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Our very first 720p video download is available now. It's the most recent TWiT episode with +Baratunde Thurston +Nick Bilton and +Joshua Topolsky. Great episode to start HD downloads with. Check it out at (Warning: it's big! 1.6GB!)
Download Video: MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS.
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I downloaded that this afternoon and thought "Holy cow, 1.6GB!!"
Is it possible to have a nice RSS feed only for 720p video???
It is all that Rye that Leo drank that caused it ^_^
when will I be able to download the 720p through iTunes? I looked and didn't see an option for it?
Watched the beginning of the 720 download really clean video. Wish my podcast looked that good.. Tom KB4HQA
This was the best episode of TWiT in a very long time and they are all usually good. One time for Baratunde
Yep. This was one of my favorite TWiTs ever.
It is big, if you are in Rural America with a 1Mbs connection.
I usually watch TWiT streaming through the MediaFly app on the iPad. Will there be a separate area for HD or is it not practical to stream something like this?
What other pages are you seeing? I search for TWiT and only see this page.
+Lou G strange that did not show up when I searched, I guess they are still adding all the time

They seem to have the exact same name too. odd.
Great to see the uber awesome TWiT page here :)
HD video looks amazing!
I am ecstatic that TWiT is on Google+ and hooray for HD video! ITM
A 720p video of this length is going to be 1.6GB. There's not much that can be done about it. The SD versions aren't going anywhere for the foreseeable future...
I blocked the profile. Wanted to report, but it's up to TWiT to do so sez Google.
Is it me, or is the focus a bit soft in the HD episode? I was slightly disappointed with the quality.
Conserving my capped bandwidth for NetFlix and work, I listen to TWiT audio only, on my MP3-player thingy, and you know what? 99% of the time I do not need to go hunt up the video version. For anyone who wants to follow TWiT regularly but can't afford the downloads, I recommend it.
The HD video was lovely. Great show, too! Good job!
The show never looked so good.

Only thing missing now is to have HD video for the people on Skype (is that even possible?).
Great episode with engaging guests and intelligent, thoughtful discussion. I'd love to see less cranky geeks and more hipsters on TWiT!
Better yet, give the cranky geeks their own show (again)! Honestly, I miss that show.
Nice to see ya here Leo. I'll go download something a little later after the maintenance. Love the show!
This looks fantastic streaming through my XBox 360!
"Site off-line is currently performing updates to the system and should be back in a few minutes. Thanks for your patience. " You should really move that page to Squarespace! ;-)
Thanks Leo and the rest of the twits look better than me hd cable at 1080
looks great on my 50 inch plasma
+Bob Cronin i think its just u it looks great on my tv
Looks great guys! But I have to admit that listening to your shows still's the way to go. Keep doin' the great work. Greetings from Germany!
Is this the official twit page? Hope I got the right one this time. 
I tried playing the latest TNT episode yesterday and it would stop halfway through. Downloading it or the HD TWiT episode was a no go. They would start and then stall and most of the graphics wouldn't show up on the TWiT site. The audio version of TWiT itself, however, came down fine via Downcast to my iPhone.
Just watched the HD video. The thought occurred to me that any shows that are all in studio personnel will look best like iPad Today, TNT, etc. Shows that are heavily Skype video like MacBreak Weekly and Windows Weekly won't benefit...not at file sizes 5x larger than the "large" feed.
i have waited for TWiT.HD as long as i can think HD :-D great work, go on !
Just Watch Out For The File Size Is 1.6GB so if you only have limited bandwidth. but the hd really do like good
Yeah I have 145GB a month and I mostly watch live tho
Thank you so much for the HD quality. I have been waiting a long time for this :) I have an eye issue and watching some of the "high quality" SD videos actually hurts my eyes sometimes (not kidding). Keep up the awesome work! (no usage cap here so I'd be good with 1080p downloads also :) )
I wonder if each show will have it own google+ page
yeah right now i think the only show there doing in HD is twit for now. and other show to come
No one here is complaining about the file size 
I didn't think it would get done tonight, good on ya, Leo. Congratulations , your studio and staff are awesome! You're putting' the band back together. And the new folks are great too! Love all the shows! I watch live though, the bean counters gotta figure out how to count me, I know I should download, but it's a pain. Again Thank you!
Yesterday 10:24 PM
I see there are two TWIT pages. How does the other one get gone?
will each show get its own page or will all show news come through this one?
Hey, TWiT guys - I just managed to find the signup page for the BBQ yesterday - have you guys already given out the tickets for Sunday, or do I still have a chance?
I wish you made the 720p available starting with 325. I wanted to see Jolie O'Dell in HD. :)
That's precisely the first thought I had, Peejay.
Making so much progress! Totally awesome!
You should offer a low bandwidth version also.
+Manish Arora There are low bandwidth version of TWiT. They are under SD or SD (low) - for mobile devices.
+Peter Hatley +Steven Bock You do realize that most TWiT shows are over an hour long. Hence the large file size. It is like downloading a movie from iTunes or Amazon. If you don't want the HD feed, subscribe to SD feed to save on bandwidth.
+Steven Bock The HD live stream is going to be a premium service for people who have donated to TWiT or paid for the HD stream. So if you haven't donated or don't plan to pay for the HD stream, then just keep watching the Ustream or BitGravity streams.
If you can't download it, you can't download it. It's not like they're dropping the SD content :) I'll watch next week's show in HD I guess because I already saw this once!
The opportunity to download TWiT in 720p... I think I'm going to need more hard drives.
Great stuff , i will stick that on my xbox360 and watch it on HDTV :)
I have no "i" anything...and the only Mac i ever purchased was the fruit. I'm not worthy of opposable thumbs!
Wish I didn't have the data limits. 10 GB is simply not enough for 30 days of Twit!
leo i love yur podcast ,techguy security now ect thank yu sir.
Wish I could wait till my pipette of a connection squeezed this through.
OH good seeing you kaith good show
broadband conection s can be a joke even fibber optic .
Great episode i really enjoyed watching it.
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