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Tad Donaghe

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Ummm... what is this?

It looks AWFUL. Ugh. WTF?
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If you ever watch the twilight zone or R L Stine's The Haunting Hour, you would like this. This is still better the half the shit syfy puts on tv. I did watch the uncensored version. 
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Tad Donaghe

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Tad Donaghe

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If your solution to fixing a systemic problem (whether in government or economics) is to radically change the existing structure then you're doing it wrong.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 
― Richard Buckminster Fuller
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The trick is finding a new model that will make a lot more people a lot more wealthy. 
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Tad Donaghe

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Dear Tad,

Here's your daily reminder not to make snide remarks on stupid religious or political facebook posts of your high school classmates.

NOT an easy thing to do!
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+Tad Donaghe I am learning very slowly. Actually I don't get angry anymore. But, I do sometimes illustrate my annoyance with a concise rebuttal 😀
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Tad Donaghe

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The Endarkenment

That's my new term (borrowed from noted sci-fi author David Brin's post below) for the apparent intended result of the attacks on science and technology by the luddites on the left and the right.

The opponents of evolution working hand-in-hand with the opponents of vaccines and GMO foods to plunge us all back into some sort of dark ages.

We must all fight against The Endarkenment!!
Teacher removed for 'dangerous' science projects; supporters rally -- this is where we see the loony left and loony right joining forces in their campaign to bring on the Endarkenment.  And don't you lefties DARE to use as an excuse the fact that the right is crazier!  That may be true (it wasn't, fifty years ago) but it is no excuse.,0,1851167.story
A popular Los Angeles high school science teacher has been suspended after students turned in projects that appeared dangerous to administrators, spurring a campaign calling for his return to the classroom.
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There are enough things that students can do without putting them in jeapordy or harm. Education is to get them interested and becoming a volunteer or intern is the way to further interest.
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Tad Donaghe

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Below is a link to patch notes.

I'm very happy that they're fixing the public dungeon bosses to discourage idiots from standing there spamming an attack key over and over in the hopes of killing him, but I'm also dismayed that so many people are upset that they're taking that out of the game.

Seriously, how freakin' boring is it to just stand there and spam a button over and over and over. It also completely ruins the fun of anyone who just wants to run the dungeon for the sake of running it.

Ugh. People.
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People are awesome, also people suck ass. 
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Tad Donaghe

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+Louis Gray:

Is there an API that I can write code against that will allow me to grab image information (including URLs) from the pictures that I upload into G+?

I want to share my photos with my parents who are unwilling to visit sites with any sort of login (even optional) prompts. I want to create a super simple site that just displays our photos.

If anyone other than Louis knows, please chime in!
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Tad Donaghe

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Abandoned a Quest and Now I'm Stuck

I was doing "Breaking the Tide" in the Ebonheart noob area (after the starting island) and it was bugged where you had to help Captain Rena fight the Dagger ship captain. You were supposed to talk to Captain Rena first but she wouldn't respond.

I logged out and still broken. Quit the game and still broken. Finally I abandoned the quest entirely. The phase disappeared (the battle that was going on was no longer happening), and I see no possible quests anywhere.

What do I do now?
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After today's maintenance, I was able to complete the quest as desired! Woo hoo!
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Tad Donaghe

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Good night ploos
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Tad Donaghe

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Sound Problems

Is anyone else getting a problem where the sound quits syncing with combat? After a few minutes in the game, combat sounds begin firing several seconds after the move that would have caused them if at all. Sometimes a fight will be completely silent and just a death cry or whatever at the end.

Is this a known issue?  Only me?
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I figured out the problem - turned back the graphics to Medium and my MBP is happy again.  /sigh

I'll be really happy when I can play on PS4! 
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We've used Camelback Moving twice in the past month during a hectic move from one house to another. In both cases we had fantastic experiences. The three man crews moved our heaviest stuff so much faster than we ever could have. Paying by the hour instead of by weight makes everything a lot more affordable as well. No complaints at all. We will be using Camelback Moving the next time we move!
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When I made my reservation, I jokingly added a note that my wife and I were celebrating our 16.5 wedding anniversary. Eddie V's, though, took it seriously and pulled out all the stops - rose petals on our table, signed Happy Anniversary card, and free dessert. I mentioned several times that it wasn't really our anniversary, but they would hear nothing about that! LOVED IT! We will be going back as often as we can! This is our favorite nice restaurant in the greater Phoenix area and we stop by as often as we can! Food is always excellent and the service is phenomenal.
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Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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