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Ang patuloy na maghahatid ng katotohanan sa pagbabalita
Ang patuloy na maghahatid ng katotohanan sa pagbabalita

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‘Use of high-yielding GM varieties will allow farmers to export corn’
By Jasper Y. Arcalas - APRIL 17, 2017067
The government should promote the use of higher-yielding genetically modified (GM) seed varieties to boost corn output and enable farmers to export, according to an executive of Monsanto Philippines Inc. (MPI).

MPI Country Commercial Lead Rachelle Lomibao said expanding the use of modern technology will help the government achieve its goal of exporting corn in the near future.

“If you just increase the yield average per hectare then you don’t have to increase the number of hectares to be planted with corn. You just increase productivity per hectare and that’s not impossible,” Lomibao told the BusinessMirror on the sidelines of the company’s media launch of a new hybrid corn seed variety on Monday.

However, the MPI executive said the use of hybrid-corn seed varieties alone is not enough to turn the Philippines’s dream of exporting the crop into a reality.

“It’s not just about the seeds; it has to be accompanied by a lot of factors: fertilization, right agronomic practices, right management of water and right management of diseases and pests,” Lomibao said.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) earlier said the Philippines will achieve a “historic feat” this year by exporting corn due to a surplus in output.

However, Lomibao said she doesn’t see this happening this year.

“We may not be able to export this year due to the gap between the supply and demand,” she said.

Latest data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) showed that the country’s self-sufficiency ratio on corn declined to 91.35 percent in 2015, from 93.12 percent
recorded in 2014.

On Monday MPI rolled out Dekalb 6999S, a hybrid corn seed variety, which has a potential yield of 13.6 metric tons per hectare (MT/ha), more than triple than the country’s average yield of 4 MT/ha.

“Based on our trials it has a potential yield of as much as 13.6 MT/ha. This variety can be used both for wet and dry seasons,” MPI Marketing Lead Pam Valenzuela told reporters in a news briefing on Monday.

“This variety is what we need to reduce the gap between what is currently being produced and the demand,” Valenzuela added.

Dekalb 6999S contains Genuity, a Monsanto trait technology that makes the crop resistant to pests, such as corn borer, earworm and cutworm, according to MPI. MPI also said its latest product is protected against weeds due to its Round Up Ready component.

When asked if the MPI’s latest seed variety could withstand extreme weather condition such as drought, Lomibao said, “it will thrive.”

“Dekalb has been known to have a germplasm that is really resilient against drought. Our previous variety the Dekalb 6919 survived when planted during the last time we had El Niño,” she said.

“The germplasm, which is drought-tolerant used in 6919, is the same with that of Dekalb 6999S. We are confident that with Dekalb 6999s farmers can still be accorded with an optimum yield through our hybrid [seeds],” she added.

Lomibao also disclosed that there are several hybrid corn seed varieties currently in the pipeline.

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After several research and commercial trials, Monsanto’s DEKALB 6999S is finally out making a significant difference in farmers’ yields. DEKALB 69SSS has demonstrated high shelling recovery, strong standability and quality grains, all of which are important criteria of farmers when choosing what to plant. This hybrid can be planted throughout Luzon and Visayas.

At a media launch on April 17 at Sulo Hotel in Quezon City, Monsanto proudly introduced its newest yellow corn hybrid in the market – DEKALB 6999S- ang hybrid na “Kitang Kita ang Kita” (the hybrid which clearly demonstrates your earnings)

Boosting DEKALB 6999S is Genuity, a Monsanto trait technology that protects against Corn Borers, Earworms and Cutworms. It is also Round Up Ready which means it is protected against weeds. When planted under optimal conditions and combined with the best agronomic practices, DEKALB 6999S can potentially yield up to 13MT/HA. Compared to the reported national average of 4MT/HA, DEKALB 6999S truly has the potential to support the corn production self-sufficiency (even export) thrust of the Department of Agriculture under the Duterte Administration.

Long time North Luzon yellow corn farmer Lydia Lapastora shared “Nakita ko ang pagkakaiba ng DEKALB 6999S Genuity 5% RIB sa ibang binhi. Malalaki ang puno, malalaki ang bunga, halos doble ang bunga kada puno at matibay sa mga sakit ng mais, Talagang Kitang Kita ang Kita!” (I’ve seen the difference of DEKALB 6999S Genuity 5% RIB vs other yellow corn hybrids. It has big stalks, big corn ears with some even having double ears and is strong against diseases.)

Another Central Luzon yellow corn farmer, Federico Salvador, was pleasantly surprised on the strong standability of DEKALB 6999S. Salvador shared that Dekalb 69SSS was “matibay sa hangin at hindi agad natutumba. Malaki ang bunga at puno hanggang dulo.” (It stands strong against the wind, doesn’t easily fall and has bigger cobs that are filled to the end).”

