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TS Lim
A web developer, entrepreneur, food lover, gamer, and a slave to logic.
A web developer, entrepreneur, food lover, gamer, and a slave to logic.


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Last week we celebrated the 4th Anniversary of WebCamp KK. It has been an amazing journey and I hope there's many more anniversaries to come. Here are some lessons I learned building this community and I hope it will be useful to you if you plan to start one. ‪#‎wckk‬ ‪#‎community‬

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Most would say entrepreneurs are job creators. Businesses and companies they build, employ workers and drive the economy. You could also say entrepreneurs are value creators. Their ventures create and deliver value to their customers.

In my mind, an entrepreneur is someone who is exceptionally good at identifying gaps in the market, fills it and captures the resulting value of this exchange.

If you can’t capture value from the service you provide, then you are not running a business. You are running a charity.

‪#‎entrepreneur‬ ‪#‎business‬

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If you could only improve one skill at this moment, choose to get better at communicating. Communication (listening, verbal and writing) is one of the most sought after skill in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if you are in a managerial position or not, being able to communicate effectively, provides tremendous value to the company.

A good communicator is not only someone who can listen, speak and write well. She also knows which channel to use to get her message across and chooses the right mode of communication to improve its effectiveness. To get the message across, you have to care more than the words you use.

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I'm probably biased but I think If you are going to work for a company, pick one that not only pays you well but treats you right. 

Look for a company with good culture as that will directly impact your growth in it. Companies with great culture will retain talents and continue to excel. 

You can think of company culture as the DNA or genetic code of the organization. The personality of a person determines how he or she thinks and behave. Similarly, a company’s culture and values determine how the organization functions and operates.

I’ve been extremely lucky to have first-hand experience working at 2 companies ( & Mindvalley) with awesome culture. In this article, I share some of their values and what they do to encourage and nurture them.

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Even if your toothbrush is newer, cleaner, fancier, more colorful, electrically powered or emits ultrasonic wave, I still prefer mine. After all, why would I want to use someone else’s toothbrush. Yuck!

This is fine if we are just talking about toothbrushes but in reality, we have the same concept towards other peoples’ ideas. We tend to prefer ideas we came up with rather than those from others. This is known as the Not-Invented-Here bias or the Toothbrush Theory.

The Toothbrush Theory — Everyone wants a toothbrush, everyone needs one, everyone has one, but no one wants to use anyone else’s

In this article, I share a few methods to prevent ourselves from falling in love with the wrong ideas and toothbrushes too.

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Recently, a friend of mine asked what I look for when hiring. Simply put, I'm looking for someone with the desire to learn.

However, it is not enough to say you are wiling to learn. You have to demonstrate that you are willing to take learning into your own hands.

For example, the internet is full of resources, tutorials and courses that are free. If you are serious about learning, you would have already done some on your own.

Learning doesn't happen only when you are taught. Learning is a choice you make. Learning is part of living.

If you are interested in my thoughts about learning, check out the article below.

PS: If you think you are a self learner and want to take it the next level by joining our team, send me an email. (you should know how to find it)

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I find most meetings are a waste of time. Even with a pre-determined agenda, the discussions tend to go off-track and after the meeting, no decisions have been made.

There is a trick I found that seems to make meetings more productive. It's called Timeboxing. Before you start a meeting, set a pre-determined deadline/"time box" for it.

For example, let everyone know that this meeting will end 30 minutes from now. This will help keep everyone focused on going through the agenda and finish on time.

This works not just for meeting. You can try to timebox your tasks and activities. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.
If you want to know more bout Timeboxing, check out my article below.

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Have an idea that can affect 1 million lives? Join Singularity University Global Impact Competition!

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