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It was a national holiday yesterday. I enjoyed the spring flowers there with a camera in my hand.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2
Lens: Canon Macro Lens New FD 50mm f/3.5
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K Saga
Really looking forward to spring over here... Right now everything is either dead, brown or just sticks...
Beautiful set of shots - great captures.
Nice pictures! Are sakuras blooming early or later this year?
+Per Ardne It's getting warmer here in Tokyo, but most of the flowers are coming three weeks late.
hi jhenny r u very cute
Spring ... makes me smile - beautiful Takahiro
Beautiful picture and lovely :)
I love the romantic feel of the pictures-
Lovely album, thanks for sharing.
Beautiful celebration for the first day of spring.
nick s
nice and beauty of nature
That reminds me to go buy some weed killer
How beautiful I love the spring changes thank you for sharing ur pic.
Beautiful spirea shot. I just took one of the double flowered, but it isn't as nice as yours.
well done. thank you for sharing.
Takahiro-san, your photos are always a joy to look at. Thank you.
Who do think you are some kind of flower person!?!!
manju- your photos are very buauty,thanks
They are very lively and fantastic..I want to take some photos like them:)
Lovely lovely set;) I love the softness and tones...Spring is calling me;)
are you fooooooooooooooool ++++++++++++
These are all nice, but the image info states they are square (which they aren't) and that you used f/1.0 -- how is that possible?
These are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.
Nice pictures of Mother Nature.
Gorgeous gallery. I must say that I am a bit jealous I could not be there to enjoy this on my own. These amazing pictures will just have to do! ;)
This is how spring flowers should be done. exquisite :)
What was the holiday, Takahiro? There is still much I don't know about Japanese culture.
wooooooooow....Let's do beautiful
neither do i, what was the holiday? about your photos, they are great
Beauty captured so beautifully....simply enjoyed! thnx....
Elegant and lovely. :)
Lovely photos. Just wanted to encourage you!
Our Almond tree started flowering yesterday :-)
we could smell um though n they'd stink most flowers do but omg they are we agreexxxx
Ian G
Greetings Takahiro, Just been looking through your work, really cool and you have an eye for your subject, do you shoot for stock besides being an editor/photographer? being a dreamer is good too Takahiro, those dreams do come true especially for us photographers. Great work.
Ian G
Ive copied your facebook link and will drop you a message from facebook. keep up the wonderful work.
+Ian G Thank you. Some of my photos are on sale at Getty Images. Facebook? I'll check the message later :) Thanks again.

I love this sets...honestly this series is the best spring blossom images I ever seen...I was a bit feels "sick" with those pinkish blossom spring...^_^
Nice Pictures as always.

So, the Spring Equinox is a national holiday in Japan? I like that. Its nothing special here...
+Yuga Kurita ありがとうございます。色調をいじるのはめったにやらないんですが、たまにやったらこんなたくさんコメントをもらっちゃいました。迷いが生じます(笑)。
+Susanne Schweiger Hi there. Thanks for dropping by. The latest X-ray photo of my leg shows that the fractured part has started to reconnect :)
Thank you all! Sorry that I can't reply to your comment individually.
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