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03/03/2012: #creative366project
At first I focused on the water drops on the branches on the foreground, but soon found out that they looked nicer this way. What do you think?

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2
Lens: Canon Lens New FD 85mm f/1.2L
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i perfectly agree. the other version would have been too commonplace. lovely color scheme again, takahiro. are you well up, dear?
Don't understand how you do it..
No matter what picture you take, even of a tree branch, they all look awesome! =)
A good call to change your focus I think, I really like it this way!
LOVE the bokeh and how the tree branch and the colors in the background mimic each other.... well done!
Love the look of this with the curves of the branch and bokeh! Quite lovely.
Nata m
very nice
Ella Fa
I think that it looks great! ;-)
Just saw this -- made me smile! Very creative, +Takahiro Yamamoto -- I like the title, too! :) The bokeh is marvelous and the orange leaves complement the purple colour palette! Beautiful morning sunlight happiness :)
wow what a colors combinations
purple and blue combinations of colors ... u add more shots in this combination of colors.... +Takahiro Yamamoto
+Per Ardne Thank you for your comment! The bokeh lights are from the water drops on the foreground ;)
The raindrops look like little jewels! Great bokeh effect! :)
I am the 200th +1 woo too do i get a prize ?!? In any case nice shot
como siempre en sus trabajos dió lo mejor.un placer son para mio verlos. gracias
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