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01/01/2012: #creative366project
Happy new year everyone. I'm not so happy with my right leg, but the new year has started here in Japan. Here's my first shot for the project. The tool on my right leg. I have no idea what it is officially called. Anyway I go over to the end of the hallway on my wheelchair, placed my leg on the window frame, and shot this one. My right leg has been dominated by the tool, but I'm pretending to dominate the city :p

For a while, I'm posting SOOC files except for adding the black bars. Yes, now I have GIMP on the company's PC I'm using, but I'll stick to the original idea. No post-processing.
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Very creative +Takahiro Yamamoto! Great job dominating the city. he he. Get well soon so you can run around for the rest of 2012! ;-)
J Agnew
Awesome pic. It's called an external fixator. Happy New Year. Speedy recovery.
+Takahiro Yamamoto - that appears to be an 'external fixator'. It looks like a child's construction set bolted to your leg, no?

I wish you a speedy recovery, and advise you to threaten to maim anyone that tries to touch it. That hurts :(

You truly do rule over Tokyo and its expressways. Have a happy new year. 
Broken leg? Wish you a full quick recovery. 
A great photographic start for the new year. But your title is was for 2011. Happy New Year.
Nice shot. Hoping for a better year for you and a speedy recovery.
See your attempting the 366. Good luck with it, hope to see more spectacular snaps. Cool pic for start of the year :) And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
That's quite the contraption, hope it isn't painful. Good start to 366!
Happy new year! Only you can hospital equipment so attractive. :-)
2012 has arrived an hour ago in Germany. And I wish you all the best for 2012.
This must be a new genre of photography - Medical Landscape (^人^)Thanks for the sharing and best wishes to you. 
I've been on and off on G+ these days and didn't realize you were in an accident +Takahiro Yamamoto I'm so sorry to hear it. I wish you fast recovery and happy new year!!! I had an experience like yours some years ago (ski accident) and patience was my best friend for one month in the hospital.
Good luck with your project!! Your made a great start with this shot! Take care :)
Lets hope it go's ok for you Happy new year
Very Creative. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a great New Year!
You are inspiring persevering with your 365 despite your circumstances. The year can only improve from here right? :D Happy New Year, +Takahiro Yamamoto.
明けまして おめでとうございます!
Ha, I love the idea of "medical landscape" ... I mean, it would be better not to have to create a category like that, but anyway. It's a great photo, and a great lesson on making the best of what you have to work with.
Leo Fok
Hope you get well soon!
+Takahiro Yamamoto
Do you notice all your friends or fans are photographers or pro amateur !
They know that you got talent..

laughs Cast your gaze upon this feeble realm. The dominion which you shall soon capture again without reservations. This absolutely puts me in mind of Dungeon Keeper's overlord mode.
Happy New Year to you and yours! Wishing you all the best for 2012!
No, +Mich R., just +Takahiro Yamamoto's own words that he (pretends to ~ but lets ignore this self-deprecating stance) dominate the city as he took this shot.

Being so, he now casts his gaze upon this dominion which will not escape the astuteness of his lens. They may have respite, but when Takahiro recovers, there will be no escape.

I never thought I would like a "hospital photo" but this one is really cool, especially under the "dominating the city" aspect. When I had a broken leg some years ago they just put it in plaster after the operation, no such interesting details. ;-) Get well soon!
Happy (yes, it can be!) New Year, my friend. I know you'd prefer to be anywhere but the hospital but thank you for sharing your experience through this 365/366 project. Good luck! 
Thank you +Olav Folland. Yes, it's that kind of thing. Mine was an open fracture and the doctors have to see if there is no infection around the wounded area for a while.
+Julia Anna Gospodarou Thank you very much for your nice message. It will take at least three months for the fracture to be healed completely. It will be long, but I need to keep myself creative for the project ;)
+Noriko Taga コメントありがとうございます。今年もよろしくお願いします。さてDay 2はどうするか。病院という限定されたエリアだと、すぐにアイディアがなくなっちゃいそうです。
TAKAHIRO! I AM HAPPY! 'nuff said :)
Happy new year +Tom McLaughlan. Thank you for your comment. Now the project will look more like a diary to me. It's good though.
+Kami Naru Happy new year! It looks ugly, and a little painful, but yes, I will get well soon. Thank you!
+Lai Olaivar You know what? I had decided not to join the project from that start until someone sent me a message saying I should start on January 1. Thank you very much.
Sorry to hear about your accident, +Takahiro Yamamoto time to sit tight and let yourself heal.
Let's see how many shots of the hospital you can get for the project though :)
First of all, Happy New Year, my friend or should I say "shinnen omedetō gozaimasu"? I am glad to see that your creativity is still with you. i am sure you will get well soon. Meanwhile, I am sure I will enjoy your 365 project. This is a great start!
+Frank Yuwono Thank you for your nice comment. How many hospital shot? According to the schedule, I can shoot at least one more week :)
+Nicole Phillips Happy new year! Your Japanese is just perfect :) It might be hard to be creative in the hospital, but I'll keep going :)
Happy New Year 2012。

