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Dear Google,

Please create an algorithm that will pre-select idiots like this and remove them from the internets.


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Makes me angrier than it probably should.  This person has just failed the Decent Intelligent Person Test and should therefore just be removed from the internet entirely.  sigh
Oh please +Tad Donaghe  how do you know I wouldn't leave my husband and my children for an outstanding offer like that? 
I had my first penis whipped out in a G+ hangout. THAT is a broken brain. 
It's a simple yes or no question ;)
Yeah.  The way in which public hangouts are COMPLETELY broken is yet another way we know that Google is just totally out of touch with social networking.

So long as we're not able to boot folks who are idiots - as +Jessica Gottlieb mentioned, or those who won't participate, or those who just play loud music, etc etc, we know that Google doesn't get it.

Even when I create a public hangout it fills up with idiots.  Sigh.
This whole thing makes me laugh more than it should. I'm trying to understand under what circumstances this would get one laid.
Well, and I'm guessing that this person's religion would frown upon that type of behavior as well.  Just a bit.
I wonder if there is some "all western women are sluts who will sleep with anyone" stereotyping at play here.
+Erica Joy we aren't???? I don't know about you but RIGHT NOW my knees are exposed for anyone in the world to see. 
+Erica Joy I'm gonna go stereotyping myself and guess that this person has rarely ever had any sort of open discussion with any non-related woman and therefore this might seem to be perfectly normal.
Another lame thing is I have no idea how to type any of that name so we could call him out and mercilessly make fun of him other than what we're doing here.
OMG!! LOL!!!!!!!  Oh man!  :D :D :D
(P.S. There you go Tad. Copy +paste.)
+Erica Joy I'm not sure that a warning is in order.  I think an outright ban is more like it.  A ban for being unable to internet.
Maybe it's a novelty account and he's trolling us to laugh at our overreaction... lol
Heh. First time I think I've smiled today. Oh, horny idiots who watch too many badly dubbed American sitcoms and late night cinemax - what would we do without you?
I'm more amused by the fact that Doctor Sexual thought that he was addressing the Victoria's Secret model. Oftentimes when a written statement merely mentions a celebrity, those who respond to it think that they're talking to the celebrity personally.

Perhaps I should post a picture of Justin Bieber to my stream and see if Doctor Sexual asks "Look for a man sex Do you accept"
On the other hand, I'm picturing some poor innocent man who doesn't speak English, typing something flirty & innocent and it got all wrong. :) which I'm sure isn't the case, but an amusing theory. 
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