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Top 10 Mistakes Consumers Make Requiring Them To Call A Plumber

Did you know Mondays are the busiest day to call a plumber? Yes, most plumbers are super busy that first business day of the week fixing mistakes homeowners made over the weekend or they’ve been making all along. I’ve posted below the top ten mistakes home owners make which most times result in a call to a plumber.

Using flimsy rubber hoses on your washing machine – Often on the list of most filed home insurance claims, using flimsy hoses is a sure sign to a mess. Instead, replace them with stainless steel versions.

Using liquid drain “cleaner” – While they may eat at the mess today, ultimately they’re going to eat away at your pipes. A much better investment would be in a top quality plunger or an auger.

Not knowing how to turn off the water – Plumbers are regularly called to flooding homes along with a plumber who is shaking his head and thinking, “Why didn’t they just shut off the water until we could get there?” Know where to turn off your water.

Not using a drain strainer. – Whether you have teens with long hair or a man who is quickly losing his, it pays to have a drain strainer to catch it.

Using too much soap – While you think you’re doing a good thing, too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing, gumming up your pipes and eventually backing them up.

Flushing baby wipes – Even if the well meaning manufacturer puts “flushable” on the package, know that it’s not going to flush the way toilet paper does. And if it doesn’t say flushable, it’s definitely going to clog up the toilet.

Hanging your clothes on exposed pipes – Much like people use their exercise equipment to hold their clothes, many homeowners hang their clothes on exposed pipes, leading to a flood when the weight becomes too much.

Putting the wrong garbage in the disposal – Just because you call it garbage doesn’t mean it should go in the disposal. Don’t put watermelon rinds or potato peels in your disposal.

Using the bathtub faucet as a footrest – The bathtub spout was not meant to hold any weight and it can and will snap right off.

Dumping paint down the drain – It may seem to go down just fine, but it will harden and subsequently back up your pipes.

Hope that helps you to know what to avoid when it comes to the biggest plumbing mistakes!
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