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01/06/2012: #creative366project
This space at the hospital is for visitors. I often visit here to enjoy the view from the windows. I woke up so early that no one was there yet.
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wow - really nice view - love the lines in the foreground as well....
Amazing, so much to like about it. Dream location and time by the looks.
isn't it amazing they look like this all over these rooms, this picture could have been taken at the hospital where I have been hospitalized, the view would have been different but otherwise the same :))
J Agnew
Great shot.
Hope today's procedure went well.
Great shot and I don't think anyone doubts you're a photofanatic.. A few hours after surgery your up shooting pictures and posting them on G+.. =D
Hope everything went well and you're recovering well!
+飯田 たけし +塩見博史 コメントありがとうございます。前ボケ後ろボケが出るようなアングルにしてみたのと、あとはカラーを「晴れ」に設定して、ちょっと青みが出るようにしてみました。今はJPEGでしか撮影ができないので(RAWをいじるアプリケーションがないので)、カメラで設定をいろいろいじってみています。
+J Agnew +Per Ardne Thanks for your comment. Now I'm waiting for the surgery. I thought I wouldn't be able to shoot any photo after it today, so I shot while I was able to move around freely :))
I think there is a template for them :))
J Agnew
Well it's not like I stopped sending healing vibes so....carry on :)
Okay.. Over here it's 00:39 Friday morning.. Didn't think of the time difference.. :D
It'll go smooth and you'll be up in no time and shoot again..Don't worry.. =D
+Takahiro Yamamoto
Hospital blues. It's a nice place for visiting, with that window.
Dee Dee
Nice place, and nice shot :) hope you're getting well :)
Fantastic mood and light. I have spent too much time at all hours in a hospital with my son. Sometimes I get photos there too, but always on the sneak since the hospital doesn't allow photos. Well done #faveCobalt
+Jerry TOM ありがとうございます。会社にはこんな休憩室がないので、わかりません(笑)。よい一日を。
Nice room with a view. Still keeping you in my thoughts and hoping your surgery goes very well.
Very nice. It's cinematic. I expect something is about to happen when I look at it.
Are you O.K.?
Please treat me this year as well as you did last year.
いい色ですね^^ 室内の青みがかった色が静かな雰囲気にぴったり。
The shadows have a somewhat desolate yet calming effect on the interiors in this photo. I'm really looking forward to more of your shots inside the hospital. You know how much I like interiors ;)
(I do feel sorry that you have to stay there for such a long period...)
Sir all the best for ur surgery....
may god showers his grace & u will get well soon.....
I love this!! Perfect composition and very nice soft light on the first table. The dof with the view in the background is great.
great light and fantastic tones... photographically speaking your making your days count during that stay... Hope you are feeling better!
Beautiful photo, and the color + out of focus city make it look a little like a miniature. Hope your surgery went smoothly and you're feeling better!
+Beverly Claire Kaiya The interior of the hospital is really simple. I'm not sure how many more I can shoot for you ;) Anyway, I have time here. So I'll try.
Great to hear that surgery went well! Hope you recover well now!
This is by far the best of your "hospital series" :) thus far, though the one from the fourth ( is also fantastic.
Beautiful shot. You convey the feeling of emptiness so well.
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