Monsanto’s Marketing Lead for the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, Pam Mallari-Valenzuela, shared that DEKALB 69SSS is now being sold in Luzon. “Our farmers have been sharing very encouraging news about the performance of our product and we are very excited on how it will impact the over-all yield in areas where we have strong business presence.”

At Monsanto, we take pride in coming up with products and agricultural solutions to help farmers with the challenges they face. “We definitely want farmers to be successful because when they are, we are also successful,” said Valenzuela. ###

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By: Cathy Cruz
Maria Elisa Cristobal Anson, known as Boots Anson-Rodrigo recently gave her talk about diversity to partners of Monsanto Philippines. More than 60 officers of different popular companies in the country attended the 2-hour Diversity Forum with the Theme Everyone has a Reason and the Ability to Excel. 
Movie Workers Welfare Fund (MOWELFUND) President Boots Anson Roa-Rodrigo said that it was common for teams to have diverse values and beliefs. 
She underscored how communication is very important to bridge the gap and handle conflicts in the workplace and knowing priorities in life. For her, in diversity there is humility.
Rodrigo cited example when she left her mobile phone that day and tried her best to inform her secretary and family of her whereabouts because she left cellphone in their home. Through the help of Jean Mea of Monsanto, Rodrigo contacted her secretary and family. These simple actions makes big impacts, she emphasized.
Rodrigo further highlighted that to help teams work better and make decisions leads to commitment and action. It is necessary to have clarity on the values that influence the decision-making process.
Former Vice President for Operations of the Citizen’s Bank of Washington in the United States Boots Anson Rodrigo said it is not easy to overcome challenges in workplace particularly the issue on ‘crab-mentality’ attitude but for her, it is better not to take it seriously, ignore negativity and pray, have faith in God.
Rodrigo mentioned why the former President still popular despite of several issues raise against Estrada, because Mayor Estrada knows his deficiencies, his feet is always on the ground.
Balancing work and family is quite hard because what suffered is her personal time, though she’s happy and contented in her life, Rodrigo admitted.
Monsanto chose Boots Anson Roa-Rodrigo because of respected track record in movie industry and corporate world. Rissi said Anson-Roa is passionate about values, diversity, and she is a credible person to look at.
Monsanto, a Century Old Agricultural Company
In the closing message of Sandro Rissi, CEO of Monsanto Philippines during the Diversity Forum, he mentioned that the company has been in the industry for more than a century which is founded by John F. Queeny and it was named after his wife Olga Monsanto Queeny. He underscored that diversity is the most compelling reason why Monsanto Company exists throughout the years.
Core Values of Monsanto
Rissi said that Leadership translates into values, "We need the people (staff), we need our partners". Monsanto being an agriculture company, whose mission and vision is in food and there are two (2) words that make their foundation, it is Safety and Integrity.
The safety of employees, the communities where we operate, customers, consumers, farmers and the environment is the highest priority. In Monsanto, Integrity is the foundation for all that we do which encompasses four (4) values: honesty, decency, courage and consistency, he elaborated.
Rissi believes in dialogue. It serves as bridge that connects to everyone. It talks about transparency, respect, integrity and creating a great place of work.
By listening carefully, get insights and bring together to a table all diverse of point of views then understanding ideas to better address the needs and concerns of employees, partners, and society.
It’s not about money that makes a company powerful but it is the values. Every employee can contribute to a successful and diverse workplace. If we want to continue to have diversity in the workplace, we have to work at keeping it.” Rissi underscored.
Rissi shared that even their people (staff) coming from different backgrounds who are running the company. There are those who were pharmacists, etc., and in most of their companies that ladies contributed a lot in the company, they bring the female in farming, deals with the farmers. “We cannot survive without the ladies.” Monsanto respect the religious, cultural, and ethical concerns of people throughout the world. Rissi proudly mentioned in his speech in Crimpson Hotel.
Rissi, an agronomist Brazilian is now at his 16th year in Monsanto was wholeheartedly saying that Diversity is an important value at Monsanto and is ingrained in the way the company does business. “It is our respect for diversity that enables us to come up with the most creative and innovative ideas. It's not about what you have learned from universities but it's the idea you can contribute that matters,” Rissi underscored. 
Rissi being the head of Monsanto in the Philippines was lauded by Chat Ocampo for being a good leader of their company.
Their Partners
Sinochem Crop Protection Phils, Inc., Insular Foundation, Inc. (Public Relations), The Insular Life Assurance Co. Limited (Real Property Division), San Roque Human Resources Corporation, BHA, Incorporated, Sunpack Packaging, AXA Philippines, Winebrenner & Inigo Insurance Brokers Inc., and the University of the Philippines League of Agbiotech Students, and some members of media were in the forum sponsored by Monsanto Philippines.
Meantime, Monsanto HR Lead Cherie Ocampo who opened the forum gave emphasis to the need for diverse business perspectives and the flexibility to work with a variety of people to sustain and grow Monsanto’s business across all world areas.
Ocampo shared that for the 8th consecutive year, Monsanto was recognized as one of the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity which resulted to other global recognition such as the Great Place to Work For where Monsanto ranked #7
Monsanto Continues to Serve
In separate interview with the media after his speech, Rissi told that their plans include bringing technology to the farmers, and bring services and solution that will increase farmers' productivity. These plans require investment, partnerships and different thoughts, he shared. "We cannot make this alone," Rissi cited, and noted the need for partners and people to be able to bring more to the clients or consumers.
Rissi in his final note said that at the moment, they are dealing with the challenge of feeding more people but less resources. Scarcity brings a lot of pressure to agriculture companies, he revealed.# 
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Monsanto: Promoting diversity 
By Ma. Cristina C. Arayata

