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Why social media and your entire online presence are critical for SEO.

"The solution is to work on establishing yourself as an authority in your industry. You will need to go far beyond an on-page SEO checklist and anchor text links. It’s essential that you start creating associations between your website and your business niche through quality content that will indicate to search engines you are the one who can be trusted on industry topics."

As for the point about guest blogging, guest blogging for SEO was never a great idea (for the blogger). The value of guest blogging was and still is brand awareness. The second big value is referral traffic. Aside from the possible SEO benefits from the backlinks, these links create potential referral traffic. The more paths you create to drive traffic, the less dependence you have on SEO.

Great article from +Jeff Bullas

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Need more proof that content matters more than how much you post it or when you post it? (or how often you post).

Good content will stay around and drive brand awareness, web traffic, even business for years to come - ON FACEBOOK! A notification popped up a few minutes ago showing a post from my previous business, dated March 7th, 2013, was just shared!!

While it won't help me (I closed the business in July of 2014) consider what it could have meant if I was still in business? A 5-year-old post could potentially have generated income.

This may be the oldest post I have had resurface, though there have been plenty of others for myself and my clients over the years.

The next time you are told when to post or how often, consider that they are wrong. It's the content which matters, not how often when you post. (And yes. it was a cartoon, yet I added content to it which made it searchable - how it is posted matters too).

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SEO for beginners (and everyone else too!)

It clear there are 4 main ranking factors (

Mobile Responsiveness
Technical Factors.

The top 2 show your authority - critical since Google will only serve up in rankings authoritative sites. Content is your portfolio and backlinks are your testimonials. Content better be high quality (written well and valuable).

The last 2 refer to how well your site was designed and built. Think you can go cheap? Guess again.

And then, there are the offsite technical issues - how the site is linked to Google.

Fail at one any point and your SEO will take a hit. Do it right and SEO is natural. There is no need to pay an 'SEO guy'.

Need help? THIS is what we do for clients.

Want to learn more? This is an outstanding primer from +Jeff Bullas

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Looking to optimize your website for local search?
Start with Google My Business.

Always amazed at how few brands take advantage of this. Not sure where to begin, +Moz has the perfect DIY primer.

Aside from the search value, there are a few other nice perks:

- Google My Business Posts
- Booking button feature
- Messaging
- Questions & Answers
- Google My Business online reviews

If you haven't already done so, we highly recommend you claim your listing.
If you have, now is a good time to revisit it.

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A bit more social proof

How important is it to interact and be social? ore important in fact than publishing new content (

I follow +Social Warfare (a must have plugin FYI). They posted on Facebook.( asking for others to share their blogs. I did. Here's the interaction which drove real, measurable traffic:

2 Photos - View album
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Getting overwhelmed finding, creating and publishing content?

Here's a thought. Just stop. Really!

Counterintuitive? Maybe. Accurate? Hell yes!

The likelihood is very little of your content is being seen in feeds, so why waste time posting or worrying about it?

Publish less.
Make it epic.
Write it for your audience:
Write it well:
Publish it properly:
Drive people to it.

It's that simple and it works.

(if it doesn't, you've missed a step; and we can help)

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Do you really know how well your content is working?
Are you wasting your time?

Cannot figure out Google Analytics?

Have to say, +LevelTen Interactive's Intelligence plugin is simply amazing!

Even with our Google Analytics experience, this plugin is far more effective at helping us 'know what is and isn't working and providing REAL, usable information. We have it installed on several sites and it's simply incredible.

It's helping us accurately show advertisers on our Meet Your Community project ( how well the site will work for them.

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Looking to Leave Facebook For Good?

Facebook clearly wants its users to remain active. So much so, they have made deleting your account difficult. It cannot be done through the settings menu. The best that will get you is a deactivated account.

If you truly want to say goodbye to Facebook, here's the link:

Before you delete your account, you may want to download a copy of your information from Facebook (once it's gone, it's gone!):

* Click the downward arrow at the top right of any Facebook page
* Select "Settings"
* Click on the link at the bottom of the main menu that says
* “Download a copy of your Facebook data”

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Will You Marry Me?

Do you want your blog articles to show in SERPs?

I know. Stupid question.

Like you asking for marriage, getting ranked in Google means you're going to need that engagement.

Great, onsite optimized, well written, authoritative content is the cornerstone of SEO. You must be credible, you must provide value. You must provide answers people are seeking.

It's a must if you want to rank in searches. And it's not always enough.

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Facebook No Longer Allows Custom Link Previews

This is a big deal! IF your Open Graph data is not properly configured and your content shared, it will look less than professional.

Given much of this data can affect SERPs, not just social sharing, make sure it's correct. We'd highly recommend adding +Yoast and +Social Warfare to your WordPress site.

Plenty of great details in this article:

#Facebook #tsomedia

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