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Starting TONIGHT at 10 PM PDT on TWiT:

Join host Tom Merritt, with guests Jonathan Strickland, Dr. Kiki, Phil Plait, and Steve Sell, for an hour of coverage as NASA's Curiosity Rover attempts to land on Mars via a sky crane.

Watch and listen at
Mars Landing Special: Aug 5th 10PM PDT | TWiT.TV
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This might be the best place for coverage for those that do not want to have 14 different streams, 5 tablets, a phone and 16 monitors going...
keep up the great work Tom I got you on my ipad next to CNN
Oh sweet! I just watched the landing on Nasa's feed and just saw this about TWiT's livecast. Now I'm watching both!
It landed... everything went as planned... can't believe it... all that complexity in the landing and it worked all the way...
Great coverage, thanks for being THE place to be for that landing.
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