Happy new year !!
Oh damn! Didn't know that you hurt your leg... And you need to spend your Christmas & New Year in a hospital?? Hope that's not too serious & get well soon!! Best wishes to you & hope you will have a healthy, creative & productive year in 2012 +Takahiro Yamamoto :)
Only you could take pins, rods and bandages and make them look this amazing!
Great DOF - glad you are on the way to recovery.
Happy New Year to you and your family.
I just found out about your broken leg , get well soon !

oh I recommend a Leica to ease the pain

Dr Wilson
Oh dear, I don't check into G+ for a week or so and I come back finding this. I am so, so sorry to hear about the car accident, +Takahiro Yamamoto-san. :( I'll be praying that your next operation will go well. Please do get better soon.
Dee Dee
Although I liked the photo, but I wish you were in a better health .. I wish you recover soon :)
Takahiro, why would you need to play a PC simulation game to be overlord, when you already hold dominion over this domain? ;) Hope your day has been filled with smiles. =)
Kab Yaj
Oh, my! I'm terribly sorry to hear of your accident and that you're hospital bound for a while. Despite your limited mobility, you still find creative ways to shoot your immediate surrounding. Wishing you a speedy recovery and Happy New Year.
+Kaoru Toya コメントありがとうございます。そして、明けましておめでとうございます。散々な滑り出しになってしまいましたが、マイペースで復活したいと思います。
+Oyama Yuho 明けましておめでとうございます。パンざえもんの活躍に期待しています!
+Benedict Chui Thank you for your message. I've been at the hospital for a week. Will be near for another week. It'll take time but will be OK. Thanks again!
Who's that someone? haha. I posted on your wall, I didn't PM you. hehe :)
+Beverly Claire Kaiya Happy New Year! The accident was terrible, but I still have my leg on me. That is lucky. Will take time to heal the fracture, but I'll be OK soon. Ah, not soon actually, though :p
You're blowing my mind, +Takahiro Yamamoto. Dominating the city? Stroke of genius! I knew I could count on you to show us what a talented photographer could do even such a difficult situation but I'm happy to report I still managed to underestimate you. And very happy to see you in such good spirits ^_^ Three cheers for +Takahiro Yamamoto!
Thank you +Thomas Paris. The only thing I can tell is my brain is working properly even if the accident was terrible :)
+Takahiro Yamamoto remembering your past 365 project... the aura of this album is really so different from the last one. :) this is more like at peace, while the last one s at bliss. :) either way, both are beautifully done. :)
+Lai Olaivar Thank you. Yes, the present project is so different from the last one. I never thought I would start the project at the hospital, you know. So I couldn't start with the idea I originally had ... Anyway, I'm three years older and have had three-year experience in photography. That's a big difference.
+Tama Nanohana コメントありがとうございました。かなり時間が経過してしまいましたね。アップしてしばらくはコメントをチェックするようにしているのですが、見逃してました。

Superb project! Looks like its going really well. Great work!
Dude' your pictures are AMAZING!!, take care, and keep doing what you think that is good.
Are you well since the beginning of the year?
+NIX kapas I was in hospital for the first two months this year. The broken leg hasn't healed perfectly yet, but I can walk without any problem now. Thank you!
okay! Hope you have a speedy recovery.
+Takahiro Yamamoto
+植村妙子 この事故で自分の楽観主義が浮き彫りになりました。事故直後、地面に横たわりながら、自分の足が見えて、「ああ、片足なくなってしまうかも」「でも、片足残ってたら立てるか」と自問自答していました。
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