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"Eternal Vitality" - The Kilauea volcano crater (1247m) in Hawaii last night. I spent two days by the crater waiting for the clouds to disappear, the lava glow to be as low as possible and for the milky way to be positioned right before this became possible.

In order to capture this I had to use a 4-stop graduated ND filter and polarizer. Camera 5DIII with 30seconds/F1.4/ISO4000.
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We love going to the Big Island to see the lava flows! Did you get a chance to go to the bench yet? That's where the lava flows to the sea! EARLY morning (long before sunrise) is best.
This shot definitely has that Wow factor
4stop gnd...who would have thought...great work
Tis a thing of beauty.
That's one of the most amazing pictures I've ever seen in my life! Thank you so much for posting Terje :)
Absolutely gorgeous!!! I wish I could see that in person. 
AWSOME!!!!!!!!! LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, that is totally fantastic! An amazing image!
This is so much awesomeness in one image. The trees during night in contrast with the galaxy behind it...
Dion V
Stunning! Your patience paid off.
that is beautiful. i actual got to walk in one of its crater's.
Dat is priceless to see
Oh lots of comments. Let me add another 'this is a really fantastic shot!'
Absolutely awesome photo!
susi M
beautiful!!! * _ *
Worth the effort! Very unique!
It'd be an incredible shot with the stars alone, but adding the volcano is just unreal!
Nature's beauty captured with skilled hands and portrayed by them... what could be better?
ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I am so jealous of you right now!
You caught the universe on fire! love it!
Cool, it looks like the ending to Mass Effect 3
That is really beautiful and awesome!
Whoa, did you photoshop or edit that??? Because if not, you have seen a truly awsome and beautiful creation of God.
this is absolutely beautiful, something i wish to see someday!
im in love with that scenery....
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Good morning.
Wow, we're going in August. You've raised expectations :)
America the beautiful and in living color.
+KJ Cannonier totally living in color! I'd be so scared if that actually happened...
You see the image through the lens but it's not until you actually look at the image, at full resolution, that you can truly appreciate what you captured. This is one of those amazing images.
Gorgeous. Makes you stand in awe of our universe and what's possible. We are so small.
The fires of the earth and the fires in the sky! +Terje Sorgjerd, I admire your dedication and patience to get this surreal shot.
I love photography . I am not a pro but this is an outrageous photo. I love it.
Wow thats awesome
the beauty of geology and astronomy together, can't get better than that
That as to be one of the greatest images of all time. Dude that's awesome.
that is such a beautiful picture and your quiet lucky to have gotten the shot you did.
Nice that's awesome. Ive always want to see a volcano up close like that. Neater getting on camra
Dee M
Wow just amazing 
amazing shot. you've got a lot of patience and i guess it did pay off!!
ابرينا الله من جهنم وعذابها
You apparently used the right camera, as the picture is absolutely beautiful.
Great work balancing the colors, brightness and focus of these two.
I wish I had that kind of talent to do cool stuff like that
That looks amazing, like heaven and hell combined. did a good work... :-)
Some say the world will end in fire......

Dang this is an amazing shot.
That us f**** incredible how could you stand doin that I would do it

Nice pic... unfortunately you can't call that the milky way because you live in the milky way... silly photographer :/
Dav Bob
+Greg Ryals I live in a house and it is still called a house, why cant that be the milky way?
Actually.... silly ^ Greg... he CAN saythat... it literally IS the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. Don't belive me?!? Look it up :D. Ohhh... btw,... this picture is ABSOLUTELY stunning. What I would give to even be able too see something that naturally beautiful ... let alone be the one to photograph it!! ...Photography is a passion of mine although I haven't had a good camera for almost 2 years... ha. One day... :D
Ma La
I live in Seattle, but I can still see other parts of Seattle. There's a lot more to the Milky Way than just our little neighbourhood out here on the arm.
Oh my.....that's so beautiful!!!
Oh my.....that's so beautiful!!!
Olga V
Crazy and fantastic!!!!
This is one of the coolest photo's I've ever seen. Nice work.
Only God could supply such beauty .
Love the combo of lava and stars. Perfect lighting.
This is one of the most stunning pictures I have ever seen!
Wowwwww.....wordless can set it as my wallpaper and share it on tweeter?

Wowwwww......wordless I wish I could download it as my wallpaper.
is the Milky Way Galaxy visible like this??? !!! (I mean from the Earth) ... and what are those White Dots? .. are those the ashes from the Volcano or the Stars??
OMG, what a fantastic shot! Congratulations for capturing this beautiful scene - your patience paid off!
Very cool shot...colorful too. Bet it was very hot staying there being that close.
I envy you. I really would have liked to be there and see the volcano live. Have only seen such things on TV.
+Terje Sorgjerd what's the benefit of using a longer exposure but then bumping the ISO up to 4000. Wouldn't this just introduce extra noise, although I understand the mkIII's capabilities far exceed this? Thanks.
It is amazing what the Lord God has given us. Such wonders and beauties. Psalms 19: 1

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims His handiwotk.
wow.................. it looks like we are in space.........
i love it
Thats a beautiful shot. Very nicely done.
Mahalo for sharing this.
Pele has a beautiful aspect at night.
nature can destroy us like this if we misuse the natural ingridiandes.
vary butiful

nature is nice..but it also can turn angry..
Amazing. Looking forward to see your next timelape!
yeah awesome thank God for technology and have men to capture God awesome nature that the rest of the world can't get a glimps of at that moment and time.
WoW and double WoW!! That is beautiful !!
Amazing! the wait really payed off :)
quiet hard one with soft touch ..
Incredible hard work, rewarded by incredible picture !!!
WOW.. that's very nice... I went there the night before but there's nothing...
Would love to see that full size
Magnificent. It shows the result of patience.
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Almost looks to good to be real... amazing work.
beautiful......just extraordinary
Awesome! Looks like Hell gate :|
Patience always pays. Amazing shot.
Awesome and great effort !!!
Very awesome! Thanks for sharing the settings! What is the focal length used?
Beautiful and amazing! Words aren't enough.
Ell Tee
I don't usually comment on photographs, but holy shit; this is amazing.
Awesome! What a great capture ... Patience pays off!
Awsome and I think its a brillient graphic designer's brain
That has I be one of the coolest photos I've ever seen.
it look not as real...but it is i know....very beautifulll
i just put this as my background on my computer! That is the coolest pic I think I have ever seen... Mother Nature, you are an awesome being!
Yay more photography on G+, It didn't have quite enough...
Wow!!! I just don't know what to say..
thats so cool its like a movie but not
Absolutely stunning! Do you have a full-res version?
My Grandson would be crazy over this photo.
I love the wonderful silhouette! Between the fire of Kilauea and the stars in the sky, this is incredibly beautiful!!
wow since when have i've seen that
Best photo I have ever seen; deserves a knighthood.
It shure was worth to wait two days for this !!
Breathtaking. I love the night sky, i hope someday i can capture their magnificent beauty like you did.More success to you :)
Thank-you for allowing us to share this rare experience. 
とても綺麗*。..。.:*・'(゚▽゚)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚
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