MANILA, May 20 (PNA) -- "No man is an island," a popular saying goes.

Multinational agricultural company Monsanto believes it can't run the business alone. "We need the people (staff), we need our partners," noted Sandro Rissi, country lead, Monsanto Philippines, in a forum held this week in Alabang.

For him, a company stays in the industry because of diversity, and cited that Monsanto exists because of it.

He shared that despite the fact that they're in the agriculture industry, they have people (staff) coming from different backgrounds, who are running the company. There are those who were pharmacists, etc., he said.
"It's not about what you have learned from universities. It's the idea you can contribute that matters, Rissi added.
Advocating diversity, Monsanto organized a forum entitled "Diversity: Anyone has the ability and the reason to excel".

In an interview with the Philippines News Agency (PNA), Rissi said while diversity has always been included in the company's conversations, this is the first time that Monsanto Philippines staged a specific forum tackling it.

He said they wanted to promote diversity, and cited that if companies would do this, then maybe they could help other companies and other people as well.

Rissi added that they want people (employees) to believe in themselves, that they can add value whatever background they have.
Monsanto chose actress Boots Anson-Roa, Mowelfund president, as the resource speaker. Rissi said Anson-Roa is passionate about values, diversity, and is credible.

The forum was attended by some of Monsanto's employees and their families, students, media and partners.
Monsanto values safety and integrity, as well as decency and courage. How do they exercise these values?

"Respect, transparency, dialogue -- these are the three points involved when you talk about diversity," answered Rissi.

Meanwhile, Rissi told PNA that their plans include bringing technology to the farmers, and bring services and solution that will increase farmers' productivity.

These plans require investment, partnerships and different thoughts, he shared.

"We cannot make this alone," Rissi cited, and noted the need for partners and people to be able to bring more to the clients/consumers.

Also, Rissi said that at the moment, they are dealing with the challenge of feeding more people but having less resources. Scarcity brings a lot of pressure to agriculture companies, he revealed. (PNA)

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MONSANTO Philippines nagsagawa ng Forum
Business, Nation, With PhotoBy Raffy Rico | Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 12:54 pm

PARA maipakita ang kahalagahan ng Diversity sa negosyo at samahan sa organisasyon, nagdaos kamakailan ng Forum ang MONSANTO Philippines Inc. na kung saan ang naging pangunahing pandangal at tagapagsalita ay si Ms. Boots Anson Roa- Rodrigo, Presidente ng Movie Workers Welfare Fund (MOWELFUND).
Ang tema ng nasabing forum ay “DIVERSITY: Anyone has the ability and the reason to excel”.

Si Ms. Charina Garrido- Ocampo, Corporate Affairs Lead ng MONSANTO ang nagsilbing moderator at emcee ng nasabing talakayan.

Naging interesado ang mga panauhin na nakiisa at nakinig sa pagtalakay ni Ms. Boots Anson Roa sa tema na pinag-uusapan. Kung kaya, sa pagsapit ng Question and Answer, naging mainit ang pagtatanong ng mga panauhin, partikular ng mga taga Media. Halos personal na ang mga katanungan, na maging sekreto nito sa matagumpay na buhay ay inalam pa rin, na kung paano umano nito napagsabay-sabay ang pagiging isang asawa, ina, lola, Presidente ng Kumpanya, maging pagiging artista at marami pang iba.

Ayon kay Rodrigo, sa bawat samahan grupo man o kumpanya, kailangan lang ang pagkakaisa, debosyon sa trabaho, tamang action at higit sa lahat, tiwala sa Diyos.

