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Tagalog Ebooks
Ebooks for Tagalog Readers!
Ebooks for Tagalog Readers!

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[FUNNY] White Guy Orders in Tagalog at Jollibee
#Jollibee is an iconic Filipino restaurant, but l’ve noticed they hardly speak #Tagalog there anymore – the whole menu is in English now. So I wanted to put the #Pinoy back in #Jollibee by placing my entire order in deep #Tagalog. Warning - this is Hilarious. Enjoy!!
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#maputingcooking #foreignoy #angsarap

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A Beautiful Beach in Puerto Galera

via +Demi McLaren and +Fabulous Philippines 
A quiet beach near Sabang in Puerto Galera municipality
Mindoro island, Philippines

More about Puerto Galera:

Photo: Magalhães.

#sabang #puertogalera #mindoro #mindorooriental #philippines #beach #beachphotography

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Google PH Releases Touching Video on Pinoys Abroad

#Pinoy   #Filipino  

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Tikum Kadlum

“After twenty-five years of hard work—the recording, transcribing, translating, cross-checking and more—the ten epics of Panay have finally been documented for posterity. The University of the Philippines Press and Flipside Publishing present the Sugidanon of Panay: Panay’s ten oral epics preserved for future generations in digital form. Tikum Kadlum (Black Dog), Book I, tells about the hunting spree of Datu Paiburong, the cutting of the prized buriraw nga kawayan (a yellow-colored variety of bamboo), and the heavy payment demanded by the man-eating monster, Makabagting, from Datu Paiburong for the crashing of his prized burugsak (gold bell). From the mountain of Panay Island, to the cities, this book reaches out to its varied readers in three languages: contemporary Kinaray-a, Filipino (Tagalog), and English.”

#Tagalog   #filipino  

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Tagalog Poetry Ebooks

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MAHARLIKA: Miguel “KIDLAP” Amorsolo Part 2

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Si Lorna, Si Tessa, at si Mando

"Hindi lang kapwa maganda ang magkaibigang Lorna at Tessa, kundi pareho rin silang hiwalay sa kanilang mga asawa at halos magkatulad rin ang pamantayan sa paghahanap ng bagong pag-ibig. At dahil nga magkapareho sa lahat ng gusto at hilig, kapwa napako ang interes ng magkaibigan sa iisang lalaki — si Mando, ang guwapo at makisig nilang boss sa pabrika."

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Wealth Within Your Reach

by Francisco J. Colayco

Winner, 2004 National Book Awards, Business and Economics Category. A fun to read, easy to understand, simple presentation of fundamentals of saving and investing in both English and Tagalog. This book awakens you to the fact that everyone can reach financial independence at any income level.

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