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how times have changed :) I have to admit, I never dreamed Silicon Valley would be the subject of main stream rap songs... but it has happened. 

Thanks for the (mostly) positive message in Geekin. (Clearly not for young children)

Last verse is my favorite:

Check me out, I’m a, I’m an engineer
A mathematician, technician and a visioneer
A scientist, the motherf#@king nerd
The rebirth, the clue, f#@! what you heard

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HALP! The Python trademark is in danger in Europe. Please help if you've used the name Python in Europe for your business.

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OK I admit it... I am a card carrying member of the +Jeff Dean fan club.

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In the wake of Adam Lanza's massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, let's try a grade-school exercise. True or false? For most of US history, Americans had broad gun rights. That's false. Until recently, individual gun rights were severely restricted – with NRA support.

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Here it comes--Google Maps for the iPhone!
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iPad version 

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Almost 10 years ago we invented MapReduce at Google, and published a paper on it.  An entire industry and open source ecosystem has sprung up around it. Today we're promising not to sue anyone over these patents, unless we get sued first.  It's time to put a stop to the madness of software patents and the patent wars and patent trolls that are enabled by them.

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"What saved the company weren't the millions Google wasted lobbying Senators or paying Republicans to be its friends. It was its engineers, who designed its services in a way that maximized effectiveness while avoiding rampant illegality."

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In 2011, Google's University Relations team launched a new academic research awards program called Google Exacycle for Visiting Faculty, making a call for projects that would consume 100M+ core-hours each and be of critical benefit to society. As a result, seven scientists have been working at Google for the past year running large computing experiments on Google’s infrastructure; their projects range from protein folding and structural modeling to the dynamic universe. 
Read about their work in today's Research at Google blog post, and watch out for an interview here later this week with Googler Joseph Hellerstein (, who works on cloud infrastructure out of our Seattle office and talks in-depth about his collaborations with some of these visiting scientists.
Engineer, Researcher, Advisor.
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Engineer, Researcher, Advisor
  • Google
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