Sa bawat katanungan, magaganda ang lahat ng kasagutan ni Ms Boots kung kaya naging matagumpay ang isinagawang forum ng MONSANTO.

Sa huling pananalita, pinasalamatan ni Sandro Rissi, Country Leads ng Monsanto Philippines, ang mga bisita na dumalo sa nasabing pagtitipon, partikular ang pangunahing tagapagsalita na si Boots Anson Roa-Rodrigo, partners sa negosyo at mga opisyal ng MONSANTO PHI.

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(Mary Anne Yuzon De Chavez and Leopoldo 'Jong' Manlapaz, Jr.)
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(Rio Araja & Cathy Cruz vs. DZRH Reporter Valentine Gonzales)
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Media corruption in LTO?

By David Dizon,
Posted at 10/05/2011 1:52 PM | Updated as of 10/05/2011 4:39 PM
LTO chief, beat reporters clash over xerox machine, media-fixers

MANILA, Philippines - Land Transportation Office chief Virginia Torres is ordering the eviction of the LTO Tri-Media Association from the LTO press office after the Commission on Audit questioned their use of a photocopying machine for business purposes.

Speaking to ABS-CBN's "Umagang Kay Ganda", Torres said the COA resident auditor called her attention as to why the LTO Tri-Media Association was using a xerox machine for business.

She said the auditor also asked if there is an existing agreement or contract between the LTO press and the agency to use the press office.

"The COA asked - is it proper na yang opisina na yan ay gobyerno ang magbabayad ng electric bills, water and supply? I think it is not proper. Ang sabi ko sa kanya, titignan ko po yan kasi inabutan ko na lang yan. I found out na wala silang renta. Of course, kahit na walang renta, kung sila naman ay binigyan ng pagkakataon o kontrata ng ibang administrasyon ng mga ASEC [assistant secretary] ay OK lang, but there was none," Torres said.

She added: "The computers, all supplies, coupon bonds - all come from the LTO. They have an aircon, computer, mga gamit sa isang opisina..."

Torres said the LTO Employees Union had complained about the media association's use of the xerox machine to make money.

She said she also received reports of the association being used for "fixing" activities inside LTO.

The LTO chief said she is giving the association until the end of the month to vacate the press office so it could be used by the LTO's licensing division. She said she will discuss with the LTO management committee if the media could be transferred to another office.

Taking revenge?

Meanwhile, the president of the LTO Tri-Media Association accused Torres of taking revenge against LTO reporters after they exposed anomalies inside the agency.

LTO Tri-Media president Angie dela Cruz said Torres knows that reporters have been using the press office for the past 5 years.

She said Torres had been friendly with the media in the past and had approved the use of the xerox machine inside the press office after she said she had no additional funds.

"Lahat ng project namin ay alam ni Asec Torres dahil nai-inform ko siya. She said: 'Angie, mag project-project kayo diyan para makatulong sa inyo dahil wala akong budget pang meryenda. Pang meryenda niyo yan at gastusin,'" she quoted Torres as saying.

She also said she wrote a letter to Torres about transferring the copy machine inside the press office, which the LTO chief said should be addressed to the general services section (GSS).

Dela Cruz said the media group would never have put up a photocopy machine inside the office if it had not been given permission.

She said Torres started turning against the media after they wrote about the LTO chief's involvement in the Stradcom intra-corporate dispute. Torres has refused to pay P1.2 billion in fees to Stradcom, LTO's official IT provider.

Dela Cruz, meanwhile, denied that their group is involved in fixing activities. She also accused one of Torres' staff, Philip Mendez, of asking for P15,000 for all applications for special plates. 


In the interview, Torres also revealed that she had been giving monetary support to the LTO Tri-Media Association.

"Wala kaming fixed na binibigay sa kanila. Kung minsan lang, pag naglalambing sila. Ako naman, ayos lang sa akin yun. Eto inuulit ko po hindi ito ganti kasi wala naman akong dapat iganti sa kanila,. There was never an instance that they wrote anything against me," she said.

She also revealed that other LTO officers had been giving money to the media.

For her part, dela Cruz clarified that the financial support they got from Torres was for a basketball tournament.

"Nagkaroon kasi kami ng NTC basketball, naglambing kami kay Asec na tulungan kami. Siya mismo ang tumawag sa tao na tutulong sa uniform namin pero hindi nakarating yung sapat na tulong kaya humingi kami ng tulong sa regional director dahil walang tutulong sa amin," she said.

Asked if they are receiving anything from Stradcom, she said the only thing they got from the IT provider are computers.

"Yung mga computers. Yun ang binigay sa amin dahil sila ang IT provider ng LTO," she said.
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