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The first rain in Tokyo this year. The clouds looked dramatic but they were moving so fast. I didn't want to miss the chance so I shot them with my iPhone. Edited with Snapseed.
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Wonderful! I love the stark contrasts and that dramatic sky!
great shot! Anyway we have a chance of snow tonight?
Amazing how far camera phone shots have come. Such a terrific shot +Takahiro Yamamoto you have a great eye.
I love storm and cloud pictures. This is an amazing shot.
are it's real picture at Tokyo ??
it's so amazin.....
oooh, spring in Tokyo?

Glad to see you up and about taking pictures now. I so impressed you managed to sticking with your 366 project despite everything that has happened :)
you have to do what you must do to get the shot, cool.
+わたなべけいこ 今年もよろしくお願いします。年末に怪我をして病院で年始を迎えました。春までにしっかり歩けるよう回復を目指しますw
Great shot! Was it raining today? It might be even snowing tonight rright? Yahoo, can't wait...;)
Noooo I don't like snow :p only around christmas :)
hospital is boring place to enjoy nature..
u soon enjoy the beautiful nature of outside........
+Takahiro Yamamoto You can't see it from there even a bit? I'm actually still at work so if I have to stay longer I might not be able to get out here...hehe And agree +Intact Lavisha, you'll get to enjoy it a lot soon! Cheer up! ;)
+Yumi Shoji If it snows during the daytime, of course I can see it, but it's hard during the night time. I'm on my bed. All the curtains are closed.
Awww I see, then let's just wait until tomorrow morning! You might get to see some snow piling up...;) +Takahiro Yamamoto
Oh very nice! I love the mood created by the sky. :) I do hope you get to see some snow soon.
great, you're able to do so different photos of the same panorama, incredible,
good evening +Takahiro Yamamoto , how are you today?
there's no need to rush, things need their time to heal
I'm sorry for your sufferance :(
an hug
Your photo is a clear atmosphere.So I like.
Of course, the composition may be!
ok , an iPhone shot from you ... :)

I hope you're fine Takahiro
+Gemma Costa My right ankle doesn't move properly, and it is so frustrating. I have no idea how long it'll take ...
+Gemma Costa Now I'm practicing stepping on my right leg. Now half the body weight. Next week, all the body weight. With a nurse, I can walk on crutches. Practicing it too.
+Takahiro Yamamoto I've used crutches for one year...I dropped the bike and I sprained my ankle badly...the doctors said it would been better if I had broken my leg ... but I don't believe this, I think it's all a bad thing to be in a hospital , but I know that the time are shorter with a fracture, surely all the weight is on the legs and this doesn't help, be strong and patient Takahiro, it will go better in the next days
Sure +Takahiro Yamamoto , it's only a question of time and patience , the only thing you can do is using all this time for curing yourself and for photography as you already are doing wonderfully as usual :)
a big hug
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