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Paradise Pool
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Me too! Me too!!! Gosh ...this doesn't look real!!! Awesome photo!!!
Beautiful spot and great capture! Whats the location?
Such a beautiful scene, the colours are fantastic!
is for those who can see such a place. i love nature
La naturaleza es nuestro mejor modelo...
No matter where the place. No matter know how to get there. It is important to know that to reach paradise and dive into it, man must earn it and find out what the paradise that we appreciate.
Good concept and thanks for sharing +Terje Sorgjerd
Love to see this type of natural picture
+Julián Ignacio Chaud I had the pleasure of spending several hours at this pond as I was waiting for clouds to cover the sun. Had the pleasure of watching a few butterflies play around, and took a swim. Had the whole place all for myself for hours, and it is in these moments you are rewarded the most. So for me this was absolutely paradise. :-)

I really do appreciate all the comments and thoughts from everyone here. Thank you.
Very nice. I am reminded of several spots in Fiordland in New Zealand, my home country. Even the ferns look the same type! You have captured the colours well. The water often does indeed look that colour from the effect of the minerals. It is usually too cold to swim in such places here though :)
Bryan Adams. This waterfall Borner's many islands in Sabah, Malaysia, I think this picture as our place in Malaysia. :)
+Abhay James It is bigger than it looks from this perspective, that center rock you see in front is higher than I am. Lovely place.
I am not a photographer (I really enjoy photography and makes me think, because I'm a man of words), but I know the great commitment of time spent to find the exact angle, the amount of light, water movement the balance of the wind, and so on. Many times you have to experience firsthand the place to see the details in each millimeter, to feel the pulse and create a map. Then comes the vision, with four eyes. Two real. One of the soul. And the camera. They will create a work of art that is worth a thousand words.
Thanks again +Terje Sorgjerd :D
+Julián Ignacio Chaud Very well said. This is not so much about photography, as it is more about nature and appreciating it. Nature is beautiful, and each and everyone of us deserve to spend more time outside appreciating it. Never ever will photography even come close to what is out there. Hopefully we can continue to protect and respect nature, so future generations can enjoy it as much as we did.
Bring me here and I will rest in peace evermore
Stunning ...but are there any snakes in the water?
Incredibly water like molten lead, and at the same time transparent! A spectacular photo!
Boz Gtm
really good brother
Wow! I predict this place will now occupy my dreams for many days to come :D
You must have the most rewarding job worldwide
It looks like a place where the forest nymphs hold their meetings.
Le hablarè al mundo de tì de mi parte aunque ya te incluye, pero akì yo muestro ante los mios tu fantasìa.
where can i get the hires image of this pic? its amazing...
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