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So true.
I even put the title of the game usually at the start of every video and I still get asked
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A lot of people are wondering how the survey happened - how it was conducted etc.  Over 4K people were polled.  Had a list of 30 possible reasons to choose from.  More details here
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PS4 Outselling Xbox One due to Resolution?
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+Lan Di k.
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My Playstation Experience
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+SatyaDG Not without a controller it isn't.
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Graphics shouldn't come before Gameplay
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+Damien Way speaking the truth makes me a pony? with owns all system? lol you walked in to that one xfag. #owned  
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Should The Order 1886 Review Embargo be Lifted?
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"Halo - at 720p struggled with 60fps (beta granted), "

and completely makes your point invalid - also  Halo 3 and 4 were 1080p 60fps. on MCC.

"Wow - you reword every thing - It wasn't a year for the xb1 price drop, it was 6 months"

Wrong - Xb1 didn't drop in price until the release of the Kinetic less Xbox.

" but are you seriously talking about Kz as lie?"
Yes - its WASNT 1080p Native multiplayer campaign as it advertised.

"Every xb game says 1080p on the back - thats a lie - every game!!!!

THATS another lie every game does not say 1080p on the back you nut lol

"Yes i don't disagree with the value- but as we said - the online didnt work - you keep changing the goal posts."

No the online was working just not fully - PLENTY of people played the online I even made a video! It just didn't run well for everyone - some were having connection issues. But we still got the 60+ hours of Mulitplayer campaign !!!! So a) Halo MCC was completely broken like you try and claim b) it didn't fail.
And yes TLOU is an overrated game movie. It is extremely heavy on cut scenes and you cannot deny the gameplay wasn't great and neither was the AI.

"Why did you buy halo - its the same thing - when UC remastered collection comes out it would have benefited with the LOUS being on ps4.

I like many others bought Halo MCC because we was getting FOUR games for the price of ONE. In addition Those games cover 10+ years so some people had never played the early games (like myself) and others wanted all the games on one console (which previously was spread over 3 consoles.)
TLOU however was released to save Ps4 because it was a proven seller and the Ps4 exclusives at the time (Knack, Killzone, Infamous) were bombing.

"Its well know that only the ps4 campaign of COD AW drops" - i agree with this and i said it.
 the Xb1 version DIDNT drop.  Fact. lol"

Nope - look it up the Xb1 version didn't dip on single player.

"But you don't mention the online portion which is what i was talking about It drops to 45 and has screen tear - but no, you think its perfect lol - I cant talk to someone in such denial.

ofcourse you'd only be talking about the xb1 dips and ignoring the ps4 dips..........fickle..

"You cant talk about the ps4 version dropping and ignore the xb1 version dropping - that's stupid."

nooo that's what you ponies do - you make threads and rants about the "weakbox" BUT DENY  the weaknesses of the Ps4 - its fickle and ignorant.

Xb1 never stated it runs games at native 1080p like Ps4 does....THAT is where it lied. Xb1 has never boasted about NATIVE 1080p - Sony reserve that lie for you Ponies who buy into anything they tell you....and then defend them!

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Have them in circles
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Microsoft Paid Women to Play on Xbox Live. To Catch a Creeper
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+Mihawk eyes Sir, you obviously do not know the matter at hand. I am going to ask you to stop being a complete asshole to people that have been a victim of a mistake that needs to be resolved.  
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You can see another interesting chart at Nielsen's that shows who owned which console before buying a new one.
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+SuperLmayo​ well I work in games retail buddy & I'll be honest with you. "The price says it at all" Ryse Son Rome can't really be that much of a bad game in comparison to (seeing that xb1 arrived first here in the UK before PlayStation) Killzone Shadowfall due to the fact the Ryse selling for £25 & Killzone going for £10 & these are 2nd hand prices. Knack is being sold for a measly £8 & probably the only cheapest on xb1 exclusive is being sold for say about £20 (dead rising 3) so I guess that says a lot about the titles that has released so far exclusively on PlayStation but if u prefer those titles I won't be the one to judge u.
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Microsoft accused of money whoring EA to get Xbox One Battlefield Hardline deal - trying to squeeze out PS4
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+Hoekje 86 Fair point....

EA isn't just guilty of this, Sony & MS do it too, btw....
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Sony Dev says The Order 1886 is NOT a 6/10 - - Wants Revenge for Reviews
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+The 200 Dollar Man Well it is either that or they can buy the PS4...  Err, wait, no they can't because Sony scrapped the launch there for the foreseeable future!  
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The Order 1886 Doesn't Suck. But the Value Does. 
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+don ray lmao, try watching it again.
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The Order 1886 - A Rental? Or Worth $60?
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+TrevHead10 gamespot gave it 5 out of 10.
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