗闇をスマホのフラッシュアプリを頼りに進んでたら +Kogorou Kitamoto  が一言、「タクシー呼んだ?」

Artifact #11の話の続きは +Mike Gunn  のポスト https://plus.google.com/u/0/117005659071722503535/posts/czYpPdogb7T を読んで下さい。彼のチーム、 #CaliforniaResistance   、 #UtahResistance   と #IdahoResistance   の活躍が書いてあります。

Team 1 - #PleasePleasePleaseLet4AgentsBeEnoughToKeepThePortal   Team
Lead by +Yusuke Yamaguchi  /@ashlad
+Lisa M  /@mikasa7
+s nin  /@sninsan
+nikaku poipoi  /@nikaku
Planned the operation till 2AM, then left an hour later for the spawn site to clear links around that portal and to protect it.

Team 2 - #HowAreWeGoingToClearThoseLinksInTime   Team
+Yamamoto Kazuto  /@stinky3931
An incredible team of one who left the city around mindight to clear some hard to reach mountain links, got home just in time to head to work and to act as Intel.

Team 3 - #HiYouPlayIngress  ?  Team
+Takanori Murakami  /@muchonov
+hiromi- o / origami55
Despite being contacted with a Community Join Request after 9PM, he not only went out to clear some links but even cleared a few more that popped up just before the scheduled spawn time.

Team 4 - #It’sAGreatWayToSeeJapan   Team
+Peter Phillips  /@13thVoice
+Miwa Komatsu  /@SANZAI(remote tourist information center / 遠隔観光案内)
Visiting his brother in Osaka and despite not speaking any Japanese, Peter agreed to be remote guided via HOs to navigate a series of early morning train transfers and what was supposed to be a 8km walk (he’s smart, he took a cab) to take out 2 portals with the final 4 blocking links.  After he was done, he joined up with Team 5 to replace an agent who had to go to the office after “Visiting the doctor.”

Team 5 - #SoWeJustCaptureThenLinkTwiceRight   Team
+Kogorou Kitamoto  /@kogorou
+Tsuyoshi Uehara  /@tsuyosh
+Robert Vincent  /@TheTraveller
+Peter Phillips  /@13thVoice
and me /@xr4ti
Departing the city around 6AM (notice which team I’m on), we took the shinkansen then a local line out to the tip of a peninsula to the town of Shimoda and onwards by bus to the portal at the top of a mountain. On-site at 9:45AM, were ready to receive the Artifact then perform a few flips to level it to 8 so we could send it onwards to Team 6 and beyond.

Team 6 - #LetsThrowBlockingLinksCalvinBall   Team
+Hiroshi Suda  /@BorisFarankov
Was tasked with throwing up blocking links on the assumed #Enlightened route to their target, north of the spawn point.
#エンライテンド が送るだろうルート上、発生地から北のルートを妨害するためブロックフィールドを立てる。

Team 7 - #YouForgotYourArtifact   Team
+Devin Magallanes  /@rxxxdevin
Having just left Japan, Devin was missing contact with the #TokyoResistance   and was the natural choice to prep the transit portal in Hawaii.
東京訪問から帰ったばかりのデヴィンさんが #東京レジスタンス が愛しいと考え自然にハワイ側の担当をしていただき、ポータルをカリフォルニアに送るための通過地点としての準備をしていただきました。

Intel Team / Cheerleader / Graphics
+なかみちと  /@8796n
+やまだたろう  /@saishokushugi
+Kiku N  /@chamekoto103

+NIA Ops  #Ingress   #IngressSitRep   #Helios   #Artifact   #Artifact11   +Masashi Kawashima  +Joe Philley  +Brandon Badger  +Brian Rose 
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