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I really have the feeling you're a Putin-shill.

The only reason people still try to tell this very obvious hoax is a real assassination is because this particular psyop exposes the "East" vs "West" paradigm is false, because Russia is in on this one as well.

There is no “East” versus “West”; there is only the globalist Right Hand and the globalist Left Hand working together to create crisis and offer their “solution.”

Yet, here you are trying to convince people of some BS illusion as if Russia, the USA and the UN aren't working together.

Wake up, Russia is in the P5 of the UN, which means, PERMANENT 5 of the United Nations.

If there's a "bullet leaving his body", how come there's no red spray of blood forward? They put the red box in front of it, because in the original you can see that they used a movie squib

He was supposedly shot 9 TIMES!!! Do you even realize what a bloodbath that would create??? No you don't, because you've never seen people get shot obviously.
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