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01/15/2012: #creative366project
I've been sharing a hospital room with a professional photographer, Mr. Yasushi Handa for a couple of weeks. I didn't know he is a photographer for a while. Today I got inspired by talking with him. During the talk, he kindly took out his new camera even though he's got three fractures in his spine. He said he would go to Africa to take panoramic shots of a flock of flamingos. A Schneider lens, a Mamiya Body, and a Phase One IQ180 Digital Back. Wow, I would be able to buy 100 GH2 bodies for the price of this camera.
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Awesome camera :-) Wish him a speedy recovery from me, and I hope he makes it to Africa and back very soon!
1) Wow, 80 Mp!
2) $43K price tag
3) After reading the article +Marcin Pękalski linked to, makes my camera look like a disposable camera.
I may not have 1)+2), I'm just glad it does not take an expensive cam to take great photos. I'm good with my baby Nikon for now.
I would still want the X-Pro 1. Now your time is going to much more interesting +Takahiro Yamamoto. This could be fate......
Three fractures in the spine sounds really painful. I wish him a speedy recovery and be able to fulfill his Africa plan.
Wonderful providential companion. =) When you cast your glance back at the lens that has been sitting in your shopping cart, do their prices look less inhibitive now? Hope you both recover swiftly!
Leo Fok
What a wonderful coincidence! =)
How nice that you are able to share with someone who has similar interests. Hope you are recovering well.
I can understand this man so well...if this was my cam, I'd take it with me to my grave!
I hope you both feel better soon :) 
the Case does not exist +Takahiro Yamamoto :)
great camera and the best wishes to him and to you for a fast healing
Wonderful to have someone who shares your passion for photography next to you. What a great camera setup he has. Best wishes to him for his recovery and I hope we will be able to see some of his pictures soon :-)
It's cool that you're sharing the place with someone who has similar interests! Plus you have a chance to play with that gear - wish I could be there too! (minus the surgery, and the accident, and the broken bones, and... )
+George Manlangit It really is a great camera, but the owner says he needs it just for a large print. I don't think I will ever need that huge megapixel in my life :)
+Mykal Hall X-Pro 1 looks great. Now I'm waiting for Olympus OM-D. A new m4/3s camera with a viewfinder.
+Cynthia Chia They've been in the cart for how long? I don't remember. Now the hospital charges first. The insurances will cover most of them, but I need to think about them first :) Then lenses. I'll definitely get a fish-eye lens.
+yemaria Two photogs in the same room. Quite interesting :) I'm sure I'll visit his photography office when we get out of here.
+Yuga Kurita コメントありがとうございます。このカメラがあるのは知っていましたが、触れる機会があるとは思ってもみませんでした。彼の作品を楽しみにしています。
+Oyama Yuho コメントありがとうございます。かっこいいカメラでした。600万とか700万するみたいです。恐ろしい…(笑)。
+Carrie McGann It was so nice to get acquainted with him. I'm looking for his future works with that incredible camera.
+Jhoseph Freites Thank you for your message. Actually I'm not sure which camera you should go for. In my opinion, any camera can capture the sky. The cameras these days are all great. Have you already had any cameras you are interested in?
+Jeff M I didn't know him before but he shot commercial photos since the 80s, and last year, he shot the views of Tohoku after the earthquake and held exhibitions in Tokyo. I need to see more of his works.
+Benjamin F. Weaver Nah, this is not my camera. I would never afford one. To pricy :) I'm looking forward to seeing the future works the owner of this camera will create :) And yes, I would love to show him some of my pics.
I see +Takahiro Yamamoto , if he has an online presence/gallery, please let us know! :)
Did he by any chance shoot photos for music? (I tried to do a quick google search for his name in English but only came across reference to his March 11 exhibit and a CD cover)
+Jeff M I'm not sure if he's still taking commercial photos. And he doesn't have his own website. He's already popular in the photography industry in Japan so he doesn't need to depend on the Internet I think.
quite expensive for sure :)
But 50 000us$ makes for a fun photog toy :P
Great gear but I think a pain in the ass to operate +Takahiro Yamamoto . And in Africa I will need a bodyguard 24/7 due to the value :)
haah that´s true +Johan Swanepoel perhaps they should give you a year of 24/7 bodyguard for that price :) seems pretty fair
i certainly think so :)
- agreed btw, i would actually not want to operate that camera doing landscapes and so forth, studio work, sure but nothing else.
Speedy recovery to you both. That's pretty cool for you to be sharing a room with him. It must have been nice being able to chat with a pro. I hope he makes his trip soon. I would love to see his shots.
I dont know if I would be willing to take such an expensive bit of equipment out like that. :D
+Johan Swanepoel The good thing about this camera is most people don't know the value. It is indeed very expensive but it doesn't LOOK that expensive. I'm not sure if they designed it that way on purpose though^_^
to true actually, it sort of looks like an highly affordable toy camera, lol :)
WOW!!! looks lik an awesome piece of gear
+Gouttebel Sylas This is no mine but the owner said it had cost him about at least a million yen. He was a pro landscape photographer.
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