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By the way - there is another TWiT page, that is not the official page. Not sure how to report them as impostors, though.
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Go to the page and on the left hand side click on the Report this profile link. You then have the relevant options to report them as an impostor.
Wait, so which one is real? I guess the one I'm already following is the one appearing in my stream, and the one you're linking to is the impostor?

#confused #buzzed <- #thatstheproblem
There is a report option on the left, just like with profiles. I have flagged as false.

That is why pages need to be verified ASAP.
Just clicked the report button and filed them as "Impersonators" for you guys!
Jeffrey, there is. I've seen verify marks.
It's easy to spot the imposter g+ has a goatee!
I think the reason Google didn't solve this is to force businesses to link to the Google+ pages from their webpages, thus getting more external links into Google+, and then they can use their regular search algorithms to give the right results
re:Fake TWiT page: netcasts you love, from people you DON'T trust
I tried reporting it as an "Impersonation" but the form said "Only official representatives of the organization being impersonated can complete this form. If a company is being impersonated and they aren't yet aware, reach out to them directly and suggest they complete this form."
+Leo Laporte You have to go to the impersonator's page and report them as "Falsely representing a company or organization". Only an official representative of +TWiT can complete that report when that option is chosen.
I've reported it for being a fake profile.
I have also reported this as a fake profile.
+TWiT representative has to report them for impersonation. none of us can do it. we can just block
Ask Gina or Colleen to flag it
+Brian Warden I reported it as "fake" as well, but it not fake, it is "impersonation", and to report that, G+ wants a representative from the Real page to report it. That is +TWiT , not us
dbk guy
It's probably an over zealous fan.
"Only official representatives of the organization being impersonated can complete this form. If a company is being impersonated and they aren't yet aware, reach out to them directly and suggest they complete this form."
Just let Leo handle it. I'm sure he's tech savvy enough to figure it out. :P
Click "Report This Profile" on the left side of the fake page. Then click "Impersonation" and then give them all the information that would prove you are the real TWiT.
+Timothy Ngo you are suggesting people LIE to get them removed? That is no better than the liar impersonating +TWiT
I can't believe it's taking this long to take them down.. How long did it take them to take down the +Facebook profile... It's all about their interests...
+Jarrod W I was giving +TWiT the suggestion of how to take action in removing the impersonators. I don't appreciate you saying that I am tell people to LIE to Google about the FAKE TWiT page. +Google+ should not have allowed the creation of the page without an authorized email address from the company.

How is it LYING when the only people who can prove they are the real +TWiT are the people from TWiT, like +Leo Laporte. That fake TWiT page is an impersonation because people from TWiT did not know about it until I and other TWiT fans told +Eileen Rivera and other hosts about it.

We can only report the page as spam or a fake profile, but cannot report that page for impersonation because we are not employees of TWiT. Someone from TWiT, Leo or Lisa, would need to report the impersonation and give them the information to prove that the other TWiT page is impersonating the company.
+Timothy Ngo not suggesting people lie is good, but offering instructions to +TWiT is completely unnecessary. They are smart people, giving them instructions meant for a baby is condescending, imo
+Jarrod W If you were reading the post carefully, you would infer that they were asking for the help of the TWiT Army. If instructions for how to report the impersonators is what they needed, I am happy to give it to them. I am trying to help. Why are you singling me out, when others before me have given the same instructions.
We can all report it as a Fake Profile by the way.
Unfollowed, and reported. Thanks Real TWiT!
Reported to the G-Police.
Just reported them as Fake. Hopefully Google will wake up and delete the account.
+Neil Dallimore Yay for the TWiT Army. Google should have never let that person create that page in the first place.
What if everyone is reporting the real one as fake, and the fake one is telling us the real one is fake? Heavy. 
Google need to fix this so there are validated company pages. Big hole they need to fill.
How could they have failed to see that people would build fake pages? After all, they had the example of Facebook to guide them!
What on earth happend to your channell? Is it a game channell now?
What happened to the TWiT Yahoo widget? I used to watch TWiT on my internet-connected Sony Bravia TV, but the TWiT widget was suddenly replaced by a Twitter widget. The TWiT widget is no longer listed in the Bravia's directory. Too bad - it was fun to watch Leo and friends on a 47" screen.
just a small point but how do we know your not the fake page thats just got the real page kicked off mmmmmmmm. :)
I think that is part of google's crowd-sourcing magic. They are able to use algorithms which include relevance, network activity, etc. and award the keyword to the "rightful" owner. I know they use similar smarts in Google places - when they launched everybody tried to move the white house but their systems figured it out and corrected.

Also, note the "Report this profile" button also exists and I'm sure if everyone clicks, they know its a fraud.
On the lower right hand corner of 99% of G+ pages, there is Send Feedback.
seems they're gone! +1 for google for removing them
Looks like the Poser Twit has been removed
It might help clear things up if you filled out some of the info under "About" in the "official" TWiT profile. Good thing you posted, because I almost thought the other one was real.... OR IS IT?!?!
Is the fake page posting anything, because this one is a ghost town. Get on it, TWiT. Really? Nothing has happened at TWiT since Nov 10th?
Agree with +Joshua Hughes. For the lack of fresh content and incomplete profile on this "official" page, maybe I should be following the fake one... What would TWiG say...? :)
+TWiT You guys are posting all kinds of content on your site and NOTHING on here. Get with the program man. You're called This WEEK In Tech not This WHENEVER In Tech
+Michele Noire Sorry. not the case at all. If a brand like TWIT is gonna have a page as well as a site that posts weekly content. People SHOULD expect very regular content. If they can't handle it, then they simply shouldn't have a page OR publicly post that it's "under construction" so people don't have high expectations.
I have a Similar Problem.
We provide Advertising Space for Business Pages on Facebook.
If I don't Post the Links there would be No Posts.
wow they already stopped using there google+ brand page
I hope TWiT will consider more activity on Google Plus now that the multiple admins has rolled out. It's becoming a place where a lot of us live. I'd be pleased to be able to follow TWiT's content news here. Or is there another page official page?
Come on Twit lets figure out a way to make this site work
I have been working with computers since I got my first 300 baud modem lol and I have to say every other person with attempts to do a pod cast show apply for a job with Leo first cause not one pod cast out there is even close.
is the TWIT page inactive, or did they start a different one?
thanks +Carlo DeVito Jr. I do watch the livestream on, but was wondering if Twit was using this Google+ page (or an alternate Google+ page) to interact with us viewers.
The +TWiT Army has eradicated the impostors. I know I reported. Even got a response email back from Google. Success!
Thank you twit for the outstanding CES coverage. I appreciate all your hard work.
Hi there, I just wondered why you don't yet have a #GoogleTV app?
why would someone spoof your page, so dumb. and grats on over 20k worth of followers
Leo what is the name of the coffee press you use
What happened to mediafly twit app?? The app stopped udpating on 03/05/12 .. :(
Worse is NO LONGER LISTED! The MediaFly app is no longer supported it would appear. What the hell!? That was the number one way I watched TWiT! We need those recorded episodes broadcast a new way. How about here in the TWiT stream?
yeah mediafly decided to pull support for the free apps. I've been trying other apps but they are not as good. :(
The TWiT sites, at least the ones I'm trying to get to are flagged as malware. Not sure what is going on, but letting you guys know. Trying to click on a Google search link prompted the malware page as well as using Firefox to go directly to the page.
It's still flagging twit for me...
I figured it was Leo's taunting of Anonymous on Security Now.
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