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We produce components for Embarcadero Delphi and C++Builder
We produce components for Embarcadero Delphi and C++Builder

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PDF version of manuals for our #vcl components: #TRichView, RichViewActions, #ScaleRichView (including ScaleRichView-related actions and SRVControls), #ReportWorkshop:
These PDF files are already included in the Setup of the full version, but did not included in the trial.

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We have updated TRichView, RichViewActions, ScaleRichView, and Report Workshop components for Delphi and C++Builder (text editing and reporting components)

- image activation/deactivation to use less memory and resources
- special text properties allowing to implement fields
- integration of RichViewXML and HTML importers in RichViewActions
updated translations of user interface for RichViewActions and Report Workshop

Web site:
Additional information about this release:

#trichview #vcl #delphi #cbuilder #reportworkshop

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We released our #installer program as freeware with source code:

We just updated it to version 2.0.

We created this installer for our own use, but if other developers like it, they can use it for installing their components.

This installer installs components in #Delphi and C++Builder IDE. It is suitable for installing both precompiled trial and source code versions of components.

The main change is a new package naming scheme.
Previously, there were 32-bit designtime packages and 64-bit runtime packages. This scheme is still maintained for a backward compatibility.
Now, there are 32-bit designtime packages and 32+64bit runtime packages.
Note: the current version of the Installer still does not support 64-bit C++Builder-only (CBPROJ) packages.

In the new version, the installer:
- supports Delphi and C++Builder up to 10.1 Berlin
- displays meaningful package names instead of file names while installing
- can remove paths to INC-files of older versions (not only to DCU)
- can install packages requiring third-party packages; even if third-party package's DCP-files are not in the standard location; even if third-party package's DCP file names include version numbers of third-party product.
- can install optional packages; if an optional package cannot be installed, the installer writes "skipped" instead of "FAILED", and does not add error messages to the log;

A special debugging option allowing to skip package compilation is added. If specified, the installer does all other work (such as adding paths to the Delphi library), but do not compile packages. You can compile the packages manually later.

#TRichView #vcl #cbuilder #components

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We updated TRichView, ScaleRichView and ReportWorkshop for registered users (a public trial version will be updated later). In this update, we completed UI translation of RichViewActions for the following languages:
- Armenian,
- Catalan,
- Dutch,
- English,
- Farsi,
- French,
- Hungarian,
- German,
- Portuguese (Br),
- Russian,
- Spanish,
- Ukrainian.
(translation to other languages do not have messages for new features, such as bookmark dialog, alternate table colors, spelling checking dialog)

ReportWorkshop UI has new translations, now it is translated to:
- English,
- Hungarian,
- Korean,
- Portuguese (Br),
- Russian,
- Spanish.
Thanks to all volunteer translators!

More languages are in development, however, not all languages have volunteer translators. Of course, we will translate them, but we are interested in translators who actually use our components. We offer free licenses for our components in exchange to translations. Contact me if you are interested.

Additional info:

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We updated our TRichView, RichViewActions, and Report Workshop VCL components (rich text editor, user interface for rich text editor, reporting components)
1. We redesigned interaction between RichViewActions and third-party spell checkers and downloaders. Now you can use these third-party components without compiler $defines. The components for using Addict, #HunSpell, GNU ASpell, ExpressSpellChecker, Indy, CleverComponents are installed automatically by TRichView installer (if the required third-party components are already installed).
2. We included a new dialog in RichViewActions for managing bookmarks.
3. User interface of ReportWorkshop is now localizable. This update includes English, Russian and Korean, more languages are in development.
4. ReportWorkshop includes support for ZEOS library
5. New demo projects for ReportWorkshop: report designer based on ZEOS lib, report designer based on BDE

We have a new video tutorial: how to make a report containing a hypertext table of contents:

#TRichView #reportworkshop #vcl #components #delphi #cbuilder #reporting

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We decided to prolong the period of an introductory discount (33%) till October, 10th.

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We updated Report Workshop to version 1.2
In this update, we concentrated on integration with ScaleRichView. A new demo project is available: WYSIWYG report designer using #FireDAC (based on ScaleRichView editor).
Additionally, we added report designer demos using #MicroOLAP's DAC for #MySQL and PostgresDAC (for #PostgreSQL)
Web site:

#trichview #reportworkshop #vcl #delphi #reporting
+Pavel Golub +Aleksander Andreev

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We've updated ReportWorkshop to version 1.1.
The new version improves support for NexusDB (+Eivind Bakkestuen) and adds a NexusDB version of a report designer demo. For this demo, we included a sample database (a well-known "Northwind" database) and sample reports for this database, see the attached screenshots.
#trichview #delphi #vcl #reportworkshop #components #cbuilder #reporting #nexusdb #northwind

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Report Workshop 1.0 has been released

We are happy to announce Report Workshop, new reporting components for Delphi and C++Builder.

The new components are useful for everyone who wants to display data in a clean, professional-looking and attractive way.

In Report Workshop, you can design and build reports directly in our editing components. Both report templates and report results are word processing documents, so you can print them, export to PDF (using third-party libraries), HTML, DocX, RTF, apply styles to change their appearance, or edit them.

Report Workshop includes data provider components working with standard Delphi components (FireDAC, MongoDB, InterBase Express, dbExpress, ADO/dbGo, BDE) and popular third-party components (DevArt’s UniDAC and other DACs, MicroOLAP’s DACs, AbsoluteDB, ElevateDB, DBISAM, NexusDB), and a universal data provider component. They work out of the box: the Setup installs everything automatically, if it is possible.

Users do not need to study complex scripting languages to make report: Report Workshop includes actions implementing user interface for report designing. Also, it’s simple to make reports in code.

In September, Report Workshop is available at the introductory price.

From our website, you can download the trial version and the compiled demo.

#Delphi #vcl #CBuilder #TRichView #ReportWorkshop #components #reporting

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Hooray! We finally created the installer for the full version of Report Workshop. A trial for customers who already ordered TRichView will be next.

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