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107: 04/16/2012: Shimotakaido Market #creative366project
I grew up near this place. I still visit here and take photos frequently, some of you might remember this place in my previous albums. Some shop in this market arcade are new, but the others are old. Very old.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2
Lens: Panasonic Lumix G VARIO 7-14mm F4 ASPH.
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love it ! feels so know you...^_^ ...a bit I guess...
fantastic shot!! Btw, must have some excellent restaurant inside. :D
+Benedict Chui Thanks! There's a fish shops in there, but sadly, no restaurant. The arcade is not big enough to accommodate a restaurant. There are one or two Japanese-style bars in there, though.
Leo Fok
There is a lot of culture in this photo that I cannot even begin to appreciate, but at least I can appreciate the angle and lights!
Awesome :) I usually only carry my little tripod around with me... I love low-angles.
Very nice image of an interesting looking place. Makes me want to go up that stairway and see what's there. Like the perspective too.
Superbly done! I am in love with this shot!
That sushi makes me hungry...thanks a lot;)
Bee Zee
Looks nice, where's the exact location? Gotta pay a visit if I got the chance
thank you for sharing you comment and bring a personal story to the image, beautifully capture, love the use of the lens, and stunning in black and white
You've got a great viewpoint. It makes the market look impressive.
+bZee Image It's not a big place, but if you'd like to visit this place, the map information added to the image should be useful to you.
+masanobu tanzawa ありがとうございます。こういう場所を撮るのも久しぶりだったので、こんな現像も久しぶりでした。
Gracy M
I like black white photos, it reminders old days...Happy time and fun from the childhood...
That's awesome! I'll have to go with you here on the next trip! ;-)
LOVE The angle and shot!
so Awesome... Love the angle and tone...
+Mark Esguerra There are a lot of nice towns with nostalgic atmosphere around Tokyo. Next time, yeah, we should take a walk around such places.
It reminds me some shots of Kurosawa's masterpiece.
Good job!
I like this perspective...great exposure and processing too! :) I'm now intrigued by the Kurosawa comment.
Gracy M
Yea I remember the place. It must be very busy and fun.
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