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On LNL ep1 how Solus is identified in the webstats was discussed, esp chrome which is controlled by google, so might be listed as 'other'. I just changed a password in Solus using Chrome, and I got an email saying the password was changed using Chrome under Linux. 

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TX is playing alternative rock like its 1991 and telling you all the cool bands playing in Dublin soon like Green Day in the Attic, I'll have to save my £2 pocket money for that. 

Tried the livecd on my Desktop, which has an nvidia 750ti there is just a black screen. At the command prompt it asks for a user name and password. What is the default?

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After installing propriety nvidia drivers my laptop has a blank screen and a flashing white cursor. I checked the following forum and followed the advice in the second post.
Uninstalling and reinstalling the packages, produces the same result. Is there other options than reinstalling. What other info can I provide?

Found this thread as well, in the software centre, "Software is up to date".

Edit: Used the commands in the last link. It shows 3D controller instead of the VGA output of the poster. The second command shows program terminated, file conflicts, the first one is, "usr/bin/nvidia-cuda-mps-control from nvidia-340-glx-driver package"

As a side note steam runs smother than on ubuntu mate, and its not using the GPU, wow.

I put Solus onto my Lenovo Flex 2 laptop as a dual boot. The first time it restarted Ubuntu was on the Grub menu, but after that only Solus was available. Is that fixable? 

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DS9 spoilers.....

So I finished the show for the first time recently and for the last showdown with Ducat and the captain my first thought was all you needed him to do was jump off a cliff for you. Couldn't you have done that with some local, why Sisko. After all so much time and effort was put into making him an emissary and then you throw your prized pet away. Sure the pa wraits are EVIL, but the wormhole gods are a bunch of arrogant jerks.

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Photos from #DublinPride 2016. Great day out, met some friends in the parade.
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So many memories of teenage angst.
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