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Leo seemed pretty skeptical about G+ today... I was a bit surprised.
This was an excellent episode (really thoughtful) , but so sorry about +Leo Laporte not finding value in G+. I love it here. I get to follow so many great people.
I agree with +Jeff Jarvis, I find better, more engaging conversations on G+ than I do on Facebook. (Hell, Twitter is more engaging than Facebook).
I'm constantly posting G+ links on my Facebook and Twitter accounts, especially to Facebook. 

I prefer G+ over Facebook hands down and have noticed that there is a lot more private sharing among those I've circled than public sharing. That may lead to an impression that it's a ghost town to those who are new and haven't found a series of communities. I've even moved a political social network from Ning to G+ and we share privately with one another and use it for collaboration purposes.
Regarding the video that shows "Surface vs iPad", +Alexandre Romao said, and I quote, "I think everyone clearly noticed the big difference here, Steven Sinofsky (Presenting Surface) didn't wear a black turtleneck ! That was so obvious."
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