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Have you ever wondered why we use a map as part of our branding or the significance of the design elements in our logo?

If you have, hit the link below. If not, feel free to move on :)

Over the next few weeks our website will be getting a makeover (our social profiles have already).

The logo and new branding is the brainchild of +Rhonda Negard over at +Fat Dog Creatives. She worked her magic and captured my vision perfectly.

#tsomedia #BeTactical

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LinkedIn is Changing
Go paid or stay home?

Great write up on the differences by +Melonie Dodaro at +Top Dog Social Media.

I agree that those who are true sales professionals will benefit from the Sales Navigator and the investment is well worthwhile. For the average business owner, relationships and business can still be generated from the free version if you take a very active approach and work to drive traffic rather than wait for it to show up in the form of seeing a post. It's a tactic I teach and speak on often and works well - if you are truly committed to it.

I still don't believe you must pay to play if you have a good social media marketing strategy Paying should enhance your results.

Your thoughts?

#BeTactical #LinkedIn

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Put simply the number of followers you have on social media is a worthless vanity metric.

Part of why you should stop asking for likes (

Focus on quality content and driving traffic, not followers. Do the first 2 and you will get quality followers.

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Do you spend more time using your phone or desktop for social media?

Interesting data here if you ask me.

Most interesting is the percentage increase in internet and social media users but a more 'flat' mobile social users when that was to be the big thing.
I think we'll see more news via social but not so sure mobile social use.

Why? Look at the Instagram stats. Given posting is mobile ONLY (no reference even to SnapChat) and still a small percentage increase... there seems to be a shift OFF mobile for most social usage.

How else do you explain the big rise of Instagram and a minimal increase in overall social use via mobile?

Via +Mindi Rosser

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This is how SEO is done! Period!

"You have to be able to acquire links in a genuine fashion, and that's really going to come down to having great content that people want to link to, and then finding a way to market that content to get it in front of the eyes of those people that generally do link out to relevant content."

And how is that done - hire an experienced copywriter / copy editor and learn how to effectively use social media (not a post and try to get 'reach' mentality)

Oh - and it helps to have a damn good website to start with - crappy performance and user experience will hurt your efforts, even with the best content.

I highly recommend reading this piece by +Magnificent Marketing LLC.

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Are you monitoring your brand?

Do you know what others are saying about your brand?
Are you actively looking for sales or relationship opportunities?
Are you improving customer service and retention?
Are you aware of how others find you?
Are you monitoring for content theft? (
Are you finding relevant content to share with your readers?

If not, consider setting up a social listening system with +Mention - and we can help.

#sociallistening #BeTactical

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Creating visibility and authority through social media


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LinkedIn Etiquette: 4 Online Networking Tips

Love point 3 via +Debra A. Jason

"Don’t ignore an invitation from someone you don’t know. When you receive an invite from someone you don’t recognize, take a moment to visit their profile first. Perhaps this person could be a referral resource, a vendor or potential customer."

People always tell me they ignore connection requests from people they do not know. How else do you build and grow your network? The point IS to meet new people. It’s all in how you do it.

#BeTactical and think people!

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Stop Asking Me To Like Your Facebook Page
Asking for likes from everyone could actually prevent content from being shown.....

There is a very good reason why I NEVER ask anyon to like my page and rarely like other pages.

It has notthing to do with not wanting to support you - In fact, it has everything to do with it.

10 years of organically generating leads, sales and SEO using only social media marketing has taught me a few things.


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Where I think most people and brands go wrong on social media

- they focus on content, branding, sales..... when to post, the content to post, how often to post..... an it's what the so called experts preach.

In the end, some of it matters but social media is not about selling. It's about connecting - people to people, brands to people. It's about relationships. It's abot being acessible, not just visible. Relationships drive business.

My best advice - listen less to the experts and more to those, like Justine, who actually take a human approach to social media.
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