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01/19/2012: #creative366project
The release date hasn't been set yet, I feel that I'll be down there soon.
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Good luck! While I'm sure a lot of people appreciate your skyline pictures, there's gotta be something else out there for you to capture.. :-)
Good to hear. Hope you'll be back to full strength soon :)
ey i hope you can walk again soon, we still need to do a loop bridge photowalk :) we'll be hoping and praying for your quick recovery :)
Nice to hear!!
(And one really cool picture as well! =))
You keep bashing the images out. I like this one.
Awaiting patiently for the release of Takahiro v2.0. Looks very promising so far.
Nice shot... hope you will be out soon.
Thank you..Only one piece of work. It is inspiring to me.
I intend to visit your portfolio.Hope u get well soon.. ;)
Dreamy blues and it's wonderful the way you brought the outside in.
I'm not sure how you're going to manage to tap dance and ski jump at the same time, but I can't wait to see that :)
A day closer +Takahiro Yamamoto
I am happy you have remained in seemingly good spirits throughout your unplanned stay. Keep up the good outlook... and great photos. =)
Wonderful to hear, that you'll be soon out of this 'nice' place. Take care!
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